Currently there are 100 thousand school campuses in the United States. Recently following the Parkland Florida shooting a gun control advocacy group claimed there have been 19 mass shootings already this year. What fits their definition of a mass shooting? Answer-The discharge of a gun on school grounds. Remember, more than 90% of mass shootings occur in gun free zones! Pay attention: 19 incidents were comprised of 1 student suicide, one policeman’s hand gun being discharged because a child reached into his holster why he was teaching a safety class, and the rest of the shootings were from bullets aimed at the school grounds from the surrounding area. That should be more of a concern that there is no protection in the school.

No shortage

There are already more than enough laws on the books! Every time someone breaks the law and ignores laws already established and a shooting occurs it is to be expected the left will start calling for more gun control when there is already enough. The problem is that the authorities are not enforcing those restrictions! The FBI has failed miserably 2 times to inform local authorities when a shooting incident was imminent! Why? This should be of more concern than why the largest segment of the US population not only legally own weapons, but that in 2018 in 100 thousand campuses only 2 shootings involving deaths have occurred!


In too many of these cases of mass shootings there is a political end being exercised that has nothing to do with making sure it never happens again, when it’s really about the government confiscating weapons from the public. History has already demonstrated too often what happens when a government takes away people's rights, particularly their guns! When people’s weapons have been removed then only those with malcontent and evil intention will have guns! Case in point. In Colorado Springs a leftist radical intent upon committing the greatest mass murder in US history brings 1,000 rounds to a church. The only thing that prevented the mass execution of those attending that day was one woman carrying a military style weapon who mortally wounded the mad man before he could begin his shooting spree!

No action taken

Even with a policeman on campus in Parkland, Florida, the Deputy refused to enter the building and engage the shooter. The same thing occurred in Columbine when two high school teens were murdering their classmates several local police did not enter the premises but instead took up positions outside the school as the gruesome murders were underway! Only one motor cycle officer used a handgun to wound one of the armed teens when he stepped out of the building then re-entered the back inside after being wounded. So, in the case of mass shootings in gun free zones where victims will be assured of having no way out even the arrival of the police guarantees nothing for their chances of survival.

Dropping the ball

Getting back to Parkland, Florida, after receiving a call from a person who warned the FBI of a dangerous person by name and address on January 5th the FBI failed to follow through. Once the agent in charge was questioned by the media he stated that they couldn’t find Cruz. Yet, there was information on this shooter from his social worker, school authorities, and the foster parents where he was staying. The day of the shooting one of the surviving classmates was walking alongside Cruz in the hallway she mentioned when the first shots were fired! So, what’s going on here really people?

Foretold already

A well-known UFO investigator and former Navy Petty Officer and Air Force intelligence man, William Cooper, predicted in his book “Behold a Pale Horse” that the incidence of mass shootings by drugged and psychologically conditioned gunmen would increase and become common place. He predicted these instances would even occur at the school grounds of children. He made the prediction that government instigated false flag murders would be used to influence domestic policies! This, seems pretty well documented in my opinion. Why?


It would seem that the ulterior motives to all these mass murders has been focused on one central issue-gun control-namely assault weapons and any other multiple round weapon. This being the case, long rifles or assault rifles are rarely used in mass shootings. In Sandy Hook it was claimed that an autistic teen killed elementary age children with a carbine long rifle, yet the coroner at the scene said that only a handgun was used and authorities found a shotgun unused in the trunk of the alleged shooter’s car.


By the way, only lending to more controversy to the end results of police and mass shooter incidents. William Cooper was claimed to have shot a deputy in the head after a firefight had ensued and he attempted to escape on a foot chase with Arizona Sheriffs converging on his property. There was only one problem with that story. William Cooper had lost a leg in the service of his country. He was not able to run away as the deputies had testified. It seems law enforcement at times does a little problematical shooting of its own.

Disturbing summation

Since the US mainstream media has been basically co-opted by the CRA (Committee on Foreign Relations) an organization that only allows news anchors and so-called news journalists into a job unless they vet them, their past policies as being a world government organization precedes them. Of some 4,000 major news commentators and hosts everyone has been reviewed by the CRA. There is little wonder at the biased news coverage that Americans have been getting over recent decades that virtually always swings to the left and rarely holds politicians like Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton accountable. So, we can expect to get only cursory coverage of these tragedies without ever getting the truth behind the insanity!

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Comment by koshersalaami on February 24, 2018 at 6:00am

That’s not the definition of mass shooting. The definition of mass shooting is four people shot in an incident. The shootings do not have to be fatal. A gun discharged on school grounds isn’t mass anything. 

You will never understand liberals. Liberalism has nothing at all to do with mass armed control of a population. The closest liberals come to that is a greater trust in government to accomplish some tasks than conservatives have. In terms of individual citizens, liberalism is way more about making sure more Americans have a voice than Republicans are. All this SWAT crap and militarization of police forces is not a liberal thing - liberals are’t preparig anything that would make arms against the government necessary. All this voter ID laws to keep a million citizens away from the polls to stop one and a half people from voting improperly is not a liberal thing either, it’s conservatives disenfranchising voters because of who they are likely to vote for. 

Comment by Doc Vega on February 24, 2018 at 3:34pm

Kosher the advocacy group I speak used the above mentioned incidents to bolster their allegations of mass shooting to unscrupulously bolster their accusations and as usual leftist arguments are buttressed with intentionally in accurate claims. They were not telling the truth about the number of incidents or the criteria. I would say that schools are safer than the streets of our cities where illegal aliens deported for numerous crimes return to commit more just ask Kate Steinle, and illegal aliens have the distinction of being released back into the general population under former Obama era as well as being acquitted by courts in San Francisco when apprehended with witness testimony. Does this not point to a government sanctioned predisposition in areas unfair to the innocent-oh I think so.

Comment by koshersalaami on February 24, 2018 at 3:41pm

Obama had higher numbers of deported Mexicans with criminal records than Bush did. That he was soft on immigrant crime is a myth. 


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