In today’s world there is a matrix of propaganda that has never existed before. News sources once considered somewhat reliable and at least providing a reasonable amount of fact have now become pure purveyors of propaganda often relying on a reputation they earned decades ago. The New York Times and the Washington Post are two such sources of fake news. News that is not reported objectively, but immediately editorialized with a pro-leftist or Democrat friendly stance. MSNBC, NBC, ABC, and CBS among others paid hundreds of millions of dollars during the 787-billion-dollar bail out in 2009 are still in the tank for the leftist opposition to the Trump Administration.

Foreboding undercurrent

Among the many false narratives continually repeated as the “Big Lie” is the myth of peaceful Islam. The liberal US media and sources in the EU will continually parrot the lie that there is a distinction between radical Islam and the placid, passive Muslim who lives in your neighborhood never having any particular opinion over Sharia Law, always against the violent aspect of the Islamic terrorist organizations, but in actuality those who do not choose to take up arms against their neighbors or Americans do indeed have opinion according to polls taken anonymously.

Witness testimonial

However, let us review some examples of what it’s like to live in Iran from a woman’s point of view or a Christian’s point of view who have had their churches burned down while even being beaten and dragged from their homes. Let us take a look at Sweden where the once progressive citizens there accepted Muslim refugees from Syria with open arms and found that the affection and attitude of co-existence was not shared or respected. After hundreds of Swedish women being raped and brutalized while authorities have tried to hide the news on these events or have even gone after the whistleblowers who are sounding the alarm, we in America have also been deliberately deceived. A backlash has now occurred in Sweden in response to the Muslim refugee perpetrated violence and reluctance of authorities to act.

Ulterior motives

What is the best way for the Globalists who seek to unite the world under a single worldwide government to facilitate such insanity? One method from their playbook is to create division, racial, ideological, political, and by any means necessary to keep the masses distracted. By moving millions of refugees to other countries with clashing traditions and religions is an excellent way of planting the seeds of social unrest. Each and every time a terrorist has gunned down people in night clubs, beheaded non-Muslims at the workplace, murdered citizens attending Christmas parties, what was the response of then President Obama? Tolerance! And, of course a long lecture on gun control and the wondrous contributions of Islam to the world. One might recall the chants of “Death to America!” and “Death to Israel!” when watching news coverage over US Naval ships being harassed by Iranian gunboats.

From the mouth of a victim

If one listens to the testimony of Anyaz Anni Cyrus, who spoke to a crowd in California recently revealing her terrifying experiences and telling the onlookers exactly why we Americans are so hated by Iranians It becomes a sobering thought to consider. At age 9 Anni was considered a woman under Sharia Law and in Iran. She was given by her parents to an older man who raped her, from the time she was a young girl and then found reasons to continually beat her. By the time she had become a teenager and went to court to seek some relief she was told by the Imam that if she had been a good wife her husband would not have had to beat her so often. According to Anyaz Anni Cyrus, it is not necessarily Sharia Law that makes Iranians hate Americans but the very fact that we have laws of decency that protect little girls from being raped, Gays from being tortured and thrown off the tops of buildings, and those who have the audacity to convert to Christianity fearing for their lives. As Anni says, these are not isolated incidents, it is everyday normal behavior!

More Corroboration

These findings are echoed by Brigitte Gabriel, an American Lebanese journalist, who has established 2 nonprofit organizations that are educating citizens and all interested parties about the true agenda of CAIR and a number of other Muslim public relations groups who are trying to sell the peaceful Islam narrative, but hide ominous activities of networking with terrorist factions that they are involved with. According to Gabriel the influx of large numbers of unvetted Muslims is the equivalent of the Trojan Horse scenario in which the enemy is willingly allowed into the gates. Of course a great deal of push back can be expected by the left and so-called social justice activists, but it is quite ironic that we don’t see these social justice advocates tending to the needs of the victims of shootings, the brutally raped young women, or the homosexuals who have been cut into pieces and tossed off a building top.

Not just firearms

Islamic terrorists have already shown us that left to their own devices gun control has in no way made their method of mass murder untenable. In New York a rented truck was used to run over a hundred people on a jogging trail. In Israel a Palestinian grabbed a table knife and began butchering the patrons of the café. In London once again those peace loving Islamists used a vehicle to run over pedestrians on a sidewalk. It seems the battle cry of the left is constantly trying to blame Christians for the Crusades hundreds of years ago! Personally, the only people I see being attacked in cold blooded fashion these days are Christians while in church or even at elementary schools. Of course the answer by the liberal mindset and the gun control advocates is to abolish the 2nd Amendment. Now do we ban vehicles?

Evil resourcefulness

There have been so many incidents in Europe from Germany to Eastern Bloc countries like Hungary where there have been knife attacks that some stores have actually stopped selling long knives as a way of curbing the violence! In Boston we saw two immigrant brothers who used pressure cooker bombs to devastate the marathon event runners on the streets. There was a short lived call for banning pressure cookers! Where will it all end? The answer is that it is the human mind responsible for these acts and the ideology that beckons the insanity and in America where Mosques are actively used as recruiting centers for aspiring terrorists or as distribution points for literature and even supplies for this elicit activity, the FBI was prevented by AG Eric Holder to conduct surveillance.

The telling attitudes

An alarming level of approval of not only attacks against US troops by refugees and emigrated Muslims already here has demonstrated that a majority of opinion poll participants approved of the imposition of Sharia and even the forceful implementation of such an adverse doctrine. Yet, we still hear that distant call. That appeal for more tolerance. That myth of a peaceful Islam! From Somali Muslims, Syrian, Iraqi, and other Middle Eastern nations come those living in the US displaced against their will and not wanting to live among us to those here only for economic opportunity, but not willing to assimilate. A disturbing number of these percentage wise among hundreds of thousands tells an alarming story while we are being lied to and lectured by the supposedly tolerant leftists who think that casualties are an acceptable part of a multicultural society.





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Comment by koshersalaami on November 16, 2017 at 3:49pm

And yet there is one immutable fact: Muslims have fought for the United States for years and died for us. The Pentagon has allowed Muslim services in interdenominational chapels there for years. If anyone is concerned about the security of the United States, it is the Pentagon, and yet they are fine with Muslims in the United States Armed Forces. Do you think they are duped but you are not?

There are more facts, of course. Imam Rauf of a Sufi congregation has been an unofficial ambassador for the State Department with Middle Eastern Muslims for a long time. He has stated that American Law as is is closer to his reading of Sharia than the laws of most Middle Eastern countries. 

Then there's the Times of India report from about a year ago, maybe a little more. They reported on a massive Sunni convention in India, a country with one of the highest Muslim populations in the world. In association with that convention, nearly seventy thousand Muslim clerics issued a fatwa on organizations practicing terrorism in the name of Islam, including Al Qaida and Isis. 

It's not that Islam is a peaceful religion, it is that some Muslims are peaceful in the name of Islam. It's too big a religion to be monolithic, like Christianity is. Some sects are peaceful. And, if you look in the Old Testament, you'll find all sorts of barbarism we simply don't practice, like the execution of disobedient children. 

By the way, Christians and Jews are not defined by the Qur'an as Infidels. 


Comment by Maui Surfer on November 16, 2017 at 4:33pm

Comrade V- shall we stay in St. Petersburg much longer, or move on to Vladivostok? Controlling the bots is easy work, incessantly beating the Active measures into the hicks of the USA, by posing as one yourself, is becoming more and more difficult and it seems less effective. It may be time to regroup. We may need to go back to fluoride, though pounding Black Lives Matter is certainly our best bet currently. Comrade Stalin would certainly be proud of you, your disguise, that of the Allman Narc lover hillbilly fake hippy look as if the barber shop is on strike head shot certainly is something we should not change at all, but regurgitate with regularity as you have done with you Boris Badinov meets Tom Petty look here on OS. So long as the Romanov's hemophilia remains relatively contained by co-mingling enough peasant blood we should be on track to really hit the Rust Belt in 2018. What luck we have that P.T. Trump the Confederate Yankee is also somehow a Commie Dictator ... Charlie Chaplin could not even have seen the luck we have had come our way. Onward Socialist Republics!

Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on November 16, 2017 at 4:38pm

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Comment by Arthur James on November 16, 2017 at 6:09pm






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Comment by Arthur James on November 16, 2017 at 6:38pm




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Comment by Arthur James on November 16, 2017 at 8:03pm


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Comment by Doc Vega on November 21, 2017 at 6:52am

Kosher, you speak of the Pentagon, during the Obama administration with the Muslim Brotherhood visiting President Obama? White House intelligence channels infiltrated with Muslim appointees who even interfered with US military actions in Afghanistan and Iraq? Give me a break! Why wouldn't there be peace in Indian among Muslim factions? No infidels to kill! And yet, they don't get along with the Hindus at all! Wonder why Angela Merkel will be ousted as PM for Germany? Try because her people got sick and fucking tired of Muslim violence and the brutalizing of their women! They way they work everywhere is to populate the regime then the violence escalates while the propaganda program continues until A new great Britain emerges with the citizens afraid to open their mouths because the government is compromised! it's happening here in the US and people like Bridget Gabriel are exposing the truth that the mass media is covering up! Oh and those brave Muslim fighters of the US military you mean like Nidal Hassan, or the Marine sergeant who during Desert Storm threw a grenade in an officer's tent with several soldiers inside! Yeah, they're all such good guys!

Comment by Doc Vega on November 21, 2017 at 6:55am

MAUI, looks like you just lit up another Esmeralda before writing your latest reply. Oh well, it's all up in smoke anyway huh Dude?


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