The more things change, the more they stay the same (OS Archives 2014)

 Apparently, humans' obsession with preternaturally large asses is not a new thing.
Photos of the Redhead Goddess figurine from approximately 6000-5500BC.
The ample-assed 'goddess' is an unusually large figurine, twice as large as all other found figurines at the site - from a 1960s' excavation of a Neolithic settlement near the banks of the Danube River in Serbia.  
You can almost picture a tiny champagne glass on the Redhead Goddess's ass.....if only champagne glasses, or champagne, existed at the time.  
The more things change, the more they stay exactly the same. 




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except your images are of a goddess and I'm afraid, big as her ass is, kk is somewhat less than that.
trying to nail down a rating!
I wonder if redhead goddess's daughter was embarrassed?

Just a little humor before I dive back into writing...
Hi Monkey! 
I couldn't resist....
: )
Have you seen Kim's ass? 

His name is Kanye West.

Word JT
Hi tr ig : )
Struggling with focus today - got distracted!
Baby Got Back, unh unh unh, vonk onk a DONK!

i was still a youngster with an innocent fascination for paleontology when i started noticing that our cro-magnon and aurignacian ancestors liked 'em some thick booty. "what the heck," i said to myself, "girls got cooties!" my understanding of, er, archaeological matters has evolved somewhat since then, so let's give props to those ice age OGs and their curvaceous homegirls and say "beep - beep - beep - beep; back that motha up!"
Nana, I admit - I'm fascinated by her ass. It's...remarkable!
But let's get straight about these ass lovers in prehistory....this is where my entire family's eyes glaze over...
Those gravettians, and aurignacions before, yes, loved the plump mature woman, big breasts, big ass, in their art - the Venuses - but those southeastern europe neolithic horndogs, er, um, worshippers, (not sure about that, myself)...were a different type altogether, much more recent than Clan of the Cave Bear types - 
and the first farmers - 
they liked a young woman in their artform. Tiny waists, young women, ripe for child producing - with big asses! These are likely-to-be early Starcevo folks, at this site anyway, Cucuteni influences maybe, as well, but you know how those Cucuteni are, all about the ass, man.
well, absolutely. my hat's off to you, jt; you do know your stone age booty.
Sorry, my mind is so full up with these people these days, it's leaking out sideways.
I'm writing a prehistoric/fantasy novel....or several. 
I am either completely insane attempting to bring alive this world while attempting to remain within the archaeological structure that exists, or I really, just ought to have been the archaeologist I wanted to be as a kid.... 
Lately, I'm beginning to think it's the former. I mean, I keep hallucinating Kim Kardashian's ass.
i cant say how glad i am you did not put her picture in this post.

the resemblance is uncanny.

ha, unCANny! i didnt even mean to do that!!
Well, since we're going doggy-style, as we used to say in the neighborhood "more cushion for the pushin'"
Slow day.

I almost had left when tr ig's joke hit me.
Good find...makes me feel better about this crazy age.
Were their asses photoshopped too? :)
Don't quite know how to respond to this, only to say the statuette's bum closely resembles Kim's. I know this from standing on line at the grocery store where it seems her ass is on permanent display on the magazine rack. I haven't forgotten the toilet paper in several years. By the way, there may not have been champagne at this date, but beer had already been invented. R
Post Jurassic (sic, pun intended) porn.
From the title I thought you were posting about my third wife.
I guess someone's been overdoing that paleo diet. But JT, I'm surprised you didn't link to that Spinal Tap classic - Big Bottom. Well here it is:

The bigger the cushion, the sweeter the pushin'
That's what I said
The looser the waistband, the deeper the quicksand
Or so I have read

My baby fits me like a flesh tuxedo
I'd like to sink her with my pink torpedo

Big bottom, big bottom
Talk about bun cakes, my girl's got 'em
Big bottom drive me out of my mind
How could I leave this behind?

I met her on Monday, 'twas my lucky bun day
You know what I mean
I love her each weekday, each velvety cheek day
You know what I mean

My love gun's loaded and she's in my sights
Big game is waiting there inside her tights, yeah

Big bottom, big bottom
Talk about mud flaps, my girl's got 'em
Big bottom drive me out of my mind
How could I leave this behind?
Well, celebrate the big ass is what I say. Big, small, in between let's celebrate it all. I think she looked great but reserve the right to think more about her than that. 
Thanks for the diversion JT! A little humor here is welcomed.
love this. what you are writing sounds like genius. you know this stuff inside and out. i'm sure there have been outstanding books of the Clan of the Cave Bear and The Red Tent variety but always room for another of this ilk. i studied cultural and biological anthropology in college. and don't know any of the terms you use except Cro-Magnon. this is going to be a fascinating book, girl. 

Giant asses are pretty fascinating. rapper Iggy Azalea has one as well and she doesn't seem to be a complete idiot like KK. and, yes, Kanya is definitely the Bigger Ass in that situation.
Write on! 

Real evidence KK is a reincarnated goddess. You have brought it all into perspective.
This is yet one more thing that tells me I would enjoy a day of reading your mind.

I would have paid to read rw's comment about Kim Kardashian... and you're right, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Great post and comments. Thanks for the laughs.
super jane - it is almost bizarre, isn't it?

Tom - well, okayyy... ; )

aka - really?

zanelle - me, too - but I am also fine saying the woman is awfully clever at getting attention/money, since she seems so comfortable with herself, making some major bank on her assets.

Hi jmac! and thanks : )

Rw - there you have it in a like that.

Linda - ha! Maybe saline plumping injections before each time she goes in public? Ouch!
Now we at least know the ideal of such a big, round, unlikely tush is not only today's phenomenon.
...and as I said to z, sort of, she's laughing (and jiggling) all the way to the bank.
Phyllis, how are you adding links in comments!?
(I'm scared of Sea Hag.)

Gerald, I don't know what to say about this, either, frankly, I have gone over the neolithic edge.
Some say it was the beer that first got farmers into farming....

Hi Fred! - bitter much on the third wife? ; )

Abra - maybe I ought to start a Paleo diet....
as in never ; )
Thanks for the Spinal Tap reminder - and all the lyrics just in case anyone wasn't familiar! 

Rita, I'm with you - celebrate the lovely asses, all the ladies' asses!
I thought she looked great, too - go for it, Kim, honey, while you've got it....and *hang on* to the cash that ass is making you!

Better than the celebrating of talking asses that seems so prevalent.
I'm cheating. Go into new post, write it up with links, then copy the html into the comment box. The formula for doing it from scratch is too long for me to remember.
So if KK were somehow teleported some eight millennia into the past, she’d be hailed as a goddess? Amazing. One problem, though. Paper had not yet been invented, so there’d be no trade magazine cover for her to grace with her buttockery.
So, so true. Did you see that the Metropolitan Museum of Art tweeted a pic of one of their prehistoric statues next to the now-infamous Kim photo? I was so proud of my favorite museum.....
Jerry used the word "buttockery" sorry I just snorted like a little kid.
Theodora - thank you!! 
I do know this stuff inside and out, have spent many years in research projects all over European history, prior to 1620 and all the way back to gravettian era, anyway - and also many years now researching for this book/these books that now are getting first drafts written, finally. 
One of the fun parts for me is how there is continual updating as more archaeological sites are studied, new testing reveals more about details of life and waves of immigration in this area.....and how to tie my plots into what exists with the fairytales that tell more of these olden days than many realize. Great adventures and stories to be made up : ) 
I hope someone else agrees, one day.

Your kind words lifted me up this morning - thank you. for KK being dumb, I'm not so sure about that, but she certainly has chosen paths that, if she were my daughter, I'd want to run after her with a full-length robe - a lot - more than parlay her sex tape into millions and initiate my own career from it all.
Hi PoetTESS !! : )
I am on a writing streak, certainly, since coming home from our trip back east to see family...
wish you were here, I'd love to have you over for tea and a chat, today.

HI l'Heure!! It would be great to have you come over, too - somehow I imagine giggles that can't stop if the two of us ever got together and started in on certain topics. 

Thanks for the new trick, P !! : )
....and my front table looks so pretty with my new piece on it - thank you!!!

DeNuccio's new word did the same to me.

Yes. Slow to catch on.
Jerry, that might be the best comment I've ever gotten : ) 
'buttockery' - what a legacy to be known for!

As for magazines, who needed paper when they had ceramics?
I think it's telling that out of all the figurines and pottery and tools found at this particular site, this one was twice as large as all the others. The hair was painted red, likely ochre for ceremony, my thought. The top half was created first, with the bottom half added later - as if the first, maybe less ample, rear wasn't quite desirable enough, I wondered. or as large as a fellow figurine makers...

Half of my mind is living permanently in this ancient era while I write my novel(s). 
Thanks for your funny comment : )
Hi Alysa - no, I didn't! But after I posted this, I saw an article in the Guardian, I think, with a similar tone.
Nothing new under the sun, they say.

Maybe she's doing much to change the hypocritical weirdness over the naked form we have here in the U.S.
maybe ; )

Hi Algis, thanks : )

Rita, that is a clear sign of when I am having a good time, laughing with a snort. Snort away, sister.
....and talk of OS visits came up on another thread this morning - you know it's your turn to show up in Oregon now!! : ) You are welcome anytime here, as you know - except the heat of summer, maybe, just because that is the worst time of year around here and I plan to spend every summer elsewhere, beginning one of these years.

aka - I thought 'ass' and Kanye just went together in most people's minds. nothing personal.
Of course, that's assuming anyone is thinking of Kanye which I normally wouldn't - except I keep seeing his wife's ass on ancient artifacts, lately. and I haven't had anything alcoholic to drink for weeks!
according to the archeologist who found them, women used to hold the figurines in their hands when they gave birth. that was back in the day when they thought God was female.

There's a beautiful book by a man whose name I can't remember~ the book is called Mantis Carol ~ please read. 
He talks about the people of Kalihari ( ? ) with big bottoms.
Like the baobab, it's a way to store energy.
Also makes you walk vertical/upright.

That's not what the book is about, though.
It's about how Mantis latch onto the heels of antelope and guide them to their maker. 
How when you see a mantis ask yourself : Where am I going ?
I liked Trig's comment too
Ben Sen, yes, that is one theory...there are so many, some found by hearths while others in sleeping areas, in certain burials, there are some places where there are piles of shards of them, broken purposefully and possibly/likely in ritual. These much later than the paleolithic goddesses also found in abundance in Europe, some of W. Asia.
Cool to learn about.

Kim - how interesting, reading your comment, that a couple months ago I opened the front door to a very pregnant mantis on the steps.
I convinced her (eventually) to 'hop' on the dustpan and go with me to the amaranth plants out front.
Maybe a couple weeks after that, E picked a just-ripened cluster of grapes and there was a tiny mantis on it : )
I have been asking Where am I going for awhile now. Glimmers sometimes. getting brighter lately. maybe. funny how thoughts can stray in from the universe and either distract wildly - or focus in like a laser beam.
Looking forward to your book! I'm very interested in those old days. Visited Catal Hoyuk and the Malta temples and a couple caves in France. Alas, looks like I won't ever get to Gobekli Tepe.
Thanks, Myriad - I look forward to having a book to push on people...I offer! 
I had a work research project years ago centered on Central Europe (and many since) - from there my own interests seemed to take off until characters began talking in my head. Time to pin them down with words!
I'd love to go to some of these places but wonder if I ever will, sometimes - I'd need a travel buddy or something, someone who would actually like to see similar things I like, before I took off on such a huge jaunt.
Was it worth it all to go visit those sites? 
If too crowded or controlled, it would be tough for me to enjoy, as going to Stonehenge was. Too many people, all in a line, no touching. ergh. even if I get why...
The site I'd really like to have checked out was riverside on the Danube. It was flooded years ago when a dam was built, but they 're-created' the site on higher ground for tourists. sigh.

Time travel with personal immunity would be best : )
Sorry, missed you there, Kosh : )
Tr ig is clever like that, isn't he - doesn't suffer fools much.
JT, I did my travelling in early spring or in fall, and so avoided crowds for the most part. Catal Hoyuk was with a "goddess tour", so the other people were more or less on the same wave-length. We even did a little ritual at the site. When a friend and I went to Carnac, we had the whole entire miles-long site entirely to ourselves. It was December and there was a little snow... We'd gone to a couple of caves in southern France the week before and there were only three or four other people on our on-site tours. Malta we hit in the spring with few tourists. Several of the temples we had to ourselves and the others we shared with only a handful of people. We were able to get onto the hypogeum tour right away (you have to book a long way ahead at the height of the season). I got to spend essentially alone time with the Venus of Willendorf in Vienna. For better known and more modern ruins, we had a lot of the Greek places in Greece and Turkey with relatively few other tourists - nobody at all at the Eleusinian Fields, one of my favorite places. 

I "did" Stonehenge with a new age tour, so my fellow travellers were more or less of similar mind (okay, less) and we did one of the very-early-morning tours so we could enter and had the place to ourselves for half an hour with no other people (except guards, there to make sure there was NO TOUCHING). [In the daylight these days, you can't go inside, only look over the rope.] Some years earlier I'd gone to a few places - Rollright was empty. There were a few people at Avebury, but the site is so enormous it didn't matter.

I got a kick out of finding a few little things left behind - a rose at Rollright and in the Long Barrow and in the 'cave' at Eleusis. I did a blog once (I think!) about a visit to the temple of Diana at Lake Nemi, and someone had left a photo of their dog and his collar, which I found very touching...

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