The media is asking, was Iraq worth it?

Short answer: It depends on your point of view…

As the news starts to try to dissect IRAQ War and analyze the price of freedom, I wonder why one variable is never included. I challenge anyone to ask an Iraqi woman now in her 20s, 30s or older… WAS IT WORTH IT? Ask an Iraqi what it was like to live in a constant state of fear from the Saddam’s thugs who made you and often your entire family disappear at night. Ask a political opponent of Saddam who kept his mouth and words silent knowing the outcome of speaking out. I know people hate politics but what if you knew you might be killed if you didn’t “win” an election? (You think American politics are dirty, you must have never left the US!).

I know some soldiers may question why, because their level of understanding is only at the tactical level and often more times than it should, they really don’t know or care to know how their day to day missions assist the overall goal. However, the media on the other hand, seems hell bent on trying to say Iraq was something it is not; OIL. Conspiracy theories seem to always spawn in conflict from those who have no idea about why and can only guess because their knowledge is always second hand and their source is the media. If it was all about the OIL, then why didn’t the BUSH/CHENEY administration seize, sell and hoard control over the Iraqi oil industry? Fact is that they didn’t. As a matter of fact they didn’t even use the IRAQI oil to “pay back” tax payers dollars spent on the war! So for all those who still believe in the bogyman Iraq/oil conspiracy… facts don’t lie, but people do. They will even write a book about their lie and their opinion. I will leave it at that.

Thank you to all who served, continue to serve or support a friend or loved one who did. As always thanks for reading.

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Comment by Arthur James on March 19, 2013 at 8:18am



N listen to bobble heads.

Same Same. Buffoons.

Imitate Big Ape Baboons.


Listen to Those Who Know.



Today `IVAW `-they are Gathering in DC.

No Be Fool Goon. Read Plato's Republic. 

Comment by John Fleshman on March 19, 2013 at 10:59am

Arthur, Thanks for the comment. As you put it...

"Listen to Those Who Know".

I have been there, done that.... You are reading my words; I will always listen because my experiences are not the same as others who experience sometimes the exact same thing or incident. What I don’t listen to are people who start conversations trying to justify their point of view with,

"I read or heard something from the news or someone and that is why it is true"....

The point I was making about the tactical level is, when you’re fighting at the tactical level, you have a more difficult time understanding the why. To drive this home further, if you’re an 20 year old who is a cook, truck driver, mechanic, pay clerk, etc… do you concern yourself with National Strategy (Strategic level of War) or the Operational level of war? Most likely not is the answer. Heck most people who are working at those levels don’t concern themselves with it. They are concern and focused at the job at hand. So when you come home and people ask you “was it worth it?”…

Most likely your answer may or may not have anything to gage it on but possibly the death of a buddy or the whole year you kept doing the same thing and nothing changed.

Again, this is just my point of view. Thanks for a post I could understand… (laughing) … I think.


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