The Master Plan


The duality of man

I will help you if I must I will kill you if I can,

The duality of man

His very nature usually defeats the plan

The duality of man

Should you have run when you could have made a stand?

The duality of man

Your haphazard existence based upon shifting sands,

The duality of man

Rejecting hemorrhagic fever travel bans,


Praying to God when things don’t go as planned

Forgetting about him as your horizons expand,


The duality of man

A random universe of chaos that cannot be explained,

The duality of man

The consensus of pseudoscience unrestrained,

The duality of man

Worship and save the pets they’re so like us

The duality of man,

Without a care or a thought eliminate that fetus,


The duality of man

Mercy to the terrorists and attack the holy land,


Blaming God for the atrocities on earth

Rejecting the miracle of the messiah’s birth.

The duality of man

Demonizing truth and exalting evil on the other hand,

The duality of man

Saviors crucified while dictators are in demand,

The duality of man

Violating borders and attacking sovereign lands,

The duality of man,

Enslaved by virtue of his own master plan.



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