the lingering stillness i feel from men

is in their hesitation to begin;

the tripping, the unquoted question of manners held,

whose manners are whose?, with no intention to Offend.

when Offense is the directive,

the Challenge is more the Question;

and fine-ness is replaced by finesse;

trying to ask, but without a Direction.

One on one, in interplay;

there whispers a tip-top underneath.

Whose manners are correct is anyone's guess,

so wherein lies a demeanor of respect, or belief?

Heaven only knows what will be thrust at us next,

so I guess we must always consider the Source.

the Aim, the Claim, to Further? or Defame?

have your heart anywhere, but know the Course.

Immediancy is only Neediency;

panic, frantic, oft-said means surely means-so.

it's like teenagers, whispering in twilight games;

where it ends, is by how it Goes.

Tee-hee, it's just me, is Motive, underneath,

with nothing sacred, nothing special for Savor.

without impetus of long-run fruits to achieve,

the question will answer itself ~Later.

To look from begin speaks Aim, from within;

to gather, instead of scatter about.

Who is afraid of Whom?, is the unspoken question,

but the Anwer lays within the acceptance of Doubt.

Crises themselves serve their own purpose;

they might begin somewhere, but they never end.

Tap into any one you favor,

it will yield exactly what you spend.

The safety net of Familiarity

is like a linked-arm march of Legion, by belief:

We Don't Stop For Nobody” is just a game;

like ranks of Children; who'll be the Sidewalk's Chief?

But to take each, in turn, is how we learn

our strengths and shynesses, by each the Other's ways.

it's only turf, and there's nothing worse

than losing the growth whose worth is spelled out in this vein.


Graphic: Girl On Swing,

by Dmitry Heumann

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Comment by The Songbird on June 17, 2018 at 7:08pm

Sorry I didn't see this before, Monks -- not sure I get email notices!  Yeh, I think guys have 'pat phrases' that they bandy about us, then they're done with it; they all know the same ones!  But beginnings are hard, especially when you've respect for it setting the tone of what can come of it.  Maybe men are a little skittish these days, which is honorable, but ya hardly want to chase someone ya hardly know!  And, it seems that is what they want.  Fine line, that!  


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