It has been my heartfelt conviction for quite some time, that to be a politician one must also be, to a greater or lesser degree, a weasel. My question today; who among the two candidates (and oh my GOD I despise the tired two party system), uh, electable candidates, is the greater of weasels and who is the lesser?
My contention is that Obama . . . is the lesser. Please excuse me while I rant. 
True it is, Obama has fallen short on some of my/our expectations. Many of the rainbows and quadricorns he promised back in the glorious heat of battle of the terrible year 08, when the financial markets ground to a halt and dark days indeed loomed ahead, were squelched upon big O entering the putrid reality of the Washington Caucasian House.
I've joked a few times that there is a trap door in the oval office, and upon the new hopeful presidents' first day there, an evil dwarf emerges from said trap door, smiles, then rams a hot fireplace poker up the ass of the new guy. The dwarf represents all 'special interest'- the interests that paid for the campaign.. the big money.
Same dwarf put the poker to Bush too. 
The scene went something like this--
Evil dwarf: "HEY, CLUELESS, yeah YOU!"
GWB: Wha? I hear voices but see no one. Knew I shouldn't have dropped that acid back in college. Hell fire, I need a drink."
Evil dwarf:  "Down here asshole!"
GWB: "What the fuck? Damn you're a short one aren't ya. C'mere little fella."
Evil dwarf, Ed for short, runs up and kicks George in the shin. When he bends over to rub his painful leg, Ed, quick as lightning, jumps to Georges back side and inserts the hot poker where the sun don't shine.
GWB: "OUCH-- danget dwarf, don't make me kick your ass!"
Ed.. gives the poker a shove and a twist and says "listen up Shrub. I represent the rich and powerful. We're going to need you to start a couple of wars and lower our taxes. GOT IT?"
GWB: "Lower taxes and start wars? How will we pay for this?"
And the rest is history . . . 
Notice how neither O, nor etch-a-sketch Romney, address cuts to the Pentagon budget? Alright, maybe Obama has, half-heartedly. Of course Romney wants to go full Rambo and invade Iran, which will make him a hit with the idiot blowhard redneck apes of this country, but more importantly.. to the defense contractors who are the guys that run the show.
And he'll cut taxes some more too . . . and balance the budget . . . and create 7 million new jobs by Christmas, as his gifts to us dumb degenerate welfare sloths.
Obama doesn't really want to dispatch them drones. He abhors rubber-stamping the PATRIOT ACT every time it comes up for renewal. Didn't want to legislate a mandate to make us buy health insurance from private vendors, which is unconstitutional no matter what Judge Roberts says. Then again, thatyellowed parchment has been long forgotten at this point.
But, he remembers that first night, alone in the oval office-- the dwarf, the poker. Once was ENOUGH!
Still, as I said, on the weaselometer, he rates about a four, while Romney and Eddie Munster Ryan are averaging around a steady 9.9. 

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Comment by tr ig on October 12, 2012 at 4:08pm

image by our cool queen lorianne

Comment by Gary Czerwinski on October 12, 2012 at 5:33pm

Since I gave up politics and religion, I'm a happier person.

Comment by Jenny on October 12, 2012 at 8:54pm

Cool pic. Now I'll go back and read....


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