The Intentional Fiscal Destruction of America Part II


Currently the US Government owes 4.4 trillion dollars to the Federal Reserve. If the Federal Reserve the was owned by the US Government would know not owe a debt to the Federal Reserve, but being that it is a privately owned cabal of families who have virtual global monetary dominion. The Federal Reserve is currently looking to dump 300 billion of this debt thanks to Quantitative Easing beginning in 2009 to China in order to earn 2% interest on US Federal government debt. Let that sink in. That interest will have to be paid by the US government back to the Federal Reserve. Keep in mind we already have a current national debt of more than 20 trillion.

Toxic bail out

Let us see where the road to eventual insolvency began in 2009. Rather than US Car makers GM and Chrysler working out their debt though negotiations with their creditors through Chapter 13. The US government wrote a check from thin air for 30 billion to GM alone. One might ask why Barack Obama’s 787-billion-dollar bail out included hundreds of millions to ABC, NBC, and CBS when these broadcasters weren’t even in financial trouble. You might ask why the promised 5% of the bailout to be used for national infrastructure was never even funded! You might enquire why millions more went to leftist magazines and websites who were broke and brandish anti-American sentiment were bailed out!

Funding massive default

In view of the unintended consequences of the Community Reinvestment Act legislated in 1979 to supposedly make the dream of home ownership possible for the under privileged it actually forced the banks to make billions of dollar worth of risky mortgages to be guaranteed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac among other federal guarantors. By 2004 bad loans that had been guaranteed by the two federal giants had been were stacking up at an alarming rate, yet Barack Obama who sat on the board along with Franklin Reins, Dodd, and Franks convened telling Congress and the American people that the two federal mortgage guarantee giants were too big to fail.  Senator Obama received a 100-thousand-dollar bonus for his work. It was a lie. The dike was fast coming to the breaking point. To make matters worse Wall Street was bundling these loans together as Real Estate Securities tied to many elderly investors retirement plans. The result was the market collapse of major banks and lending institutions who had been selling bad investments when the house of cards fell.


Where as many in government and on Wall Street should have seen jail time, instead the first of several bail outs began. One might recall John Corzine, former governor of New Jersey who just couldn’t explain a missing 5 billion in funds that added to the Wall Street fall out! Yet, it was clear that with an incumbent President just inaugurated the party was just getting started! More deficits were to come faster and with less discretion than ever! The GOP was in a minority in Congress and there was no one who could get a handle on the spending.

Regrettable Records

Let us get back to the fiscal condition of the United States of America. The Democrats set a number of firsts that will probably never be surpassed again, not only because it would be catastrophic but because there would be no chance to amass that kind of debt again. Under President Obama record Food Stamp and Welfare spending increased to the largest levels in history! For the first time the US Government exceeded the earnings of the American private sector that was churning out a GDP of 14.5 trillion annually. The Obama administration topped that figure by spending more than 15 trillion yearly-a first! So the call for income taxes to increase was the next push by Obama and the Democrats along with ACA (Affordable Care Act) which ended up spending the estimated 940 billion projected by the Democrats for a 10-year budget in less than 2 years with cost overruns causing major insurers to withdraw from providing coverage due to the losses they could no longer incur!

Selling bad paper

Getting back to the Federal Reserve’s 4.4 trillion-dollar bill to the feds. They must now peddle more US debt to foreign nations like China who are less and less willing to buy more irresponsibly amassed debt by our government, and without selling our debt because they incessantly spend more than they take in from collecting taxes, a terrible reckoning is in order! Once US debt is no longer viably sellable to our foreign nation partners the crisis will begin!

Defeatist policies

The Democrats also set another first while President Obama told Americans that 1.5% economic growth was the new standard. The last 3 fiscal periods were at negative GDP! Since the US struggled under the Obama White House under the worst economic recovery since 1949 and the worst labor participation rate in 30 years this was not surprising, but with ineffective policies also came the alarming realization that without economic growth the US government would have even less to fund its deficit spending with! Yet, while the Democrats called for more income taxes, environmental fees, and employer regulations, job creation was falling behind even worse than before! It had once been funny to hear Obama blaming the previous Bush Administration, but after 4 bungling years the joke was growing old!


Why was there no call for the federal government to downsize, to control spending, to stop victimizing tax paying Americans with out of control social programs like funding the placement of Syrian refugees or Illegal aliens in Sanctuary Cities? Why, because these comprise the future voters that the Democrats must create in order to have an electorate! Any educated voter who has seen what their policies have done knows they are not worth a vote! Yet, by redistricting and acquiring those from regions who have no concept of Democracy or the American concept of freedom the Democrats would recruit voters uninformed enough to vote for the scourge to our nation that they would bring when in power!

Propaganda enabled

In 2008 ABC issued a formal notice to their employees that voting for Barack Obama for President was the patriotic thing to do and required of them, yet the story no longer exists on the internet when it was common knowledge at the time. Did the unnecessary bail outs to the major news agencies not only buy influence for the Obama White House but also ensure that the new president would be shielded from tough questions and negative new coverage? Obviously! A soft coup over America had just taken place.


So, in view of all these facts, what is it we must glean from all this reprehensible conduct and dangerously reckless spending policy? What we must come to grips with is that there is no way out and it will simply be a matter of time until the US dollar is worthless, that the BRIC nations will provide another world reserve currency over the dollar, and that not only will Americans lose their buying power, but many trade privileges that came with US preferred reserve currency status will be gone! Panics seen in Egypt, Argentina, and Greece will be replayed on American soil and the outbreak of a federally deployed Martial Law across the country will be initiated to maintain law and order!


When families who can’t buy food to eat, pay their bills, or even buy gas for their cars ask what happened and who was responsible they need look only as far as their representatives in the House and the Senate. President Obama, whose spending brought a record 10 trillion to bear upon this nation as he protected his cronies and Chicago gang he brought with him while allowing radical Muslim infiltration of the White House and our intelligence services so that our soldiers died overseas and our citizens were murdered by Islamic terrorists and illegal aliens deported for crimes over and over again were allowed to victimize us! Not even in times of war was America so thoroughly compromised and in financial trouble while the criminals got away then we were from 2008 to 2016!

Righteousness denied

There is little chance of reconciliation or recovery as President Trump fights to implement sound economic measures with the first 3.3% economic growth in 9 years, but Obama appointees and judges throughout the system hamper his efforts and even the FBI has conducted a conspiracy against the current Commander in Chief. Congress shows no sign of slowing down its spending and the situation will not just disappear and go away. There are drastic measures to be taken that probably won’t be instituted until it’s too late. Keeping the American people ignorant with a media that totally supported the Obama White House and blinded the masses to the corruption and dangerous policies that were afoot was part of the soft coup instigated. The Democrats were opposed very little as the GOP put up token resistance when the RINO’s weren’t voting along with them.

Confounding history

We know that in history most great empires and kingdoms eventually fell not from the sword of the enemy but from sabotage from within. Archaeologists have found that by inducting large multiple cultures within who were not required to have allegiance or learn the national language that disunity prevailed. Traitors flourished and were not incriminated for their actions and criminal behavior became acceptable. We have seen every facet of this formula unfold under the Obama Administration with a vengeance. Their Cloward Piven tactics practically finished off what was left of the Republic! Only a short time remains as more spending with insane programs like DACA push the US financial system and buying power over the edge of the cliff. And, Americans too distracted, too disinterested, and too misinformed allowed the tragedy to unfold.

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Comment by koshersalaami on February 17, 2018 at 3:49pm

In looking at the Rod Serling meme, it reminds me very much about how LGBTQ people must feel about Republicans: rhetoric about government non-interference unless you belong to that group, in which case they want to interfere all over the place. 

I don’t trust you on economics, really for two reasons, neither having to do with my disagreeing with you about cause and effect. One is that you assert a lot and if you’re going to assert this much that I wouldn’t call Common Knowledge, I’d advise citing a source or two on at least some of this stuff, such as the payouts to the networks. The second reason is that you only assign responsibility to your political opponents. Obama’s predecessor was horribly fiscally irresponsible. He did nothing to regulate the banks as they got involved with bad housing loans. He started two wars without increasing taxes to cover their costs, the first President not to raise taxes in wartime, leaving Obama with an enormous deficit that Bush sure as Hell didn’t inherit from Bill Clinton. He tried a tax cut to the rich and didn’t get any jobs out of the deal, getting instead a “jobless recovery” which is pretty much what Trump is going to get because the causes of the lack of investment in jobs are the same now as they were then. If fiscal irresponsibility offends you, call it when you see it, not just when it’s convenient to see it. 

Comment by Maui Surfer on February 17, 2018 at 6:36pm

Bush the Lesser inherited a SURPLUS from Clinton! You're fantasy life of the fake 1950s, much of which was not some great white privilege but actually a lot of drunk PTSD WWII and Korean War vets feeling like shit (I was there, think you were too ... lets not get all Leave it to Beaver when that's just bunk, not to mention that minorities were getting shafted left and right, socially and economically) ... Trying to channel Rod Serling, or even Jack Webb is meaningless, a dream about a dream that never even really happened. Oh, and your Randian numbers are about as certifiable and reconcilable as a Lyin' Paul Ryan Excel spreadsheet.

Comment by Doc Vega on February 17, 2018 at 6:52pm

Kosher this isn't about the goddamn LGBTQ so do not bullshit me about you being married to a woman anymore! I will not believe it! You completely too something out of context like most liberals who have no grasp of fiscal accountability! I took Bookkeeping in school and it is so obvious how little Democrats have any interest in making a balanced budget much less slowing insane spending!

Comment by Doc Vega on February 17, 2018 at 6:57pm

Maui do not try to reshape history! It doesn't work you can't bullshit me or anyone else who knows history as it transpired! It was only Newt Gingrich and the GOP majority who with their Contract With America delivered their promise to the American people and were close to balancing the budget while Clinton tried shutting down as many military bases as he could! They stopped Clinton from beginning national health care and Clinton took credit for the budget but he had nothing to do with it and by the way he also denied the existence of Area 51 and denied health claims to workers who were inflicted with terrible sicknesses at Area 51. DO NOT MAKE EXCUSES FOR THAT FUCKER!

Comment by Doc Vega on February 17, 2018 at 7:00pm

Wow, a mixture of leftist denial, brain damage, and historical distortion continually challenge objective reality here!

Comment by Maui Surfer on February 17, 2018 at 8:01pm

That Gingrich shit is the oldest lie ever told. Boy, did he turn out to be a sweetheart of a guy once you got to know him too, eh? Not to mention his second banana, and to say he liked bananas is a sick joke, Hastert the ghastly criminal. At least idiot Gingrich just cheated on all his women by impressing the impressionable, then buying a half his age ghost lady.

Also, what the fuck is wrong with you putting down LGBTQ people? Every-time I start to think you might have a human heart it turns out that you are just a wannabe Grand Dragon who is probably sewing up some white sheets right now. We all know you wish you were married, don't take your pain out on Kosh ... like I said, go to one of those fucked up Trump dating sites and meet some imbecile who also believes in the Austrian School joke of economics and trickle down BS, Ayn Rand, that Paul Ryan has a brain, and that Reagan wasn't senile for half his term.

Comment by koshersalaami on February 18, 2018 at 7:51am

No, Doc, this isn’t about LGBTQ, it’s about attitudes toward government interference in private lives. You either believe it can be a legitimate phenomenon or you don’t. The Republican Party has a nasty tendency to believe it isn’t legitimate unless something upsets them or grosses them out, at which point it miraculously becomes legitimate. In other words, Interference is OK when we say so. Republican attitudes toward the LGBTQ community is a prime example of this duplicity. The Libertarians tend to shy away from this, as did William F. Buckley, who understood for example that non-interference would entail legalization of illegal drugs such as marijuana, which he favored because he actually valued consistency. 

As to my using that minority as an example, I write about minority rights all the time, and I tend not to restrict my writing to any given minority. Most of my writing is not about my own, though a post of mine this morning is. 

As regards my own orientation: 
Though I certainly would not be ashamed to be gay, and I came of age in an environment where if I had been I’d have been accepted instantly by my parents and certainly in college, if I were lying about being married my deception would be a great deal more elaborate than you seem to assume. I have a pretty extensive body of work about my late son. He was my biological son and I raised him with his mother, my wife. I’ve written enough about him that I have actually organized links to the various posts into an index post. Here:

If you’re going to call me a liar on that scale, you and I are going to have a much more serious problem than we currently do. 

Comment by Maui Surfer on February 18, 2018 at 8:39am

Vega, despite my efforts to dialog, you and I ALREADY have a serious problem- you've dropped the N-Word, called people Japs, and now again take shots at LGBTQ people. I suggest you return to the Islands and try peddling your garbage in Waikiki, it is home to some of the largest and toughest "Gay" people around, though Folsom St. in San Francisco will do just fine, as will Hollywood Blvd. You will quickly find your backwoods idicoracy approach gets you nothing but pain, and, if you pay attention, a final stab at education before you die without one. As far as taking a personal shot at someone else's family, try mine out, maybe one day you will meet my Iraq/Afghanistan son, he goes about 6'3" and 280 pounds of Rock Solid Black Belt. Don't worry he wouldn't hurt an old fart like you, but, he would engage you in a forced conversation where your lies were confronted head on, and your only option would be to run, or wheelchair, away as fast as possible.

Comment by Doc Vega on February 18, 2018 at 1:01pm

Maui you and alter ego Kosher are at it again talking the same dialogue! I never used the N word you prove it! You're the one who racializes just about every conversation! You are a race baiter pure and simple! If I don't happen to agree with the LGBTQ it doesn't mean I sad a damn thing about it! Once again your dialogue crosses conversations with aimed at me from Kosher! Stop doing these things and I will give you a list! I don't give a damn whether you think I have a heart or not because I know you don't! 1) Stop denying history! 2) Bill Clinton never did anything right and there is a long line of murdered victims and rape victims who have testified or can't because they're dead! 3) I don't care if you're a leftists as you obviously are, but stop denying the fucking truth! My articles are based on the truth NOT MY OPINION! If you're not aware of it this is not my job to do your homework and I've said this before. You want sources so you can wise up-Fine

Here you go! Chris Salcedo mornings WBAP Rick Roberts WBAP afternoons Mark Levin after 5 central WBAP Sandy Rios AFR radio morning 7 AM central Larry Elder 5 evenings 660 AM Joe Walsh 660 AM evenings after 7. Here is a partial list of sources that you can use your THC marinated consciousness to explore! Because I don't have the time to write and find your resources for you!

Comment by Doc Vega on February 18, 2018 at 1:06pm

Kosher Do not threaten me Pal! I told you when I wrote an article about economics that you came out of left field over attributing the quote to an LGBTQ perception which had nothing to do with my article! So, if you want to address my articles with your typical denial that's fine but do not interject irrelevant subject to my articles than attempt to convict me with your diatribe! Your tactics are that of some half assed CNN commentator! Grow up!


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