The Illegal Alien Dilemma and US Economic Burden Caused


We often hear Democrats even former President Bush make comments such as “Our good neighbor to the South” when speaking of Mexico, but such statements are far from the truth. Typical of the misleading commentary we get from Capitol Hill we can expect to be intentionally misinformed over topics that can only reflect negligence and outright fraud. Why would our leaders manufacture legislation that benefits a foreign country that is often hostile to us at the expense of taxpayers? This is a burning question that never seems to be fully answered with integrity if mentioned at all!

Federal level deception

Does anyone remember George Bush Jr. while president mentioning our strong economic bond with Mexico as a work force partner? I wonder if he would like to have mentioned the high rate of drug gang infiltration across our border during his administration that necessitated the mobilization of the US Army in combatting the trespassing after months of pleas for assistance by the US Border Patrol who had to rely on the volunteer help of the Minute Men, who acted in the dangerous capacity of spotters for our Border Agents who were not only overwhelmed by numbers but outgunned at times too.


One could only imagine why the Obama Administration adopted an open borders policy and began suing the Border States for enforcing federal immigration law when ranchers in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona were shot by illegal immigrants and in one case had commandeered one property owner’s home. Sheriff Joe Arpaio was run out of office after serving Arizona for 5 decades just for defending his county. An onslaught by radical groups like La Raza who are just as bigoted as the people they claim are victimizing Latinos campaigned aggressively to unseat a sheriff who reduced cost of operations for his county! Arpaio’s claims of wide scale drug smuggling through Maricopa County are corroborated by Sheriff Paul Babue as well in Pinal County.

Unscrupulous past

So just what is the history of “Our Good neighbor to the South” in its relationship with the United States? From the early 1900’s America got a taste of just how Mexico handled border relations with the US as the marauding bandit, Pancho Villa, terrorized border towns, robbed trains, and even tortured captured US Cavalrymen. General “Black Jack” Pershing had to be called in to try and pursue a murdering outlaw the Mexican government made no attempt to stop.

Not an allied

In World War II as America faced the unappetizing proposition of entering a global conflict prior to the Pearl Harbor attack by Japan, Mexico acted as a safe haven for Nazi intelligence operations. While Americans were warned to maintain an acute awareness for possible activities by the “Fifth Column” in Mexico German spies were being coddled by the government and launching operations from Mexico City. At one point, the OSS advised the Roosevelt White House that a possible invasion by German coordinated forces could come from Mexico! One might recall that after the 9-11 attack Mexico did not declare itself a US allied instead they chose neutral status!


From 2009 to 2010 reports of Mexican reconnaissance forces crossing the US border were made public with border agents finding themselves confronting Mexican infantry who had illegally infiltrated into US territory. At least one incident of a Mexican military helicopter strafing US border agents was reported! Yet, ICE was ordered by President Obama to release some 65.000 illegal aliens convicted of criminal activity back into the general population. If an American were caught crossing the border into Mexico jail time in a brutal Mexican prison could be expected as one US Marine found out when he accidentally ventured through a Mexican check point and was supposed to have been directed to exit back into the US. Instead, he was jailed, interrogated, roughed up, and waited months while the Obama White House did nothing and only the efforts of a private group saved him.

Rewarding law breaking

The economic impact upon the US is immeasurable with the Obama White House awarding medical care, housing, food stamps, and Welfare to illegal immigrants and luxurious facilities for them in ICE facilities. In California some 450 million dollars has been awarded by the governor to children of illegal immigrant parents for education while a million unlicensed undocumented aliens drive throughout the state! With more than 400 sanctuary cities getting federal and state money to house and harbor illegal immigrants while refusing ICE requests for detainees to be extradited and deported through federal jurisdiction billions in taxpayer’s dollars are taken from the pockets of beleaguered American earners and given to those breaking the law and living in the US illegally!


The cost economically cannot be measured in human lives either. As the family of Kate Steinle would tell you. Another teenage girl was raped, murdered, and dropped into a trash dumpster by a repeat offender deported numerous times as was Kate’s killer in San Francisco. One young man was robbed beaten and set on fire by an illegal alien whose parents appeared on nationwide TV in response to all the pro-illegal alien groups attempting to decriminalize trespass upon US soil by non-citizens breaking the law. The toll measured in human lives cannot possibly be equated in terms of deaths from opioid drugs that have been trafficked over the US border by the Mexican Drug Cartel with Congress reticent to act. It was not until Donald J. Trump visited the Texas border with Mexico in 2015 and witnessed for himself the desperate plight of border agents attempting to stem the flow did Washington DC emerge from its unconcerned stupor and begin addressing the problem while Americans died!

Getting them to pay

With several American corporations currently operating plants in Mexico due to regulations by the US government taxing US employers and making Mexico an attractive alternative once again Americans suffer from the resulting loss of jobs and revenues. In the US it is estimated that 69 billion USD is sent to Mexico and from other Central American countries according to NPR, but this is probably a conservative number. From 2102 to 2016 record remittances rose relocating funds from the US economy to across the Mexico border. When President Trump says Mexico can pay for the wall he is right because if Congress were to require employers to shut down Mexico operations or provide incentives to bring US employers back our south of the border partner would be begging for mercy!

Economic backlash

As President Trump looks to renegotiate NAFTA, a Clintonian legacy and American job costing agreement that has accounted for 945 million US jobs awarded elsewhere, farmers are nervous over the prospects of labor availability and price fluctuations. How can a nation like America function with a monkey on its back the size of Mexico and not feel the repercussions? The 20 trillion dollar deficit can no doubt be linked in a good part to the negligence of Washington DC, the Obama White House, and past administrations who have treated Mexico like a step child to be fed, clothed, and hospitalized at the cost of taxpayers simply for political gain! This debacle is one of many reasons that US veterans of war are shunned, American needy are overlooked, and tax payers are burdened to pay for those who break the law, traffic drugs, and expect financial support from America and then spit on the very flag they use to publicly protest while urged on by the leftists and foreign radicals who feel entitled to infringe upon US hospitality!



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