The business of governing is different from governing a business. Managing is a skill, not a mandate, and good business reflects and enhances, rather than opposes or detracts. Working with both supply and demand is the balance, and competition creates the health of the system, not the ailment.

Talking on this subject is certainly not my usual teacup, but these are unusual times.  As usual, a thought begins in a joke-y way with me, something that piques, or - abrades - my personal sense of logic, and this "Versus" idea of Governing, and Business, was the start point.  My own end point, for some time, has lain in Cause, rather than Effect, and now, it's at the fore yet again - that pesky "invasion" that we thought went away at the end of the Mid-Terms has come roaring back, used for the same effect - blame for its cause! 

I think of this comparison because of the current impasse in my government, which is being led by a business man, but accounting and accountability also come to bear.

So I started thinking about this Businessman who is our President, and how he appears to be running our Country the same way he's run his businesses.  He appears to think that every asset of our Country is at his personal disposal, and I'm not sure the man has ever had any real, hands-on management experience.  All we know is that he directs or pays others to carry out his ideas, seems to have a never-ending candy ribbon of takers as he fires them out of the way, but I think our fear is mounting because it seems to be coming evident that that's all he DOES know!  And it IS frightening; no long-term aims are ever stated, it's just kneejerk directive after directive, use of any power, until the whole world is affected, fraying, dumbfounded, but still directionless.  The mobius, the ouroburos, the never ending tale of Attention.  

Many a jest is made, and many an hour is spent in depictions of jokes as well as horrors, and although some of them are indeed funny, they still bring us no closer to any Truth, let alone any kind of cohesiveness.  I have to hand it to a lot of people who work in, with, and around this person, who ARE familiar with Governance, for many of them DO try, stalwartly, vigilantly, to maintain some decorum, manner, precedent, but it keeps coming to the same place of cacophony, preposterousness, uselessness, and the only lever to be had is echoing the same demeanor: don't budge!  What comes a showdown?  What comes a stalemate?  What was the purpose, the motive, the aim, and just who all wishes to even be included in these broad assumptions being sparred over!? 

Any business runs on Accounting, so I started thinking of the source, the supply, and the accounting for it.  If our country is a business, and it's CEO thinks it's being inundated and/or tainted by inferior goods, why attack the goods?  The goods are not the problem; their supplier is.  Why does no one work with, or - Sanction? -- the CEO's of these other countries, whose "goods," it's peoples, that are infiltrating our own, get dealt with?  Why are their people fleeing?  People here aren't that happy either, but we're not fleeing.  China is hugely overpopulated, but they're not fleeing, either -- and nor are the peoples of the countries who have traditionally been our allies, but they're being kicked, too, so shouldn't they also have the right to charge the countries that are "polluting" their systems too?  It's more than just sensory overload.  And no one becomes accountable for much of anything -- until it breaks.  Why try to maintain a breaking point?  But it's a point that keeps getting iterated, yet with no succinction in sight. 

We all know that "key-holing" any sentence, phrase, law, or pinpointing one facet of anything does not a cure make -- its just another lever to substantiate some claim, but denies one big thing -- Periphery.  Overview.  Aim; peace, balance, good trade, finer goods, work, creativity, endeavor, KEEPING a culture instead of burning it up, smearing things so thin they no longer exist, enough for plenty, and plenty for enough, etc., etc., pick one -- just not the constant continuum of constraint.  It goes nowhere but back to the bulkhead.  Or bulge, or budge/not-budge, blamegame, strain on the system.  Overload.  Thump.  Sigh.  Doh!  What again, Bullwinkle?!  

Couldn't this "Sanction" idea be dealt with differently?  If your people are infesting the rest of the world, and burdening the economies of the stabler countries, shouldn't their Supplier/CEO's be held accountable for it?  Can't we bill them for the care and upkeep of their flooding intake?  Isn't that good business?  Heck, even Exxon had to pay for the mess THEY made!  Avoid the problem seems to be the solution - 

but .. 

This page is hardly a forum, and I'm not sure I seek substantiation. More - Reason. I'm bombarded into an Entity of an Everyone, but I don't think a bandaid wall will cure the perceived ill I'm foisted to. Maybe I just wonder if Remedy can be found? How can we suddenly mobilize a vote? Comedy is no cure. But questions abound.

What remedy will any who're tagged with late payments or even credit-reporting receive? What of any that may be on a last payment, a catch-up, or an approval for a furtherance, only to lose homes, opportunity, or suffer a loss in their history or track-record?  It is a calculable number, but can have incalculable result. Who is to pay for these individual's losses, for this touted Greater Good, who did not wish to be included?

Will Conscientious Objection become a sub-agency to serve these unwitting serfs?  And who will reimburse? The said-billionaire who touted their willingness to adjust for his will?

Business is business, Accounting is accounting, and bad business usually finds some remedy in accounting for grevious mis-takes.

The twain has got to meet. The sooner the better, as the underlying bruises continue to grow. Anyone harmed by an unplanned, usurped, assumed willingness to damage their own pathway have to be thought of, and encouraged to join their State's Governors' joint protest, and band with them to waylay any further damage, and set precedent for grievance Relief.

Those who did willingly forego pay, make sacrifice or concession, of course don't wish to be considered. But that does not negate the victims, the unwilling participants, who've been sucked into this void.


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Comment by Ron Powell on January 9, 2019 at 9:01pm

Comment by Tom Cordle on January 9, 2019 at 9:51pm

Voters who foolishly voted for Rump made many mistakes, but the first was believing he was a successful businessman. He was not. They mistakenly equated him with the CEO of some huge billion-dollar corporation, someone who came up through the ranks by virtue of intelligence and people skills, such as making compromises and taking advice from experts ... someone who had to contend with a board of directors and stockholders. He was not.

What he was was a sole proprietor who had his sticky, dirty fingers in several enterprises, the succeeded to some extent largely by screwing subcontractors and lying about sales in over-priced properties. Because of piss-poor management and massive over-spending, Rump bankrupted several casinos, a feat that is nearly impossible.

By all rights, Rump should also have had to file for personal bankruptcy, but he was bailed-out by his daddy. Even with that, banks he owed massive debt kept him on an allowance in hopes of recovering at least some of the money they foolishly loaned him. When those banks would no longer loan him a dime, he turned to Russian mobsters looking for some place to stash their ill-gotten gain.

As a result of his gross ineptitude and acidic personality, Rump has been unable to find and/or keep talented and experienced people willing to serve in what are normally much sought after jobs, even cabinet posts and chief of staff. It remains to be seen whether this country can survive two more years of this misbegotten and malignant administration. What we must hope is that Rump doesn't bankrupt the country, as he did his casinos.

Comment by koshersalaami on January 10, 2019 at 3:23am

The big question isn’t Trump, it’s Republican Congressional tolerance for Trump. In many respects Mitch McConnell is more dangerous than Trump is because he’s allowing this. Checks and balances aren’t working. We knew we had a problem when he refused to vet the Supreme Court nominee of a sitting President. And, unlike Trump, who still doesn’t have a clue how government works or how it’s supposed to work, McConnell does and does this anyway. We are well past when the Republicans should have said Enough!

Comment by Tom Cordle on January 10, 2019 at 11:35am

Kosher I agree completely, including that McConnell is far more dangerous than Rump, as evidenced by the fact that he screwed the country over during Obama's eight years in office.

Comment by Anna Herrington on January 10, 2019 at 12:01pm

I'm not sure remedy, or what we might call remedy, can be found, or found to work at this point, without simultaneous turns of conscience among the power grabbers at very least - or... whatever - and if there are those who know this remedy, they certainly don't seem interested in applying it. Fomenting chaos, endlessly flashing smoke and mirrors, pillaging and plundering, suppress and oppress, seems to be goal with intent toward utter upheaval.

Divide and Conquer. 

....and while the Many suffer the Few laugh without care. How it seems to me, anyway. 

Comment by The Songbird on January 10, 2019 at 6:46pm

Hi, al -- thanks for further insights, truth of what I simply suspected.  Behavior, tactic, the frantic, the stuttering, all in constant repetition.  Worst fears, realized.

Ron Powell - I LOVE that graphic!  Oh nooooo..  Hahaha!  I can just hear that little voice; good one.

Tom Cordle - I did not know of that bank "tether," cozy-up dealings, etc., but - why would I?  But it's certainly been obvious that something's been behind the mirror.  I see a large hand, puppeteering. 

Kosher Salaam -- I agree with that!  McConnell - does he think he'll save his own career?  Hard to imagine anyone staying without thinking they'll get something in return.  Maybe it's the same as that short-rope thing? 

Anna Herrington -- Yes, that is certainly the name of the game.  Look over there! has become a true fact.  But yes, I was thinking about the consequences these individuals are going to bear - and for a long time.  To mobilize some class-action, sheesh -- good intentions, but I've certainly not heard it addressed as yet.

It's a poke in the eye with that proverbial large stick, and let the metaphors abound!  

Thanks for letting me type this stuff outta me, too!  


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