The True Globalist Depopulation Agenda


There have been people connecting the dots and associating like-minded elements who have been instigating an ominous agenda using a number of social engineering fronts to obtain their objective. Through recent decades these well-funded and intentional movements, supposed studies, and institutionalized projects have succeeded in giving loud voices and falsely fabricated influence to those committed to destroying the moral and ethical underpinnings of society in order to attain a sinister goal. That goal is to reduce the population growth of the world under whatever auspices it takes to achieve this ominous objective.

Injecting the lie

In order for the people to be fooled into supporting self-destructive ideologies they must first be subjected to propaganda. The Communist or Marxist doctrine provides plenty of material with which to inject this deception into a society in order to create the disruption in social circles, the academic backing of the nonsense, and finally the legal support it takes to legitimize the havoc from a legal stand point. A good example would be how the abortion issue was deceptively sold to the American people using the disingenuous testimony of doctors who made stark revelations with their accounts of how inhuman the procedures were and that indeed pain to the unborn was indeed evident during the course of the method, yet this gruesome information was softened and covered over by interviews that compromised the impact of such disturbing content.

Racial genocide

Prior to the abortion society we have now evolved into was the precursor of Planned Parenthood-Eugenics. This plan to eliminate the undesirables from society was hatched with the approval of at least one Supreme Court Justice. The founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger would be proud to see the success of her progeny to this day with abortions among black Americans alone at 690 to 900 thousand abortions per year resulting in zero population growth for American Negroes for decades.


With an estimated trillion abortions performed since the 1964 Supreme Court Ruling by a number of agencies including Planned Parenthood which performs over 320 thousand such procedures a year and gets half a million dollars in taxpayers money, this does not account for the back alley and illegal murder of fetuses that have not yet passed through the birth canal. Recently young Democrat party college students demanded that abortions be allowed all the way to full term infants! This unthinkable scenario has been unleashed under the aegis of women’s rights to do what they want with their own bodies so we have given them the right in essence to murder a child while in the womb, a child who has no rights and no protection from the government yet is just as alive as its mother!


Among a number of think tank schemes unleashed by globalist elites who think they have the right to dictate the outcome of mankind under their arrogant rationale is the program of mandatory sterilization. For years the discussion of reducing birth rates in impoverished countries such as India in order to somehow alleviate starvation and food shortages. Other less self-evident procedures and social schemes have been unleashed as well such as questionable and deadly medications using third world countries as guinea pigs for these prescription drugs. One might recall that Bill Clinton was paid handsomely to go about the world seeing to it that these banana republics and African nations were well supplied with a line of untested big pharma drugs that often caused death or permanent injury to the uneducated villagers and poor families of farmers who were issued these dangerous untried drugs.

Expedience of mass casualties

It has often been argued that the outbreaks of civil wars and even the global wars were examples of ulterior motives such as overcoming economic crises by funding the defense industries, legitimizing the genocide of the undesirable races or tribes, or simply causing a massive depopulation in order to produce a rebuilding of the infrastructure and commerce. It appears war has become a brutal method of rapidly transforming society on a social level.

Global genocide

War has always been considered the most expedient way for social changes to be instigated. One might note the rise of socialism in America directly following World War I where Marxists were assassinating US judges, using snipers to inflict fatalities upon returning veterans during public parades, and held well organized union riots to further their agenda. Yet, in World War II the loss of civilian life was unprecedented and the use of militarily accomplished genocide against Jews between Germany and Russia was responsible for at least 6 million known deaths alone. Worldwide some 70 million people died as a result of the most devastating war known to man with China losing 20 million people and Russia losing some 24 million civilian and military personnel. The Depopulation agenda had most assuredly been achieved.

Institutionalized death

How do you achieve peace time depopulation without causing an all-out war? We already know that worldwide legalized abortion has already achieved as many deaths as estimated in World War I with an estimated trillion infanticides having been officially reported. Yet, there are other social engineering schemes that can be counted upon to add to the reduction of births for generations to come if they are marketed well enough to the ignorant masses who don’t know they’re being played. The LGBT movement consisting of only 2% of the US population has been readily fueled and organized by such proponents of Marxism as Billionaire George Soros. With the gay agenda, transgender proliferation, and general sexual confusion disorder being imposed upon young and impressionable children in America we are witnessing the blossoming of a new plot to reduce the desire for newborns all together.

Profiteering the loss of life

With all this multiplicity of depopulating methods there are still even more. In the course of a single year in America the deaths of patients on prescription drugs is appalling! The number of accidental over doses, drug reactions, and terminal illness caused as the direct result of medication side effects would be unacceptable if the US were to engage in a war and incur such a loss of life, yet it is permissible under the aegis of medical treatment. We are very much aware of the physician implemented opioid epidemic currently impacting our nation. As many as 350 thousand people a year fall victim to this category of AMA and FDA sponsored loss of life under the prescribed heading of prescribed drugs. These figures to do not account for deaths attributed to the illegal use of narcotics or the deaths associated with the gangs that traffic this contraband who sell it from the Poppy Fields of Asia to the vast acreage of South America where billions in profits take precedent over human life.

Behavior modification

Many global analysts such as David Icke consider the LGBT agenda a direct result of the continued lower sperm counts evident in Western males due to the manufactured environment of plastic food packaging, microwaveable containers, and food additives which leach female hormone estrogen into the food and drink supply or produce its effects with the pollution of other chemicals in the food chain. This has also accounted for the depletion of testosterone in men resulting in lower sperm production that can be the root cause of transforming behavior and even sexual preference! Lowering the birth rate due to this factor has occurred as well.

Final Analysis

All these factors together account for a loss of life worldwide that is staggering. When globalists look at the handy work of these programs that either intentionally or in consort with one other act with synergistic efficacy to greatly increase the death toll within society that is considered to be unavoidable or as a byproduct of the function of society they also fail to associate the loss of economic output and infrastructure that would have supplied these lost masses in the work force contributing to demand in housing as well. The decline of many societies has been attributed to a loss of labor participation, the supply and demand associated with it, and the ongoing generated population in future growth. So the inherent flaw in the finite definition of a limited resource mentality ultimately results in a reduction in economic activity and literally the population needed to maintain a nation’s future. However this is the flawed model constantly sold to us as a bill of goods by the Al Gores of the world who tell us that global warming created by human activity necessitates draconian regulations and even population control.

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Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on August 14, 2017 at 4:18pm

Doc!!!!  You know that the Global Depopulation Scheme is a major component of the liberal, pinko commie, homosexual agenda!  Stop harshing our chill, dude!

'Sides, castration is a fun AND profitable hobby.  Infantcide, on the other hand, is what you MIC loving assholes use drones, cruise missiles and napalm for, so don't be blaming us for that shit.

Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on August 14, 2017 at 4:21pm

BTW, I liked your post just because Barney your 6,000 year old dinosaur said to.

Image result for barney the dinosaur

Comment by koshersalaami on August 14, 2017 at 5:04pm

The Population Reference Bureau estimates that since Homo Sapiens arrived, about 108 billion people have existed, including the current population. This of course assumes evolution; the number would be smaller if we were counting from roughly 5,000 BCE.

According to your post, the number of abortions that has been performed is nearly ten times that, and that's just since 1964. The guys at Planned Parenthood seem to have been extraordinarily busy.

If you have any aspirations for your work not to be treated as fiction by anyone, I'm afraid you'll have to try a little harder than that. 


Comment by Doc Vega on August 15, 2017 at 11:12am

Kosher read it and weep! Planned Parenthood at 300 thousand or more every year is only one of many agencies and clinics that perform this procedure!

United States abortion rates, 1960-2013

compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last modified 28 November 2014

Note: data is scaled relative to 1980 (1980 value=100). Plotted data includes:

  • abortions--known or estimated legal abortions occurring in the U.S.
  • ratio--abortions per 1000 live births
  • percentage--abortions as percentage of total pregnancies (live births+abortions)
  • rate per 1000 women aged 15-44
  • rate per 1000 population

United States abortion rates, data

year abortions abortion ratio abortion percentage abortion rate
per 1,000 live births % of births+abortions per 1,000 women
aged 15-44
per 1,000
1960 292 0.07 0.01 0.01 0.00
1961 292 0.07 0.01 0.01 0.00
1962 292 0.07 0.01 0.01 0.00
1963 390 0.10 0.01 0.01 0.00
1964 823 0.20 0.02 0.02 0.00
1965 794 0.21 0.02 0.02 0.00
1966 1,028 0.29 0.03 0.03 0.01
1967 2,061 0.59 0.06 0.05 0.01
1968 6,026 1.72 0.17 0.14 0.03
1969 25,918 7.2 0.71 0.62 0.13
1970 193,491 51.9 4.9 4.53 0.94
1971 485,816 136.6 12.0 11.14 2.34
1972 586,760 180.1 15.3 13.16 2.80
1973 744,600 237.4 19.2 16.33 3.51
1974 898,600 284.4 22.1 19.28 4.20
1975 1,034,200 328.9 24.8 21.72 4.79
1976 1,179,300 372.3 27.1 24.19 5.41
1977 1,316,700 395.8 28.4 26.42 5.98
1978 1,409,600 422.9 29.7 27.67 6.33
1979 1,497,670 428.6 30.0 28.79 6.65
1980 1,553,890 430.2 30.1 29.28 6.84
1981 1,577,340 434.6 30.3 29.25 6.87
1982 1,573,920 427.6 30.0 28.77 6.79
1983 1,575,000 432.8 30.2 28.45 6.74
1984 1,577,180 429.9 30.1 28.15 6.69
1985 1,588,550 422.4 29.7 28.01 6.68
1986 1,574,000 419.0 29.5 27.41 6.55
1987 1,559,110 409.3 29.0 26.93 6.43
1988 1,590,750 406.9 28.9 27.37 6.51
1989 1,566,870 387.8 27.9 26.85 6.35
1990 1,608,620 386.8 27.9 27.39 6.44
1991 1,556,510 378.6 27.5 26.34 6.15
1992 1,528,930 376.1 27.3 25.89 5.96
1993 1,495,000 373.7 27.2 25.25 5.75
1994 1,423,000 360.0 26.5 23.97 5.41
1995 1,359,440 348.6 25.8 22.82 5.11
1996 1,365,700 349.5 25.9 22.76 5.05
1997 1,335,000 344.0 25.6 22.27 4.90
1998 1,319,000 334.6 25.1 21.95 4.78
1999 1,314,800 332.1 24.9 21.87 4.71
2000 1,312,990 323.5 24.4 21.30 4.65
2001 1,291,000 320.7 24.3 20.88 4.53
2002 1,269,000 315.5 24.0 20.49 4.41
2003 1,250,000 305.6 23.4 20.17 4.30
2004 1,222,100 297.2 22.9 19.69 4.17
2005 1,206,200 291.5 22.6 19.41 4.08
2006 1,242,200 291.2 22.6 19.95 4.16
2007 1,209,640 280.3 21.9 19.48 4.01
2008 1,212,350 285.4 22.2 19.46 3.99
2009 1,151,600 278.8 21.8 18.47 3.75
2010 1,102,700 275.7 21.6 17.68 3.55
2011 1,058,500 267.7 21.1 16.97 3.38
2012 1,020,000* 261.8* 20.8* 16.56* 3.30*
2013 1,000,000* 253.9* 20.3* 15.90* *

* compiler's estimates

For sources, see Historical abortion statistics, United States.

© 2002-2011, 2014 by Wm. Robert Johnston.
Last modified 28 November 2014.
Return to Home. Return to Other Policy Issues. Return to Abortion Statistics.

Comment by Doc Vega on August 15, 2017 at 11:13am

Any questions in your typical fictional form of doubt and false contradictions? Kosh

Comment by Doc Vega on August 15, 2017 at 11:18am

safe Bet here's a clairvoyant insight into what hell would be like for you without all the trimmings and fixins

Comment by Doc Vega on August 15, 2017 at 1:12pm

Bullshit! Terry all you ever do is come up with some kind of unjustified contradiction to the facts!

Comment by koshersalaami on August 15, 2017 at 1:22pm

The estimate you gave in your post was a trillion. That isn't remotely possible. The best estimates we have is that the entire population of all humans ever born is a little over 10% of that. 

Comment by J.P. Hart on August 16, 2017 at 9:51am

take it easy, Doc!

I've millions of friends and relatives on both sides of the Mason/Nixon line  {::} {:::.)


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