The Flawed Character of Hillary Part I

Defining Hillary Clinton’s Policies 

For us to digest the content and agenda of Hillary Clinton, a forgettable Secretary of State, who accomplished little, we must analyze her narratives, her code speak, and the misdirected truth she often espouses more than any other aspect in her speeches. Often trying to discredit Donald Trump for not being specific enough in describing how he intends to reform US policy, Hillary is even worse usually relying on empty rhetoric instead of precise execution of her plans.

Four Americans Dead

First of all, is her sense of entitlement simply for being a woman? How about being Obama’s water boy when it comes to repeating the White House’s flawed talking points, especially in the aftermath of Benghazi where knowing that the DIA had determined that a terrorist attack had taken place, she proceeded with the president to blame a little known comedy movie produced by an obscure Egyptian man as the source of the trouble that caused a fatal attack upon the US consulate in Libya. She is no stranger to deception.

In the beginning

Hillary Rodham Clinton distinguished herself early in her career by being ejected from the Watergate prosecution team for unethical practices. Very early she established a pattern of conduct that would characterize her disingenuous nature. When everyone from his GOP opponents that he handily defeated during the presidential nominee phase to the US media and Democratic Party,  Donald Trump was under fire for his lack of experience in public office, one must ask could he do any worse than Clinton if he were to gain the oval office?  Surely the continued history of scandals that have defined Hillary’s twisted path to another run at the presidency would indicate that her character is in serious question. It is little wonder why her disapproval numbers are gaining in the polls while Trump’s momentum continues.

Dubious distinction over rights

Clinton’s definition of representing women’s rights is essentially advocating that they should feel free to seek abortions at clinics of questionable expertise and conveniently have their babies extracted in environments that are often times deemed unfit by health department codes. Yes, Hillary you are so proud of prodding women to have to courage to attend abortion clinics where many women have been rushed to the emergency room due to botched procedures that have cost many  their lives and yet have been hidden under the rug of red tape and administrative cover-ups. Women have the right to be self destructive especially while having their newborn clinically liquidated, right Mrs. Former Secretary?

Questionable funding

In two yeas of speaking engagements Hillary Clinton raised 21 million dollars while donations to the Clinton Foundation brought in hundreds of millions from Arab nations who treat women like goats and murder homosexuals under the principles of Sharia Law. Hillary refuses to see the double standard in this while supposedly looking out for women’s rights, yet money represents the priority even when she refuses to release the transcripts of her lectures to Time Magazine, Qualcomm, banking groups, and institutions looking to buy influence. When the financial practices of the Clinton Foundation come into question and perfectly legal inquiries come her way, Madame Clinton quickly attributes the unwelcome investigations as that dastardly right-wing conspiracy again!

Arab Spring?

One thing is for certain as Hillary continues to blame the GOP for the destruction of America she might care to ask herself just who has been in the office of the presidency for the last 7 and a half years before she utters another one of her empty allegations. A White House that she proudly served in as the Arab Spring settled upon the Middle East and North Africa resulting in Mohamed Morsi, her close friend,  leading a Muslim Brotherhood takeover in Egypt and the overthrow of  Muammar Gaddafi in Libya engineered by the Obama State Department. The results of her statesmen-like conduct left that region in death and chaos. The end result of the Clinton Obama intervention in the Middle East led to the making of a haven for numerous terrorist organizations in Libya while Morsi was ousted by a military coup within months of his inept radical Muslim reign.

In summation

Ask yourself if you are a Hillary Clinton supporter. When presented with the facts, do you really want someone like this as president of our country? If so, you must not value America that much. In PART II We will further examine her troubling actions in a past clouded in scandals.

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