The Flawed Character of Hillary Clinton Part II

In examining the behavior of federal government officials we are most often led to believe that they are acting in the best interests of the American people. That they are honorable and trustworthy simply because they have been elected is a misguided notion. For decades now the US media has literally chosen our candidates using an unholy alliance with the White House to create an echo chamber of half truths repeated enough to convince voters to elect those of questionable credentials and motives.

Suppressing truth

Hillary Clinton and husband Bill are of that unfortunate persuasion where truth and integrity are simply irrelevant. In fact, the White House relies heavily on the influence of the low information voter, who does not bother to do their own investigation, and who falls easily into step with the lies and distortions of people like Elizabeth Warren, Eric Holder, and Barack Hussein Obama.  Often we see those of honorable merit and good intention demonized by the media, the Democrats, and even members of the GOP. Both Ronald Reagan and Ted Cruz know very well that an honest candidate can be horribly misrepresented by the news media and suffer character assassination by traitors within their own party.

Trail of deceit

Yet, despite a dark past mired by scandals, sexual harassment, and even death, Bill and Hillary seem to be made of Teflon when it comes to prosecution and public enlightenment about their illegal exploits.  That our own government can be led by those who would sell us out and endanger national security is abominable, but to allow them to continue without being prosecuted is even more disturbing. Why would Hillary Clinton support her philandering husband, Bill, who was forced to settle several lawsuits out of court with women who charged him with harassment and even rape? These women who were victimized by William Jefferson Clinton found that they would be further ridiculed and investigated by Hillary to make matters worse. The 1990’s saw a White House where a list of scandals dating back to Watergate and White Water to be just the tip of the iceberg.

The email scandal

An Inspector General appointed by the Obama administration has recently cited former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, as having breached national security and State Department protocol by not only having a personal server that was apparently hacked, but refusing cooperation with investigators despite publicly proclaiming she was being open and forthright. Hillary has had a history of assuming that she is above the law and not accountable to security measures that are essential to the safety of US citizens and government operations. Having deleted 30,000 emails prior to turning over her server to the FBI which was subpoenaed rather than voluntarily surrendered in late March as she had stated publicly is just one example. This alone very could have substantiated the destruction of evidence. On Fox News Hillary’s 2008 campaign staffer tried to dismiss the Inspector General’s findings as being politically biased even though being a Democrat appointee.

Misleading the public

Having had at least 2000 emails containing classified or top-secret information in them, refusing to turn over all emails in a timely manner, advising her staff how to copy and paste sensitive documents without the classified headings included so as to allow these people to pass along this material through unsecured channels does not seem to be innocent or lacking malicious intent as her campaign people have tried to rationalize. A Secretary of State is no stranger to what constitutes sensitive documents that could compromise national security from routine business that would not endanger government secrecy and human lives. The denial by Hillary Clinton and the attempted talking points of her staff are indicators of the kind of gross negligence that permeates the White House when officials think they are above the law.

Aiding and abetting the enemy

A glimpse into the troubling past of Hillary Clinton only convinces us of her incompetence and lack of truthfulness when it comes to honoring the trust of the American people and keeping our nation safe. It could not be more evident than in a brokered sale of huge amounts of uranium between her husband, Bill, herself, and a third-party to Russia, an emerging threat under former KGB agent and leader Vladimir Putin. After bold military intervention in the Crimea, intervention in Syria, and recent aggressive flybys against our Navy destroyer with SU-27’s shipping fissionable material to a potential enemy is just another serious breach of trust in the disturbing past of Hillary Clinton.

Sad commentary

Perhaps, even more disturbing than Hillary Clinton’s forays into criminal schemes are not only the failure of the federal government to enforce the laws and hold her accountable like so many others who have committed lesser infractions such as former CIA Director, General Patraeus for bringing some classified material home with him while writing his book, who was prosecuted.  Sadly,  as shocking as this all seems  is the fact that there are still people willing to vote for this woman no matter what she does which would doom the United States to at least 4 more years of Barack Obama style radical assault against our nation. That is unacceptable!

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