To get past Go, we don’t have to hold a monopoly on ignorance. Go has proven itself a difficult obstacle for the sons and daughters of the destitute, defeated, indentured, escaped, captured, fortune seeking, and just plain old nuts of whom I sing to overcome. 

            Philadelphia escaped...because it understood diversity, I can’t say now, exactly, where brotherly love fits into the fix mix, but it was certainly harder to bang a Bible there than it was to love thy neighbor.  

             Philadelphia got past go. I was there, too, trying to myself,  getting past go, after Austin, Texas in 1979. I was desperate to escape Go, where I had been stopped, so I went, back north to what I thought might be freedom, the freedom to pass go. 

              I never got the hang of it, but got a good look before heading back stealthy to coastal New Jersey, where I would study the fix from a variety of perspectives, incognito. I got it from the inside out, the fix. But never could find the source, I felt the sting of the whip, but could not find the hand in the darkness, bound and blindfolded. I knew the fix was on, but could not get a handle on it. 

              My efforts were not academic, they were personal. I was a scientist explorer;well disguised as a failed also ran rich kid who had been given access to all the consolation prizes and behavior modification exercises. I was out of the know, and into the belly of the beast. 

              I came to realize that we were second class at best in our native place, and that command and control escaped the revolution, unscathed outside of Philadelphia. 

                I’m not sure about New York or Boston. I’m just a visitor in those places. But the MIC I knew was not running on Eastern Standard time, during my decades of debauchery, playing a bad Clousseau at best, bumbling through the layers of the enterprise. Living to peck this story is victory enough, and reaching the conclusions that I well understood but never could...articulate.

                We struggle to get past Go, yet.  Divided by design. The fix was always in. We toil on, in the field, to unfix the fix, and I’m not driving.


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Comment by J.P. Hart on April 1, 2019 at 7:03am

good thing about March: IT ENDS
Uncle Sam Needs Your Help

...and from the rear cottage,Johnny Cash loudly;
train a comin'
returnable beer bottles
eye level champagne
Perhaps heaven is perfect sorrow...

(Designated Hitter for JPH)

Comment by Robert B. James on April 1, 2019 at 3:35pm

Yea...I rushed it, squeezed too hard. You can’t get on base every first date...even if you want too. I’m ok with the Britain. I’m not sure they enjoy us yanks mucking about in their back yards, and I respect that, never been to England, despite being a good bit, like it or not. My people left and most never looked back...most did not leave from  England, which they had already left for Poland, or Russia, go figure. 

But I just can’t warm up to them picking winners and losers here there and everywhere they sport spot, like game hunters. I ain’t no damn bunny, honey.

Comment by moki ikom on April 2, 2019 at 12:24am

i gotta work too much to b here as often as i'm driven, nor reflect my 'likes', but joy ur input... rectecgular confines, Copernicular, estuarial confines, all.

Comment by Robert B. James on April 2, 2019 at 7:27am

Moki: thanks for showing up.miss a week in Jersey and they start telling everyone you be dead. Just sayin.


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