The Federal Reserve and the Taxation Myth Part II

Although years later Woodrow Wilson would lament that he had unwittingly allowed the control of the nation’s bank and currency into the hands of a few who were foreign entities with no allegiance to America. After suffering a stroke Wilson died alone and suffering from self-recrimination. He should have! Soon, Income tax would become a major burden on the backs of all citizens who would labor several months of the year to pay their indentured servant status just to uphold an illusion created by their slave masters while being terrorized by the IRS a brutal collection entity that violated their Constitutional rights in the process and constantly threatened people into submission with confiscation and liens.

Calculated collapse

The promised financial stability of the Federal Reserve ended within 16 years of its inception when in 1929 the Stock Market Crash occurred followed by the Great Depression. Millions lost their equity, their investments, their homes, and livelihoods as a worldwide malignancy of financial failure spread like wild fires. According to Norman Dodd, a fresh young banking executive out of college, he was instructed by his superiors at Morgan Bank to investigate the source of the massive failure and to identify who was responsible and how they did it. His investigation took him a year at which time he returned to his bank and in front of several Morgan Bank Officers and gave his presentation. He was later informed by the manager of his bank that never would America practice sound banking principles again.


Those words ring true today every bit as much as they did then when the entire net worth of American assets and even human resources were collateralized by the owners of the Federal Reserve, the cabal of rich families who now owned the US banking system, currency supply, and credit establishment. America was converted into a corporate form of debt along with its human resource to be taxed and regulated by a foreign entity that would use more and more credit made from thin air into a currency that had smaller and smaller percentages buying power as reserve gold was sold off to pay the national debt to other nations who financed the US deficit as the federal government expended and increased its appetite for spending.

True worth?

The US dollar is really an FRN (Federal Reserve Note) there is no gold, silver, oil reserves, or any other precious commodity to back it. So, as the national debt increases each fiscal period and Congress makes a new budget to finance its expenditures the Federal Reserve creates credit within its computers out of thin air while the US Treasury prints worthless paper money we call fiat currency which becomes currency, a medium of exchange we use to pay our debts with even though it actually represents the bigger debt incurred by the federal government. Only worth pennies compared to its original buying power before the Great Depression


US citizens have 2 misconceptions about money. 1) That prices are getting higher 2) That the Federal Reserve is owned by the US Federal Government. Wrong on both assumptions! 1) It is the loss of buying power that makes goods and services more costly. 2) The Federal Reserve, though it masquerades as a US government agency is actually owned by the previously mentioned cabal of rich families who originated from the European Central Bank before the 13 Colonies were ever established. The names of these families such as the Warburgs, the Vanderbilts, the Rockefellers, and the Rothchilds are some of the elitist factions who wield powers that can destroy nations and dictate the lives of billions and they will do whatever they think is necessary to manipulate markets, societies, and the borders of nations to perpetuate their grasps on the throats of the people who labor under heavy taxation and regulation!

The machine

When you watch the massive brainwashing campaign that begins every year right after Christmas about the approaching April 15th deadline and how Tax preparation is free on TV and radio you are being subjected to the mind control of a draconian state that is precipitated by a global banking system that is ruthless and willing to lie, cheat, and even kill in order to keep this illusion of debt and responsibility to pay it in the minds of the millions of working men and women who live financially controlled lives barely existing on the crumbs of a huge establishment of fabricated debt, worthless paper currency, and taxation that continually makes ownership harder and harder to maintain.


Myths about finite energy, limited resources, over population, and the need to curtail the footprint of humanity upon the face of the earth are already in play under Communist advocacy, saving planet earth, Agenda 21, socialism, the CIA, the IMF, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the UN, international intelligence community, the world banking system, and the military tasked with doing the bidding of the slave owners, ready at a moment’s notice to begin a regional or civil war or crank into the horrifying prospect of World War III. This is the reality once the mist of the illusion has vanished and we see the little man standing behind the curtain who is at the controls of the mirage machinery that deceives and kills all in one fell swoop! All these powerful organizations linked under one deadly banner-the Federal Reserve cabal of the elite who rule on a global scale.

The damning final truth

By 1986 a study that was commissioned under President Ronald Reagan quickly established that there was no relationship between the actual revenues coming into the federal government from income taxes and the spending by Congress that was simply tallied every fiscal spending period then financed by the credit extended from the Federal Reserve who pays nothing for that money yet charges the US government trillions in interest for the money they generated out of nothing. As the government spends more and more and US banks utilize fractional banking furthering the illusion that you are being leant their money when it is actually the money of other depositors just like you the illusion is even more deceptive than you can imagine. You have become enslaved before the day you were born as part of a system that you are but the equal of a milk producing cow on a gigantic dairy farm only measured by your worth by what you produce. This is all you are. Welcome my son. Welcome to the machine!


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