The Federal Reserve and the Taxation Myth Part I

What if you were to find out that everything you had been taught was either a fallacy or a state imposed falsehood designed to get you to surrender your true sovereignty as a human being with inalienable rights and liberty. Faced with the truth would you choose to accept the information or merely scoff at it as if it were forbidden knowledge? Perhaps you would simply go living in a staged environment assuming that the news you got was truth and that the government you were ruled under actually acted in your best interests. You would be wrong on both assumptions.

Emerging slavery

Sadly when most people are faced with the truth they would rather go living in an illusion created for them by their globalist, statist keepers, and their slave masters! With the division we now experience in America that has been orchestrated by billionaires and enemy governments most so-called citizens will react with cognitive dissonance and continue on their enslaved journey through life never questioning the vast disinformation created for them on the TV, in public schools, on the campuses of higher education, and through the justice system designed to uphold the mirage that we’re led to believe is legitimate under the flag of our nation and society.

Altering the chains

One powerful facet of the massive control of the people who dwell under the malevolent rule of this invisible slavery is the global financial and banking system that was devised to expend markets and lendable currency as credit to maximize the expansion of buying, investing, and profiteering. In this system a few vastly wealthy families created a global banking system centuries ago that dominated European trade way back to feudal time and kingdoms. As governments began to decentralize and award rights to their subjects the need for more flexible monetary and lending practices made change necessary but also deception of the way the system really functioned. Just as the spoils of war are realized so were the taxes of monarchs now revised to reflect proceeds needed to support representative governments known as the Parliamentary system.

Blood sucking

A cabal of rich families, all the original heads of former feudal kingdoms still controlled the wealth and the ability to bank and lend. Now they formed a cabal and unbeknownst to the commoners, the peasants, and the lower classes the fruit their hard earned labor was taxed like a parasite attaching itself to a host. That host was the people and that parasite was the banks who enabled the exchange of unified currencies. Trade for stocks bonds, and commodities followed and soon all aspects of the economy of nations was controlled and financed by a relative few. That control extended to the 13 Colonies once the Pilgrims had landed in the New World and the British Kingdom began using its Armies and Navies to acquire the land mass.

The Colonists found that the European Central Bank as used by King George to fund British government and infrastructure also managed the currency of the 13 Colonies as the Crown taxed, tariffed, and assessed imposts upon the goods and products of the Colonists who soon got tired of it! Constant recession and inflationary cycles made the life of the 13 Colonies hard, complex, and costly just as life is today in the United States! It was not until the War of Independence was fought and the defeat of the King George army and navy that Americans could finally unite into one free nation and begin making their own economic decisions!

The vision

Our Founding Fathers after seeing the trials and tribulations of the previous tyranny imposed by the British rule wisely chose another system of free enterprise, independent banking, and gold standard to guarantee value to back the paper currency used by settlers of the New World to stabilize their markets, but still the Central Bank of Europe had managed to get its tentacles into the system and not until President Andrew Jackson vowed to abolish that foreign bank in 1849 and throw it out did America achieve true independence!  For 75 years America flourished as a young but fast growing power as it established international trade and annexed new state territories. A network of independently owned banks served the new nation and the future seemed assured for Americans. For more than 100 years America thrived without federal income taxes!

The handcuffs return

That was until 1913 when the Revenue Act was passed and the controversial 16th Amendment was illegally ratified by Senator Philander Knox during Christmas vacation on Capitol Hill when few politicians remained and most had gone home to their families. When a state voted pass on the Federal Income Tax law this meant that it would be taken up on another date, yet Knox, a former attorney for rich families connected with the European cabal counted these responses as a Yes Vote. Without realizing it and under the progressive Presidency of Woodrow Wilson Americans once again became slaves of the Central Bank and the Federal Reserve was created along with the Internal Revenue Service that would act as the collection arm of that draconian entity! However, it all did not just stop with taxation. The owners of the Federal Reserve, foreign banking families, would begin to dictate political policy, social issues, and international diplomacy!

Part II will further inform us about how and why this abomination took place


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