The False Flag Bombing Against the Democrats

With the looming mid term elections approaching we can anticipate that the left and the Democrats will stoop to new lows as opposed to what they have already done! Maxine Waters called for confronting conservatives wherever they might be in public so Sara Sanders and her husband were harassed as they sat in a small local restaurant and the assault was even coordinated by the restaurant staff! As Speaker of the House Mitch Mc Connell attempted to have a meal in his hometown in Tennessee, what happened? Apparently, someone had leaked his location to the rent a mobs who quickly went on attack mode throwing his plate of food out while screaming in his face! Is this America? Is this what we call civility? These tactics are not above or beyond the dignity or ethics of the left!

No respect for law

According to former loser Hillary Clinton civility is out the window! Until the Democrats regain power, which they won't, peaceful coexistence will not be observed until the Democrats regain control! Well, earth to the DNC inciting violence, sedition, the advocating of force and violence does not lend toward your legitimacy while the news networks attempt to cover your reputation as a highly suspicious series of incidents take place with little evidence of outside perpetrators! Yet, knowing how the Democrats stand to not only gain while trying to incriminate the right in view of the fact that through out the last 2 years that the Democrats and the left not only assault Trump supporters but while using Antifa as their proxies they are now attempting to incriminate our President!

Using threats to offset their own evil

The only transparency here is the clearly apparent attempts by the Democrats is to orchestrate to the attempted bombings of Obama, Eric Holder, George Soros, and others clearly in alignment with the well timed false accusations against Brett Kavanaugh while the US media does all it can to legitimize the more than obvious false flag operations of bombers who must be the far ranging right wing conspiracy! As has been the case with previous sloppy attempts as failed DNC botched propaganda traps typifies what is really happening and this writer will speculate that once investigation identifies the true conspirators will trace the true perpetrators and once again the Democrats will be implicated!

The lies of an aligned leftist attack

What does Hitler have to do with President Trump? Our President has achieved mercurial economic revitalization. Yet, the media has coined phrases like "Nationalist" when applied to President Trump when such idiotic attempts are not only ridiculous but indicative of a left wing attempt to stain the patriotic attempts to restore America's re-emergence as it's former power of righteous leadership will be incriminated with the lies of the likes of CNN or MSNBC these are the Soviet style disinformation specialists that they are! They have somehow gained credibility with uninformed viewers and uneducated fools who are easily misled!

When our presidents valued their citizens

Nationalism, it is the ability of political leaders to put the needs and the interests of their constituents to benefit from the actions of the government over the subversive and foreign elements of adversity who are exercising their attempts at the subversion of our American processes! Why would a patriotic President be questioned and ridiculed? Only by the globalist Communist funded US mainstream media, who behind their walled in residences as they attack those who want a wall to protect our southern border somehow enjoy the security of walled in defenses while they attack President Trump's efforts to stop the infiltration of our enemies through our borders! CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, and CNBC wage a war against not only President Trump and the GOP but against reality as they create a Matrix of their own false reality!

The lying methodology!

The New York Times has invited short story entries that fantasize about the assassination of President Trump. You might recall that a a play on Broadway had already graphically exhibited the stabbing of President Trump shortly after his inauguration! Would this ever have been tolerated under the Obama presidency, the Clinton White House, or the Kennedy dynasty? No, I think not! Is this the action of a civil society? Only a brutal and anti-American party would urge this kind of evil clandestine activity in order to alter public perception and their votes!

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Comment by Maui Surfer on October 26, 2018 at 11:52pm

Yes, he was, until Ted Cruz had his father bump him off!

Comment by old new lefty on October 27, 2018 at 10:51pm

Let's see. In the last two days, we've seen the arrest of an uber-supporter of Trump for mailing all those bombs. I guess F*x's speculation about Bernie Sanders doing it or George Soros mailing a bomb to himself didn't pan out. Then we get a right wing anti-Semite who slaughters Jews in Pittsburgh. Do you see a trend here? Anything the left has done to protest against your Great Leader is pitiful in comparison to the violence from the right. It's time for all levels of law enforcement to realize that the threat of extremist right wing violence is far more of a threat than Muslim or leftist violence. By the way, crime statistics back me up on this.


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