The Emotion Scale - 14 - Sun on the Rocks

Summary of the amusement

Clarity Nice visits the headquarters of Herbaline in Orange County, a herbal, diet and weight prevention company, known for its aggressive marketing methods. Seeing on a corporate chart that the president of the company, Lyle Matchett, has never been seen and is not shown anywhere in the annual report of the company, Clarity decides to explore the company's premises afterhours, and stumbles upon an area inside the company building labeled emotician office. Intrigued by a word that she has never heard, she opens the door and gets in. Emotician Coley Manglove finds the Malibu teleoperator in her office and reveals to her the secretive project that she has been told to carry out by the head of human studies at Herbaline: A chart of emotion that can be used to describe the personality of employees and to elicit sales from a customer, even those reticent to buy Herbaline products.


Cartmel invited Clarity, Ambi and Lanai to an outdoor breakfast the next day by the door of the relational board house. Cartmel was playing around with his docket, playing a form of language sudoku or word sequence game.

"I am going on a retreat today," he said.

"How fun, where is it being held?" Asked Lanai.

"In the barn of Honey Ranch, over there. You can attend with me."

"I wonder who will be teaching," said Lanai.

Clarity and Lanai walked to a stable near the main building of the ranch, witnessing how a Rolls Royce, allegedly belonging to Lyle Matchett, the official owner and head of Herbaline, came out of the area normally used for horses. Rhona Binney herself was driving the car, with three of its windows rolled down, except the window of the front passenger seat. Cartmel walked past several ladies who were planning on attending the talk, and looked at Clarity. All three windows of the luxury car were beginning to roll up, showing blue tinted windows, which kept people from peeking inside and identifying passengers. Clarity walked a few feet towards the car. The front window of the passenger seat briefly rolled down, and Clarity saw Manglove inside the luxury vehicle. A smiley showed up on one of the rear windows of the Rolls Royce. Cartmel answered the question of Lanai.

"It´s me," said Cartmel, "I am the instructor of the retreat."

Lanai held hands with Clarity, and Ambi held hands with Lanai.

"Wow, you are the instructor of this retreat, we're in for a sales talk treat," said Clarity. Cartmel replied with a slight change of logic, typical of Herbaline communication channels.

"How did you make your way here, you cannot attend this private gathering, as long as Rhona has not approved your admission."

"You said we could attend a few seconds ago," said Clarity.

"I said you could attend, but I did not say you could get in. You need the general authorization from Rhona to get in. Wait over there at the entrance for Rhona." Herbaline was indeed a complex hierarchical structure. Clarity glanced at Rhona, who was stepping off the Rolls Royce.

Rhona nodded admission to Clarity and the two women waiting with her to attend the retreat. Cartmel gave them a smirk and walked inside the retreat area. Her admission job done, Rhona walked back to the luxury car. The receptionist of the ranch, a good looking girl recruited from a Vegas casino, took the driver seat of the Rolls Royce. Rhona opened the rear car passenger back door, and another girl got in naked through the other rear door of the British luxury sedan. The naked girl had passed the arousal test of the company the night before for the first time. New arousal procedures were being designed for her by Manglove, which Rhona was going to put in place.

Clarity got inside a big stable area, not too lit, smelling of hay, with about fifty chairs laying in about ten rows of five each. Most rows were filled with guests attending the talk. She sat on a chair in the last row of the large stable, with Lanai and Ambi seating in neighboring chairs. The retreat was being held for high level sales experts ranking multilevel five and above. Cartmel explained that the emotion and arousal fingerprint of all employees attending was held by Herbaline. As a result of a new set of instructions given by Stive, no employees, including sales experts, or guests attending the talk, could have access to that information anymore. The emotion fingerprint was banned for employees, and stored in the company's analytic emotion processor to study individual and group behavior.

According to Manglove, arousal-guided love and relationships, and deep-arousal encounters, flourished into very stable relationships, and promotion decisions based on flirting habits had to be considered carefully. There was no need for additional information for employees, including information provided by the processor.

The sales income and payroll information of Herbaline employees was also being shown in other areas of the company. Their average income, herbal inventory, spending and sales ability patterns, were being charted by a Herbaline provider linked to a company ally, the lower snow globe hemisphere, separate from Herbaline, and supervised by Manglove. The provider was a social interpretation firm in Singapore, Visual Emotone. The firm was doing social research for the Orange County herbal company, on how people in the company, at Herbaline, viewed money, in all of its forms.

Cartmel made a long speech, saying that a new way of viewing life was opening to all ladies at the retreat, the polyamorous lifestyle. Manglove lived a polyamorous life with Stive, non exclusive love with other bisexual women, including Ivy, and also, at one point, including the former roommate of Ivy, Ambi Michaels.

Outside the barn, Manglove was through with explaining to Rhona what she had to do. She came out of the Rolls Royce, and entered the retreat area, seating near Ambi. Using equipment brought from the language facility, Manglove routinely monitored the women at the ranch for pleasure, arousal and sexual inclinations of love patterns, in her role as a Herbaline health emotician or arousal nurse. She was particularly interested in pairing Ivy with a twenty one year old au-pair girl that the debonnaire hostess of Herbaline had met in Orange County.

According to Manglove, afffinity came from alignment of emotions. Emotion itself came from meaning, according to Manglove, assigning meaning to a stimulus of alert, which elicited the emotion as warning to the body or as reassurance signal that things, including a relationship, were safe for the person. In any case, the stimulus came from outside, and so the person in and of itself was good, no matter how negative the emotion was. It was the reactive mode which at times might not be fully attuned to the range of possibilities to respond for a person. And also the individual connection to herself. When this part was thrown off and people did things based on someone else's thought, the connection dwindled, the emotion range widened, and the rational space of the person became irrelevant.

As Cartmel began to talk inventory goals for the year, Manglove whispered a few words to Ambi, that Clarity managed to overhear. The emotician suggested to the former recluse that she stay at the love ranch with Cartmel. Ambi did not react much, but appeared less tense, more relaxed. Finally, after long weeks of consideration, Stive and Manglove, had decided to leave Ambi out of their life, replacing her with another woman, who had not been exposed to Herbaline policy or arousal procedures yet, and with Ivy, who was glad to be with them.

After two hours going over sales figures of Herbaline, the retreat was over. Cartmel had not exchanged much with Coley Manglove. Their relationship was not that good after Stive had forbidden any flirting by Cartmel with Manglove, and after that, Cartmel spoke with Stive, mostly about business matters. As people in the room got up from their chais and began chatting, Manglove approached Cartmel, who was leafing through the Herbaline sales figures showing to some of the guests attending, that his communications course had created greater personal stability, and increased spiritual abilities in twelve percent of those taking the course.

"I want Clarity and her friend out of Herbaline," said Manglove.

"What about Ambi?"

"We're through with Ambi, all the arousal and refusal language data is being processed, you can have her. Stive and I are keeping Ivy and the au pair girl from Northern Italy, Chiara, who met Ivy at the supermarket in Orange County. She will work as maid at the exhibition center, they're going to live with us in Cayman. We're moving out of Orange County while the information gathering order is pending with the Trade Commission."

"I'll follow the normal procedure with Ambi, not sure what she is thinking now, after the arousal monitoring and language reconfiguration which took place for her. What about my promotion?" Asked Cartmel.

"Check your docket, your results should be in."

The motivational guru called Ivy with instructions from Manglove, then checked a screen on his docket smartphone connected to the analytic processor. Results were not what he expected. He was refused admission into the lower snow globe area, because his thinking did not reach the level of wisdom and maturity needed, level six, reaching instead the level five point five seven. The emotion scale did not lie, and emotional maturity, a very particular definition of it, was needed to get promoted at Herbaline and engage in sex with a larger group of good looking women, in particular those women Cartmel had in mind, Clarity, Lanai and Ambi.

According to members of the low key hemisphere, a discreet group of counterparts, who were part of the management board of Herbaline, Cartmel's arousal was not quite fine tuned for full consensus admission into the lower globe. Only one out of four women involved with him at 'Honey Ranch', over the previous three years, agreed to engage in arousal activity with him. Rhona Binney and Manglove told him that he would have to remain a multilevel five salesman another year, despite the good efforts as motivational and sales guru of the company.

Several guests attending the retreat, multilevel six and seven people coming from all parts of the globe, were planning the return leg of their trip. Only they could move in and out of Herbaline freely, but no one knew what they did professionally, no one knew their job at Herbaline or outside of it. Ivy came inside the closed door barn, she was the hostess organizing the return trip for all guests, including Clarity, Lanai, and Ambi, a plane trip. When Ivy announced the possibility of the trip to Ambi, her eyes lit up. She declined the offer of Ivy to remain with Cartmel, and nodded her approval to go back home, clearly meaning yes. She then sighed with a loud breath of relief, as though a huge weight had lifted off her. Boarding that plane meant leaving the company.

"Finally out of this place, this is the longest trip I've done, lasted a whole year in total. None of the guests here came with me last year."

Clarity noticed the change of expression of Ambi. She was back to normal, looking sociable and nice. There was no more tension in her features, she was just glad to be leaving and alleviated in general.

"You came with some guests a year ago?" Asked Clarity.

"Yes, those people went back after a week, I began to work here, and then I went to Orange County. I'm finally going back from where I came from, just glad to do that, and get in on this return trip," said Ambi.

For Clarity and Lanai, it was the initial leg of a plane trip, but it was a clear signal that Herbaline wanted them out of the company. Ivy gave Clarity a leaflet from an airline flying to the far East.

"Where are we headed?" Asked Clarity.

"Singapore, we are flying you on a business trip. Coley Manglove made the arrangement."


All characters over 21




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