The Emotion Scale - 13 - Sun on the Rocks

Summary of the amusement

Clarity Nice visits the headquarters of Herbaline in Orange County, a herbal, diet and weight prevention company, known for its aggressive marketing methods. Seeing on a corporate chart that the president of the company, Lyle Matchett, has never been seen and is not shown anywhere in the annual report of the company, Clarity decides to explore the company's premises afterhours, and stumbles upon an area inside the company building labeled emotician office. Intrigued by a word that she has never heard, she opens the door and gets in. Emotician Coley Manglove finds the Malibu teleoperator in her office and reveals to her the secretive project that she has been told to carry out by the head of human studies at Herbaline: A chart of emotion that can be used to describe the personality of employees and to elicit sales from a customer, even those reticent to buy Herbaline products.


Stive was getting ready to meet Ivy and Manglove in a sexual encounter lasting several hours. A room panel showing several indicators, thirty two in total, each of them indicating whether a particular person part of the Herbaline employee list was present in that room, was one of the favorite items for Stive. The head of human resource allocation at Herbaline checked the light panel showing the 'person present' status of each room at the language facility. One of the lights was off, that of the antisale room. Stive turned on the speaker phone to talk to Manglove, who was working in another office. "The status light is off in the antisale room, Ambi has left the room," said Stive.

Manglove turned the surveillance screen to the antisale channel, and saw that the room was empty.

"I'll ask Bertha, she may be with Cartmel. Go ahead with Ivy, I'll join you after all of this is more clear."

Cartmel bypassed all facility measures set up by Coley Manglove and Stive, leaving in his Mercedes with Clarity, Lanai and Ambi, for 'Honey Ranch', the Nevada Love Lady clothing optional and nudist board house, a place used by Herbaline as a relational testing ground for small polyamorous groups. The place engaged the collaboration of ladies and consensual arousal in groups of one, two, three or four women with one man. Cartmel was followed by Manglove, who drove a new Lexus after learning from Bertha that Cartmel was taking Ambi and the inducer with him to 'Honey Ranch'. After a few hours of driving north, they reached the Nevada border and the love lady ranch, welcomed by Rhona Binney, the person in charge of the place, a woman who showed similarities with Madame Tussaud, the woman in charge of the wax museum retail chain of museum shops, in that she rarely smiled and her face seemed frozen in a permanent smug expression.

The Lexus of Manglove did not park at Honey Ranch, but settled in a motel, ten minutes away. Manglove did not show up at the Ranch. After a short five minute conversation involving verification of credentials, carried out by Cartmel and Rhona, Clarity watched the girls in the relational boarding house, all of them in their twenties, hired to please a single customer, hoping the wealthy customer, he or she, would become their lifetime partner. Each day, the ladies in the relational board house looked at the bulletin board showing the agenda of the day, and performed various duties, from gathering and washing their underwear by hand, to playing tennis and swimming naked with guests, to preparing a buffet brunch for the guests and also for themselves. Daily chores also included designing or studying some Herbaline course work, and managing the herbal product inventory in the warehouse area, which distributed all Herbaline products in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. Malibu was kept out of the reach of Herbaline distributors by a local law, which prevented multi level companies from carrying out their marketing activity anywhere in the municipality.

"Breakfast tomorrow is around nine," said Rhona. Clarity walked to a cozy room with Lanai, and slept well.

Arousal was very present at 'Honey Ranch', and the ladies were kept in near permanent arousal, to please the guests. The perks of the place included free adult films in the rooms of those working there, mostly softcore, and several manuals on arousal, which had no author on the cover. After a good breakfast, Rhona Binney called Clarity and Lanai for morning duties. Lanai liked to wear panties in front of other women, the arousal philosophy of the place was intriguing to her. Watching a film the night before, had aroused her, and some of the scenes involving women, were still present in her mind. She was dressed in scanty white underwear, reaffirming her bum and the fabric which aroused her with every touch on her vulva. Her clitoris was noticing the attention of the fabric and the librarian became aware of the slight brushing of the underwear on her love bud. Clarity watched her friend wearing white cotton underwear, and she saw that it was clearly damp in the area of her Venus mound.

Honey Ranch was a nudist resort, or had the front of a nudist and clothing optional resort for adults, and officially, it did not carry out business duties for Herbaline. A lot of employees of the herbal company, simply happened to be clients of the place, going there for weekends. A token, similar to a casino token, known at Honey Ranch as the nudist token, was also an admission pass, and confirmed that the guest of the place satisfied a large group of relational qualities agreed by consensus, granted by the ladies working there, and by Coley Manglove, the official who had the last word on all decisions labeled relational. The token was given out officially by invitation from the secretive lower globe or hemisphere counsel group, a peripheral ally of Herbaline, not directly involved with its business.

"You can go to the pool area now," said Rhona, "you can go there naked, people like to be naked in the pool. I'll bring your official token there to you and your friend later, so you can move around here freely."

Clarity took her clothes in her hand, and moved to the pool area, without any clothes. She lied down on a white lounge chair made with fiber glass, and began suntanning. The warmth of the sun felt good. After a few minutes, Cartmel came by, wearing a swimsuit, and lied down on a lounge chair beside her.

"Would you like to join me in my polyamory group?"

"No." Lanai came by, wearing no clothes, and lied down on Clarity, after throwing her panties on the pants of Clarity.

"You're close to me," said Clarity. The lounge chair was barely big enough for two people. She moved the librarian to one side, and wrapped her arm around the back of her friend, feeling the warm sun on her face.

"I like to be close to you, this place is different," said Lanai. Clarity let her friend lie beside her in a cozy way, feeling her breasts press on her side.

Clarity kept saying no firmly to the proposal of Cartmel, refusing to engage in pleasant relational intercourse with him and two other 'Honey Ranch' ladies. Instead, she reflected on what Rhona had mentioned to her at breakfast. According to more than twenty eight indicators of her personal chart of emotion, she was compatible with Ambi and with Lanai for living arrangements. In order to be part of a polyamory group, there had to be consensus by everyone involved, the women, Herbaline, and the man. How did Manglove figure out she was compatible with Lanai, the result of the chart intrigued Clarity.

She heard the voice of Ambi in the distance. The Malibu teleoperator looked at the recently freed recluse, who was frolicking with several ladies naked on a large colorful towel, set for midday picnic a few feet away from her. Ambi had been in Honey Ranch before, and Clarity could see that it was easy to become complacent at the ranch. The language renegade was a sought-after relational contact for Manglove, and Stive and Cartmel knew that, according to Rhona. Rhona herself, the woman in charge of the ranch, came by the pool, stopping in front of Clarity. The former restaurant waitress and casino employee liked Clarity, and Clarity engaged the conversation with the official head of Honey Ranch, to understand how the place worked. Behind her, a waiter was pushing a cart, with two baskets, one of them filled with fruit, and with some drinks.

Rhona reached for the underwear of Lanai and grabbed the clothes of Clarity. She reached for a token in a second basket on the cart, and gave it to the Malibu teleoperator, giving another one to her friend from Hawaii. The token credited all incoming guests as unclothed-holiday adults, who could perform any activities which ranged from poolside bum tanning and cocktail straw sipping while being naked, bathed in sunshine.

"Come with me," said Rhona.

Clarity grabbed her clothes and placed the token in her pants, before stretching out on her stomach, on a comfortable table, outside the pool area on a terrace. Rhona, who had been hired recently by Manglove from a clothing optional resort in Palm Springs, carried out a full body massage on Clarity, grabbing her bum cheeks skillfully, till they showed no more sign of tension after one and half hours of touching it. Clarity heard Rhona whisper in her ear.

"Your friend will finish the massage for you." A second lady working at the resort brought Lanai. Clarity felt the hand of the librarian on her bum.

"I'm going to the pool side for a few minutes, let your friend go on with the massage."

Clarity opened her eyes after a few minutes, and saw Rhona talking with Cartmel, both lying on their lounge chairs, on the other side of the pool area fence. She grabbed the arm of Lanai, who was rubbing her back and pressing on it.

"Take the table closer to the pool area, I want to know what Rhona is saying to Cartmel." Lanai pushed the table fifty feet, stopping it behind a large tree that was placed behind the pool fence, right where Cartmel was sunbathing.

"They are ideal for me," said Cartmel. He was referring to Clarity and Lanai.

"Not so sure," said Rhona.

The sales instructor was parlaying with Rhona his training skill and role at Herbaline into receiving company authorization to opt in for personal relationship pairing with Clarity and Lanai. But Rhona was saying that the authorization would have to be specific, less comprehensive. Ambi might need additional time in the language facility, according to her. Cartmel could be with Ambi and with other guests occasionally, like Clarity, or Lanai, but he was not the main male partner of Ambi, Stive was, officially. And Manglove wanted Clarity and Lanai, with her, and preferably, she wanted Clarity and Ivy by her side, as Lanai was seen as more flaky than Clarity.

"Coley will have to check that," said Rhona, "and that means she'll have to talk with Stive at human resources. You're bypassing a lot of things by coming here with them."

Stive recorded and studied every aspect of personal relational arrangements between employees of Herbaline. Those relevant aspects were recorded by the relational eye of the company, a fuzzy logic computer program with an actual glass eye built by the lens company Eyemery Lens. The relational eye allocated personal and work-related sales pairings and fed its sentimental and professional advisory output to the relational database that the company used to store the information on all of its employees, including with whom they flirted at the company. According to the relational eye, Clarity was compatible with Lanai and Ambi sexually and sentimentally, and also in general. But the fuzzy logic eye, also said that Cartmel was not their ideal man to complete the four people polyamory group.


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