Yesterday, I was honored, or (where I work) we were all honored to be in the presence of a distinguished guest, John W Franklin. He was at our worksite for the final program in Black History month, about the new NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY AND CULTURE.

But even more distinguished was his father, John Hope Franklin and his grandfather, Buck (Charles) Colbert Franklin.

I thought of their history and the routine insults heaped against them until recent years. Of note, John Hope Franklin attempted to join the military in WW2 at a level appropriate to his education. He was rebuffed - and so decided to resist the draft, where he would have ended up as a Negro servant to white troops. In contrast, my HS dropout uncle was able to serve as a fighter in Patton’s army. No doubt there have been thousands of insults and even worse.

Yes it is better now, but for white men my age, we really should admit just how fucked up it once was.

I thought of Rev. Wright whose anger at White folks seemed to surprise white folks. (For which I can only wonder why!) We fucked the Negro around and were shocked that he didn’t like it.

So yesterday at the place where I work we got to see a little bit about the new museum. Most of the crowd were black and they were filled with pride.

This is John W Franklin with a slide of his grandfather

And the organizers of the event:

PS: the photographs are mine.

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