The “Classified Email” Red Herring- update 2

Hillary's CRIME is not “espionage”

The whole point of her private server was to subvert the freedom of information act and oversight by congress and the public as required by a democracy.

That she used it to send classified information is simply a by product of her blatant violation of the regulations enacted to prevent her from carrying on a secret state department ( auction of favors) unhindered by congressional or public oversight.

THAT is the deliberate subversion and overthrow of the rule of law.

Do I dare call it treason?

All "liberals" should be screaming for blood that such public records should be denied review by the American public, if only through their congressional representatives... maybe we can get Snowden to hack them and leak them?


I went through Watergate as a Republican... fortunately as a Goldwater Republican who had no illusions about the "honesty" of Tricky Dick". I'm wondering if you Hillary fans are really so niave and in denial that you cannot see that if elected, Hillary will be discredited and shredded and forced to resign in the same relentless manner that pushed out tricky dick. You deserve a Trump Hillary match up this fall just to see what someone like trump will do to her, beginning with parading all Bill's Bimbo's across the headlines to testify to the utter War on Women she waged against them.

Update 2

Why is it that Hillary lovers can't seem to understand that she and Bill both are suffering from a terminal brain illness as a result of south east asian super VD (Passed from Bill to Huma to Hillary) and that she is in the throes of syphilitic dementia? ( from which she will undoubtedly die during her first year in office, as she is being impeached.... Bernie for Vice President)

God help us all.

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Comment by nerd cred on March 5, 2016 at 9:01pm

Dare I call it bullshit?

Comment by koshersalaami on March 5, 2016 at 9:29pm
Depends if you think Colin Powell is guilty of treason. I understand he did the same thing.
Comment by Token on March 5, 2016 at 10:08pm

nerd cred

call it whatever you like. The ONLY reason Clinton set up a private email and used it EXCLUSIVELY was so that she could edit the documents she would be required to turn over both to the congress and the public, I'm sure you would agree, given your call of Bullshit, that all of GW Bush's and Dick Cheney's ( not to mention all republican members of the Bush administration) "private records" of "who was tortured and how", have no duty to answer for or even furnish the records of the Bush administration "War Crimes"? Sauce for the goose...


Colin Powell was SENT 2 emails that were classified years after the fact

He DID NOT conduct his government business on a private server. Hillary conducted ALL her government business on a server to which no one had access except herself and her minions... and any other country (Iran,Russia,China)that hacked into it.

Clinton will try to make this an issue of what the meaning of "Classified" is, (Is?) in order to draw the focus from the undeniable fact that setting up and using such a system to carry on government business was as negligent and criminal as if she had carried on her State Department Correspondence in the "Classified" section of the Beijing times.

This is the blatant dishonesty and hypocrisy that prevents any "cross aisle" trust between conservatives and "progressives" of the Clinton sort. Bernie has at least some remnant of integrity.

Comment by Token on March 5, 2016 at 10:14pm

all "liberals" should be screaming for blood that such public records should be denied review by the American public, if only through their congressional representatives... maybe we can get Snowden to hack them and leak them?

Comment by nerd cred on March 5, 2016 at 10:24pm

Your absolute certainty is impressive. On what do you base it? i.e., what is your source?

Comment by Token on March 6, 2016 at 6:35am

nerd cred

Saul Alinsky 101 always answer a question with a question... god, it gets old.

? you do realize that Hillary HAS confessed to carrying on ALL her State Department business on a private email server, as a matter of "convenience? and that that is ain and of itself a felony criminal offense, much like keeping the REAL books of a corporation hidden away from prying government eyes... only much much worse?

My SOURCE? Rather ask how could you be so incredibly ill informed as to NOT know what the implications of the simple existence of an extra governmental "second set of books" /(ONLY set of Books? SECRET set of books? mean in the day to day conduction of PUBLIC business ( CF ( Compare- literally con fero "Carry together") Why should not then a PRIVATE CORPORATION ( exxon?) not keep all it's dealings of such PRIVATE matters as ,say, oil spills" a secret as a a matter of "convenience"?

In a democracy, public deeds and public business is carried out in the full light of the public foum.. Private individuals may not claim "convenience" as the reason for not discussing their public crimes.. HOW MUCH LESS SO MAY A PUBLIC "SERVANT" / ( Well , master, I  don't feel like letting you9 or your elected officials) see the dealings with "fill in the blank", since they happen to be very good friends of my husbands and would never do anything wrong......

Comment by Token on March 6, 2016 at 6:39am

PS:  of course, as a matter of convenience, by those rules, any stray Bush administration documents regarding, say, the uestioning of Gitmo prisoners, is deletable, purely at the discression of the one who has the records ( G.W?)

Comment by Phyllis on March 6, 2016 at 6:48am

The FBI gave her minion immunity, hopefully that will bring out the unvarnished truth. However, it will always be suspect because he knows that she can destroy him far worse than he can destroy her.

Comment by Token on March 6, 2016 at 6:57am


Her minion is actually very minor in all trhis. It will be the Trumps of the world who utterly destroy her and her husband.

Thanks for stopping by

Comment by tr ig on March 6, 2016 at 7:07am
The Bern


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