I am almost done with the box of letters my friend sent me that I sent her for the last thirty years.  I think I have read them backwards.  I am to the point now where the kids are young and we are up in Alaska at a remote fish hatchery.  The letters are long and that is one reason it has taken me awhile to read them all.  Plus they are emotional time travel and intense.

  I wrote..." Here is a question for you.  What do you think of right before you go to sleep?"

  "Here is another question for you.  Have you been seeing similar traits in the people around you now as you have seen in past friends?  Most of the people here remind me of someone else I've known.

   "Also, aren't the problems of people fascinating?  Everyone wants to be doing something different.  Actually I'm pretty happy with my lot lately.  The power of positive thinking is a real thing, but it is hard when things get rough.  Life throws out some tragic things.  So much is under average, everyday conversations.  Perhaps my mind has finally done it and expanded too much so that I can't relate to people.  Ha!  I know people think I'm a little different.  Ha!  But haven't you noticed that different people see you on lots of different levels?"

   "Here's another question for you.  How do you see yourself?  Labels.  I like artist - craftsperson label.  Teacher..mother, photographer....Are we only defined by what we do?  I sometimes think an artist community would be fun to live in.  I mean a fish farm and electric plant in the wilderness aren't really crafty."

  I felt like a mama bear in my Alaska life.  I could totally relate to being in a cave with kids all winter and we loved the short summers when Alaska exploded with life and beauty.  

   "I seem to get involved with kid things so much that my time disappears.  My youngest is still only six and that seems pretty young sometimes.  She is sure reading well.  We got a Monopoly game today.  Isnt it fun to see the kids doing things we remember doing when we were young?"

    I remember her playing her first game of Monoply and when she realized she had gone bankrupt she threw the money and the board and the pieces up in the air and stomped off. 

                My friend sent me this beautiful Tibetan stationery.  She has lots of soul and a wonderful sense of cool things. Her expertise in Astrology always helped me and she traveled all around the world before settling in Switzerland.  Now she tends a big garden on the Church grounds there and is expecting her first grandchild.  Her one daughter has grown up to be just as special as she is.  My oldest daughter went over there and met them all when she was on her whirlwind tour of Europe.  I have seen her little house in Switzerland on Google maps.  She lives in a beautiful little town.  I wish I had saved her letters to me as they are full of exquisite descriptions of her life.  She writes beautifully.

      "Sure wish you were next door and we could chat away the world's problems.  I had a good dream this morning about shopping in 2nd hand stores  Ive had dreams like that before and they have been incredibly clear and detailed.  We sure spent some time together in those places.  The two dreams I remember most vividly were in amazing buildings.  One had room after room of used things.  I remember stopping in one that had bins of buttons and things and a table covered with lace."

    "I'm staying up late to see the full moon come up.  It is August and the hatchery is 'balmy' tonite.  Almost tropical.  There are an incredible number of fish coming back to the hatchery.  They have peaked their return at the full moon.  At least we hope they are peaked.  The crew is pooped from banging fish on the head and cutting them open to get the eggs.  Brutal but we keep justifying it to ourselves. 

    "The crew is quite a bunch this year.  About a dozen people and they are of every type.  Even one volunteer from San Francisco..high school teacher..making a video and working hard too as he is starting a hatchery program in his high school.  Then there is Wes 350 lb biker with a snaggle tooth, a giant belly and $6,000 of tattoos.  My youngest is fascinated with him.  There are four ladies working right now.  Dion is from the pot jungles of Hawaii.  We all seem interconnected.  I don't know where I fit in to the crew.  Mostly we stay home and I garden and do homeschool with the kids.  Id like to bonk a few salmon this year but it takes guts to get down in that pit. 

    "Homeschool and stoney art time and growing things is much more enjoyable most of the time.  My garden is taking on a Japanese aura.  It is mostly sand with rock patches filled with forest peat moss and wildflowers.  It is REALLY buggy here in August with GIANT horseflies and clouds of no see ums and mosquitos.  Wish you could stroll through it with me ( in a bug net)."


    Such beauty in my life.  I have been so lucky.  It is interesting to see a constant in who I am thru all the letters.  I seem to question using pot and being an artist just like I do now. 

   "I'm in a pretty good mood lately and not much seems to bother me.  A few weeks ago it was like there was a grey film over my life but now it is lifted.  Perhaps it is the new blossoms (buds) a friend here gave me.  I know that stuff affects a person and we have anti drug messages on the television all the time.  But....Rugular minimum use can be relaxing.  Perhaps too relaxing.  But I don't think it makes me irresponsible.  Detached, maybe.  Fat. "

I like this photo of a letter on the kids paper my friend sent us.  We did lots of home schooling at this time and things like this ice cream paper were valuable.

" Well, as of today we are officially done with school until Aug 24 or so.  We started a month late and are done a month early.  Did all the asked for and got good grades.  I know it probably wasn't too good to hurry so much, but , gee whiz, schoolwork can be a drag sometimes.  Hope we don't get bored now.  A little boredom is usual at the beginning of summer.  Your little girl goes to school in summer and is off in winter??  I love your letters and packages.  Thanks for being my friend!!"

                         "I feel the rainbows are also guides to power openings.  When ten people see a rainbow, do they all see a different one?  I saw this one up side down yesterday, in the ice mists, way up.   It was right over my head and almost circular and had a double."

         We certainly had a magical life in the wilds of Alaska.  I am so glad I did what I did when I did it.  Life is short.

               "I really enjoyed your last letter.  By density I mean the points in space that are like doors or holes.  Physics power points.  Ways out.   Space travel.  I felt drawn to the Pliedes (7 sisters) but last night I saw the Red Star over Orion's Belt.   We went out at midnite in the cold clear air and I saw it blinking red at us.  I'd never heard of it before.  Anyway, density, destiny...the forces that draw you through space. "

                  "I'm basically happy and trying to explain the world to my kids without scaring them away from it.  Overpopulation seems to be the pressing problem of their generation and COMPUTER MANIA."


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R&L ;-)


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