Staring Daniel Craig as James Bond, Olga Kurylenko as Camille Montes, Gemma Arterton as Strawberry Fields, Mathieu Amalric as Dominic Greene and Giancarlo Giannini as Rene Mathis.

Directed by Marc Forster, produced by Eon Productions and released by Metro-Goldwin-Mayer and Columbia Pictures.

In 2008 George W. Bush was President of the United States, Gordon Brown was the Prime Minister of England, Hu Jintao was the General Secretary Of The Communist Party Of China and Vladimir Putin was the President of Russia until May when he was replaced by Dmitry Medvedev. The U.S. signs a treaty with the new Iraq government calling for a complete withdrawal of military forces from the nation by the end of 2011. NASA celebrates its 50th anniversary, October 1st 1958 through 2008. Paul McCartney and Heather Mills were officially divorced and Ringo Starr announced he wouldn’t be signing autographs after October 20th. And on October 29th 2008 Quantum Of Solace made its theatrical debut.

The Plot 

In Italy Bond brings Mr. White (the money man from Casino Royale) to a MI6 hideout. M questions White but he tells her his associates have infiltrated every level of ever government in the world. He then nods to M’s bodyguard who opens fire on the room. Bond manages to chase the bodyguard down but is forced to shoot him, M is not happy that Mr. White escaped and the bodyguard wasn’t taken alive so they could question him.

Back in London M tells Bond that they found the body of Vesper’s (the dead woman from Casino Royale) boyfriend however after a DNA test they find the body isn’t his and suspect he is still alive.  MI6 does an investigation into the dead bodyguard’s background but can’t find any trace of treason. However they find he has marked money and discover a large amount has turned up in the account of a man named Mr. Slate so Bond is sent to Haiti to investigate.

When Bond arrives in Port au Prince he breaks into Slates hotel room, while snooping around Slate attacks him and they get into a hand to hand fight, Bond is forced to kill him. Bond heads to the front desk and pretends to be Slate, they tell him there are no messages but a briefcase was left for him. As he walks out to the street Camille Montes pulls up and tells him to get in the car. They realize they are being followed and are soon outrunning a man on a motorcycle.

Once they ditch the follower Bond opens the briefcase where he finds a gun and a photo of Camille. She tries to shoot Bond first but he manages to get out of the car as she takes off. The guy on the motorcycle shows up and asks why he didn’t kill her, Bond knocks him out and steals the bike to follow Camille.

Camille arrives at the dock and asks Dominic Greene why he tried to have her killed. He tells her that there is a traitor in his organization; she tells him that she was trying to find out who it was so he takes her to the edge of the dock and shows her the body of the real Slate under the water. She swears her loyalty to Greene.

Meanwhile General Medrano arrives, he and Greene are working on a deal to overthrow the government of Bolivia. Greene has agreed to help in exchange for a large tract of land in the middle of the desert. Medrano believes that Greene is after oil and wants a cut of the deal, Greene agrees.

Medrano plans to head back to his boat and to secure the deal Greene offers Camille to the General. She is forced onto the boat but Bond shows up to rescue her. The General’s henchmen chase them but Bond gets away. Camille tells him off because she had spent years trying to get that close to the General in order to shoot him.

Bond contacts MI6 to find out about Greene but the only information they have is that he is the head of an environmental group and is buying up large tracks of land. M decides to check with the CIA but they say they have no interest in Greene, however M knows they are lying since they transferred her to the head of the African division. Bond tracks Greene to the airport where he boards a plane, which just happens to be the one the CIA agent M had just talked to is on.

It turns out the CIA is working with Greene and ignoring his efforts to overthrow the Bolivian government in exchange for oil. Greene shows them a photo of Bond and asks if they know who he is, one of the CIA agents is Felix Leiter who denies knowing James. Greene tells them 007 is going to be trouble and asks them to “take care” of Bond.

Bond follows Greene to a performance of Tosca in Austria. He steals one of the attendee’s gift bags and discovers there is an ear piece inside. He works his way up to the catwalk on the top of the stage and starts to listen where he overhears the villains talking about the Tierra Project. He lets them know he can hear them and as they get up to leave he photographs the participants and sends the photos back to MI6, he is then attacked by a couple of henchmen.

After a shootout with Greene’s henchmen Bond manages to escape but catches one of the bodyguards. He holds the man off the edge of the roof but when the henchman refuses to talk Bond drops him onto Greene’s car, Greene decides it’s not one of his men and kills the henchman. MI6 is able to identify several of the people including the dead bodyguard, who worked for Special Branch, a division of MI6. M orders him to return to London but he refuses.

Bond tries to follow Greene to Bolivia but he finds his company cards have been blocked, he asks the ticket agent to tell MI6 he was trying to fly to Cairo. Bond then tracks down Mathis who refuses to help him since he had been held and tortured by MI6 after James accused him of being a counter agent (in Casino Royale). Bond eventually convinces Mathis to help him so they head to Bolivia together.

In Bolivia Bond is greeted at the airport by agent Fields who orders him to return to London. He tells her that they can’t leave until the next day so they plan to spend the night in La Paz. Bond seduces Fields while Mathis checks with his local sources.

Bond crashes a fundraising party being held by Greene where he is surprised to discover Camille is once again in the company of the villain. Camille tells Bond that Project Terra has something to do with the Bolivian desert so they plan to head to the site. As they are driving down the road they are pulled over by the police, when ordered to open up the trunk they discover Mathis, the police draw their guns on Bond and shoot Mathis. Bond manages to overpower them but Mathis dies, he throws the agent’s body in a nearby dumpster.

Bond and Camille borrow an old cargo plane to check out Project Terra. As they are flying over the desert they are attacked by the Bolivian air force. Bond manages to force one plane into a cliff but their plane is badly shot up. Bond has to go into a steep climb so they can gain enough altitude to parachute out, when the engines stall out they jump and drop into a sink hole. When they search around they discover that Greene isn’t drilling for oil but instead is trying to control the water supply in the country. They manage to catch a bus and head back to La Paz.

When Bond arrives at the hotel he is given a note that just says “Run”. He goes to his room where he discovers M is waiting to force him to return to London. They have been informed that Bond killed Mather and that the British government had made a secret deal with Greene for the Bolivian oil, which doesn’t exist. M also shows Bond the body of agent Fields, who was drown in a barrel of oil and dumped into his room.

In the elevator Bond overpowers the MI6 agents and escapes the hotel, as he heads outside Camille shows up and they drive off into the desert. They track Greene to his private hotel where he is signing the final deal with General Medrano including exclusive control of the water supply. Camille sneaks into the General’s room where she saves the maid from being raped. The General overpowers her and tells her how he raped her mother before he killed both of Camille’s parents.

Meanwhile Bond catches and kills the head of the police who double crossed and murdered Mathis. Bond then chases Greene back inside, in the shootout several fuel tanks are ruptured and the hotel catches on fire. Greene falls off a collapsing catwalk but Bond saves him, however they hear shots coming from the General’s room so Bond rushes to see what happened. There he discovers Camille has shot the General, getting revenge for the death of her parents, however they are trapped in the burning building. She asks Bond to shoot her rather than letting her burn to death but he shoots a swollen fuel cell and blows a hole through the wall. They spot Greene in the distance and chase him down.

Bond drives Camille to the train station and drops her off, he then heads to the middle of the desert and pulls Greene out of the trunk. Greene points out that Bond agreed to let him go if he told the agent everything he knows. Bond says he didn’t say where he was going to let Greene go, he leaves him with nothing but a can of oil.

Bond arrives in Kazan Russia where he corners Yusef Kabira, the man who was supposed to be Vesper’s boyfriend. He finds the man with a Canadian agent who is informed that she has been used and should return to her office and let them know their agency has been compromised. Bond then has a talk with Kabria. When he exits the building he is greeted by M who asks him if he killed Kabria but Bond tells her the man is still alive. M tells Bond that Greene was found in the middle of the desert with two bullets in the back of his head, Bond assures her that Greene was alive when he last saw the villain. As he walks away M tells James she needs him back, he replies that he never left.

The End.

About The Film

Quantum Of Solace is the twenty second film in the Bond series. The script is an original story and not based upon a Fleming novel although the title is taken from a short story in the For Your Eyes Only collection, the only part of the original story used in the film is the name Mathis although they are different characters. The film is the second part of a three movie story arch and starts where Casino Royale left off; it is the first part two in the series. The film was originally scheduled to be released on November 7th and all the advertising was done to reflect this date with references to 007, however the release date for the movie Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince was pushed back into 2009 and the time slot was available so the producers released Quantum Of Solace on October 29th.

There were a number of titles suggested for the film but at the last possible minute they chose Quantum Of Solace. The script was completed just two hours before the 2008 writers strike and they didn’t have a writer on set, revisions were made by the director and the actors as they went along.

Jack White and Alicia Keys collaborated on the title song, Another Way To Die. White based the song on the melody of On Her Majesty’s Secrete Service and tried to imitate the musical style. The song had a mixed reaction, charting well in European countries but failed to make much of an impact on the U.S. charts. Like Casino Royale the song isn’t named after the movie or mentions the title in the lyrics.

Paul McCartney was originally asked to write a theme song for the film but decided to pass. The producers had talked to Amy Winehouse but at that time her drug addiction had reached a point that she was unable to perform the task.

Other Characters 

Camille Montes as played by Olga Kurylenko. Camille is a Bolivian agent although she is working on her own to get revenge on General Medrano who killed her family and left her to die in a fire. She is a classic female agent who at first hates Bond but then works with him towards their common goal. Bond does not seduce Camille.

Originally Camille was supposed to be a young girl, around 13 years old, similar to the plot line of the film Leon: The Professional but the producers decided that they didn’t want Bond dragging an orphan around and teaching her how to be a killer.

Olga Kurylenko originally worked as a model and eventually became an actress, she was chosen for the part because she looked fearless, she is best known for her roll in the Bond film. Being Russian and growing up in France she had to learn how to do a Bolivian accent for the movie. Before filming she had a tattoo removed and the scar was still visible so they worked it into the plot line claiming it was from when she escaped the fire that was meant to kill her as a child.


Agent Strawberry Fields as played by Gemma Arterton. Fields is a British agent working in Bolivia. She is told to meet Bond and send him back to London however he seduces her and continues on his mission. Greene kills her by drowning her in oil and dumping her body in Bond’s hotel room, this was similar to the death of Jill Masterson in the movie Goldfinger. Although she refers to herself as Miss Fields the credits reveal her first name is Strawberry, she was named after the Beatles song Strawberry Fields Forever.

Gemma Arterton has starred in a number of films and stage plays but is best known for the movie Prince of Persia: The Sands Of Time. She also became the face of Avon’s 007 perfumes. She was cast for the part after the producers saw her in the stage version of Love’s Labor Lost at the Globe Theater in London.


Dominic Greene as played by Mathieu Amalric. Like LeChiffre in Casino Royale, Greene is a middle man for some unknown international criminal empire. He is trying to orchestrate the overthrowing of the Bolivian government on behalf of General Medrano, in exchange he will take control of the water supply in the nation. Bond does not kill the villain but after getting as much information as possible 007 leaves Greene in the middle of the desert, who later is murdered by an unknown assassin.

Mathieu Amalric is known in his homeland of France for a number of movies that he both starred in and directed. He is best known for his roll in the Bond film and the movie Munich, which he received several award nominations. He based the character of Greene on a combination of Tony Blair and French President Nicolas Sarkozy.


Rene Mathis as played by Giancarlo Giannini. Mathis had been Bond’s contact in Casino Royale but was suspected of being a double agent. After being imprisoned and tortured the British government let him go and paid him off for his silence. Although 007 is responsible for Mathis being arrested he agrees to help Bond get to Bolivia and investigate what is going on with Project Terra. Mathis uses his contacts to get Bond invited to Greene’s fundraiser but he is later betrayed by his friend, the head of the police, and is murdered. 

Rene Mathis is one of the few actors to reprise a minor roll in a Bond film.


Felix Leiter as played by Jeffery Wright. Leiter is a CIA agent who has been sent to Bolivia to help, and ignore, Greene’s attempts to overthrow the government. He is also ordered to help track down and kill Bond however he warns James of a pending attack and to give him information on where Greene and General Medrano will hold their final meeting.

Jeffery Write is the second actor to play Leiter in two Bond films; the first was David Hedison who played the CIA spy in Live And Let Die and License To Kill.


Mr. White as played by Jesper Christensen. Mr. White is an agent of the underground criminal organization. After being captured by Bond he tells M that they have infiltrated every level of every government in the world, then escapes when one of his henchmen, and counter agent, opens fire. He later makes an appearance at the opera meeting in Austria but unlike the other participants he stays in his seat and isn’t spotted by Bond. This is the second film with Mr. White, he appeared in Casino Royale, but his overall roll in the bigger scheme is still unknown.

Originally the producers planned on having Bond kill Mr. White but decided to keep the character alive. Reports are that he will appear in the upcoming film Spectre.

Jesper Christensen is a well known actor in his homeland of Denmark and once turned down the Knights Cross of the Order of Dannebrog sighting his opposition to the royalty in the modern world.


For the second time neither Miss Moneypenny or Q make an appearance.


While attending the opera in Vienna the international criminals use an earpiece communicator to plot out their plans. It works as both a transmitter and receiver. When Bond interrupts the meeting he uses his cell phone camera with a telephoto lens to photograph the people in the meeting. He transmits the photos instantly to MI6 who run them through the computer and identify the various people.

There are not a lot of clever spy gadgets in the film as the producers wanted to keep the story line grounded and more realistic.


Once again the producers wanted the stunts to be spectacular but grounded in reality. In the car chase scene there are no big jumps or car flips but there are several crashes and people driving over cliffs. When Bond chases down the bodyguard they get into a fight in scaffolding and Bond ends up tied to a rope and swinging. He has to catch his gun and shoot the villain while hanging upside down.

In the airplane chase scene they get shot up and the engine bursts into flames. A villain’s plane is steered into a cliff and explodes and when they jump out they have to use one parachute and drop down a sinkhole in the middle of the Bolivian desert and have a hard landing.

In the movies Bond’s international cover is that he works for Universal Exports. We learn this for the first time in the reboot series when Bond gives a guard at Greene’s dock his business card. The name on the card is R. Sterling, the same alias Bond used in the film The Spy Who Loved Me.

When Mathis asks Bond what he is drinking he doesn’t say but the bartender recites the drink order. This is symbolic of the fact that Bond still has feelings for Vesper but won’t say so. Bond never says his catchphrase “Shaken, not stirred” in the film.

Since Dr. No the movies opened with Bond being seen down the barrel of a gun which he turns and shoots at. In Quantum Of Solace the gun barrel scene is at the end of the movie and then the Bond theme starts to play. Originally the story had Bond killing Mr. White at the end of the film and the scene was suppose to be similar to the opening of Casino Royale but the producers decided to keep the character of alive and cut the scene.

Dated References 

When Bond heads to the airport he tries to buy a ticket. The agent runs his credit card through a swipe reader with a key pad. Swipe machines had been around since the 1970’s but the style with the built in digital screen were created in the mid 2000’s. It’s the first time we see Bond trying to use such a machine.

Greene creating the water crisis in Bolivia was based upon the Cochambamba Water War in 2000. The protests began when the Bolivian government privatized the water system and the people found their rates rising. After mass protests were held throughout the nation the government reversed its policies and returned to the nationalized water utilities. The first time the story line reflected an environmental plot was in the film Man With The Golden Gun.


Like previous Bond Films Quantum Of Solace set another box office record for the series. Fans liked the new gritty more realistic Bond. However people were confused by the title of the movie and they were confused by the plot since it picked up where Casino Royale left off and didn’t come to any conclusion. Overall the film received mixed reviews and generally ranks towards the bottom of the popularity charts.

To learn more about Quantum Of Solace visit:

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