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                                      I don’t do fiction.    

                     I’m not even kidding, three holidays in a row. Who wins? Who wins the big one? Bezos? Epstein? Putin? Murdoch? Too many billionaires to list here. I don’t know one. Not one! I’ve never met one that I know of.

                      I’m a big fan of the third rock, and reality. I’m not so much a fan of myths and legends being sold as fact and truth. I love stories, but don’t act on them, or suffer over them...I certainly don’t hate over them. 

                      As humanity is held captive by those who do, the rest of us pay. The whole earth pays...for everything. I’m trying to not drive, but I must, today; the Red Rocket’s engine is whining. Might be the power steering motor out of alignment. I’ve got to get her fixed up... Today.

                       I’m not driving but try to stay prepared...Just in case. Maybe a billionaire might want to talk, or even listen. I’m not holding my breath. I’m breathing all I can, while I still can, and for free. I’m not planning an escape, I’ve already done that. I’m here to be of service, not hiding or running.

                                        Happy Holiday                


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