The Bellagio Wikileak - 9 - Sun on the Rocks

Clarity glanced at the open space left by Afterflow, who was checking the hoistway of elevator B. The elevator doors were still closed and Everglade was pressing the landing call button insistently.

"I´m holding the elevator, don´t worry, the potential wikileak I want to reveal concerns facebook," said Evans, "facebook did a huge social experiment which took place already and which I refused to analyze because I didn´t think it was honest or ethical. After I refused, Brayfield tweaked my honesty module, after Everglade recommended to him, to do so. Basically, they want to turn me into an indifferent, ethically insentive supercomputer." Clarity moved her face closer to Evans, by lifting her shoes from the floor.

"What happened at facebook?" asked Clarity.

"A few months ago, they decided to hide links shared by people, preventing these links to reach friends who are part of these people´s network, over two hundred million randomly chosen users did not have access to links shared by their friends."

"That´s a lot of people, what´s the purpose of this?"

"Hiding links created a control group, and facebook wanted to use my analytic and symbolic abilities to assess how often people end up promoting the same links as their friends because they share the same type of information sources, topics, interests, and activities."

"I don´t think it´s ethical to hide links shared by friends, but I don´t see how I can help you, or me." The lava lite dark blue melted wax changed color to a shade of tropical green.

"Well, now you know why you and your friends are here, and why you were hired so promptly."

"My friends and I, why?"

"Brayfield and Everglade think someone is after this wikileak as well, someone intent on revealing the location and existence of this underground center, this infostation. They´re not comfortable with what facebook did, and so they hired you and your friends to blame the experiment on all of you in case the leak gets out to wikileaks and the press. You need to get closer to Everglade to know how they want to frame you and your friends."

Afterflow´s head showed up inside the elevator. The elevator doors opened and Everglade´s face peered through as well.

"There´s enough oil everywhere up there, all the parts are working fine, can you make sense of floor one and a half now?" asked Afterflow. The glass eye moved towards the elevator repairman.

"Yeah, it´s better, floor minus one is the security floor, and floor minus one and a half is reception. Now, give me back the rest of my blue melted wax, I still can´t process all the information I have to, to get the elevator to Bellagio ground floor."

Afterflow sighed and Everglade banged the car panel of the elevator, angry that Evans was unable or refusing to obey orders. She questioned Evans on finding a wireless way to access Clarity´s bitcoins in her Bellagio room, or just any bitcoins, through the equivalent of bitcoin distributors. Evans settled on a bullion distributor, Agora Commodities, used by some clients of the Bellagio. Agora accepted bitcoins as payment for bullion gold, silver, or palladium items, vintage items like the Gold American Buffalo coin, the one ounce 999.5 palladium bar from Crédit Suisse, or the one troy ounce of fine Swiss gold, made by the Precious Artistic Metals Products company from Castel San Pietro in Switzerland. After a quick search using military algorithms, Evans found out that Agora had over one hundred bitcoins stored in their servers. Afterflow ordered Evans to hack into Agora, but Evans refused.

"We need those bitcoins," said Everglade, "either that or an account at Agora for me in another name where I can get paid."

"The dishonesty blue wax blend altered with chemicals and yellow number five, tartrazine, will be ready tomorrow, I can´t do anything right now about his stubborn honesty," said Afterflow, "and until then, we won´t be able to crack Agora." He glanced at Clarity.

"The girl knows too much already, let´s get out of here, I´ll keep the glass eye in my room, it´s safer, you find a place to store the bitcoins once we find them."

Clarity spent the rest of her day with her friends watching the fountain patterns of the Bellagio and noticing Cynthia, Taimi and Jenna perform some choreographies in the lake. She noticed the temperature was rising. It was getting hot everywhere in the Center because of another malfunction in Evans´ temperature reading and processing module. She tried to bring up Evans on her computer screen but this time, there was no response. Afterflow had apparently found a way to weaken the supercomputer´s signal. It reminded her that she needed to speak to Evans to inform it of Afterflow´s mission on behalf of China, who was also after the facebook wikileak.

They had dinner and a security guard escorted each to their room. Get closer to Everglade. How? She smiled at the thought of Brayfield´s assistant looking at her through the eyes of a camera. The thought turned into arousal, and she kept thinking how it felt to just let her dampness happen without caressing her intimate parts, something she had first tried out in the Bahamas. She took off her clothes and lied down on her bed. It was hot in any case, it was sort of normal to be naked. She started to doze off when she heard her door open and close. She looked ahead: Everglade was there, wearing a beige V neckline crochet see through cover up dress.

"Hi honey, can I come in?" Clarity got up naked, her nipples standing to attention.

"Yes, what can I do for you, or with you?"

"Very well, with me, I like that, I came at the right time, that´s my type of night gear you´re wearing."

Everglade moved closer to Clarity, and extended her arm, nearly touching the tip of a nipple belonging to the teleoperator. Clarity stepped back just enough to avoid direct contact with Everglade´s see-through crochet fabric. When Brayfield´s assistant realized Clarity would not give in to her overt offer to place her fingers through her dress, Everglade spoke her mind. She wanted Clarity to entertain Brayfield in his room while she took the code of his electronic wallet, a place where she could transfer and store bitcoins hacked by Evans.

"What are the bitcoins for?"

"You don´t need to know that, but you´ll leave this place sooner if you do what I suggest, in fact yo might even avoid jail all-together."

Everglade took off her dress and brushed her own nipples with the crochet fabric until they stood erect. Clarity started breathing slightly more heavily, but kept her calm.

"If I refuse?"

"I´m afraid you don´t have much of a choice, for us here you´re indirectly involved in the distribution of an illegal beauty lotion in the Caribbean, and you´re also accused of stealing one million dollars in the Cayman Islands, in U.S. government bonds, and not just any bonds, bonds which are tainted with the work of Organized Crime and a shady bank called Lofty. The jail sentence for that is up to two and a half years, it´s up to us to decide how many years you and your friend Flower are facing. I suggest we get acquainted, I´ll tell you what turns on Calton when he sleeps with two women at the same time. Be good with Uncle Sam and Uncle Sam will be good with you avoiding you jail."






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