The Bellagio Wikileak - 8 - Sun on the Rocks

Clarity stood aside, letting Afterflow, who was getting impatient, through the side entrance of the conference room. After a few additional minutes, Everglade answered questions from the punch-in bunch crowd, while the elevator repairman spoke to Brayfield about various unexplored connections between the logic motherboard of Evans and elevator B, connections with the car, the portion of the elevator where people rode, and with its dome, or ceiling, its drive system, the mechanism that lifted and lowered the elevator and its passengers, with its rail, a metal track guiding the elevator in a vertical path, and with the hoistway, the opening created through which the elevator passed.

"It´s the domotic system linked to Evans and to the elevator, there are too many devices connected to that supercomputer. It can´t make sense of all that it has to do, the symbolic processor is overworked."

"Afterflow, take Evans to the repair lab, we have to understand why it keeps refusing to do large scale calculations, facebook is going to need that."

"Yes, sir, the elevators are not working sir."

"Which ones?"

"None, we are all stuck here sir, I´m afraid." Everglade pressed a hand on her microphone to prevent the crowd from hearing.

"I´m also afraid Calton," said Everglade.

"Reconnect Evans to its elevator duties and connect the glass eye in elevator B. If necessary, replace Evans with the backup system. Bring in refreshments to the conference attendants," said Brayfield, "this reminds me of that day a month ago, when there was a storm."

"That wasn´t so bad, it was just a storm Calton," said Everglade.

"I know, this shouldn´t be so bad either, I´m just not sure how long refreshments will last for so many people."

Afterflow pushed the table holding the glass eye of Evans into the repair lab, finding Clarity, Lanai and Flower there.

"We´d like to help you repair Evans," said Flower.

"I think I know what the problem is," said Lanai. He turned to Clarity. Her answer was different.

"I need to ride that elevator to Bellagio floor level, I have a black jack debt to pay, and I can only pay through bitcoins. I need access to a pen drive which is in my room at the Bellagio." Afterflow´s eyes squinted with greed, avarice, and a desire to unclothe Clarity in front of her friends.

"You have bitcoins? How many?" Everglade had insisted on getting paid in bitcoins, because she wanted an anonymous payout in exchange for the wikileak information, and only bitcoins carried enough guarantees of anonymity. Unfortunately, Afterflow did not have any access to bitcoins, nor did he know how they work. But he needed only one to get Evans to crack into the system´s cryptographic protocole, to get more bitcoins, for Everglade.

"Well, I have about ten, I keep them for civil liberties emergencies, in case dollar bills become useless of no value, as a result of our government´s mounting debt." Clarity made it a point to buy some bitcoins after returning to the Bellagio ground floor, because she thought that they would probably keep their value more securely than regular money.

"Good, good, come with me, Evans may just be able to help with this," said Afterflow. The elevator repairman told Clarity to follow him, and obtained a repair pass for her, leaving Flower and Lanai at Bellagio fountain duty, ensuring the patterns of the fountain shows matched those programmed. Everglade joined Afterflow, who recovered the halbzylinder key from Clarity.

"This key is not for you," she said.

Afterflow carried the large glass eye of Evans under his arm, to elevator B and proceeded to screw the eye into the cavity of the elevator´s ceiling. He linked one wire from the glass eye to a domotic control panel and activated the home elevator linking the quarters of Everglade with those of Brayfield. The eye of Evans woke up.

"There´s something fishy in this place," said Evans, "someone wants me to do dishonest things."

"I know, people and switches are not honest like they used to be," said Afterflow. "Where is your symbolic module, Evans, the elevators should be working, if they don´t you´ll be going to the scrapyard."

The eye scanned the elevator area and focused on Clarity.

"She´s honest," he said.

"She´s also poor, Evans," said Everglade, "she has ten bitcoins, can you check where they are in the Bellagio, and transfer them here, so she can use them?"

Adding two and two together, Evans figured out there was a trap in the request. Most requests since the Air Fashion Jet surveillance flight in Bahrain, which had awakened its nearly-and-almost-quite-human consciousness, had been traps, professional traps that could backfire at anytime and put it out of a supercomputing job. When he had finally realized that Brayfield was clueless, that Everglade was corrupt, and that Afterflow wanted it in China to sell it so that it, him, the computer, could translate Chinese classics at high speed, Evans started causing various delays in its calculations, and various deviations from the right result, to slow down the big data process with facebook and all of these changes which were being done against its small but genuine will, and which were also shaking its beliefs about the olive branch of the Great Seal of the U.S.

Through a permanent human voice listening connection that it had made through the air conditioning system, Evans had found out about the Center´s plans to lease or outright sell the supercomputer to facebook. Evans wanted Clarity to know about the facebook wikileak, because it knew that the girl with auburn hair was good and genuinely wanted its logic restored. Most of all, because she would be able to carry the emails through to wikileak, an address closed to its circuitry, and a safe road to freedom. Afterflow spoke to Evans.

"Let´s see, last time, before the three girls came here with the other two people from the Sensual Brigade, you said the landing call buttons weren´t clear to you. Now there´s ground level, floor G at the Bellagio private salon, and floor minus one and a half, here at reception, what exactly is the problem with the half?" Evans rotated its eye downwards towards Afterflow.

"It´s not a whole number, to me there´s no floor here, I need you to check the hoistway, I don´t think the cable is lubricated, there´s not enough oil and the elevator´s moving too slowly to feed my circuitry. I need Miss Everglade to get out and press the landing call button."

Everglade stepped out of the elevator and the doors closed. Afterflow stepped on a staircase and lifted a panel, moving towards elevator B´s hoistway.

"Psst," whispered Evans.

"Are you talking to me?" asked Clarity, looking at the glass eye.

"Good idea using bitcoin as bait, but bitcoins are dangerous, don´t speak about them, I´m in danger too, I need to share something with you, something wiki."

"Wiki or wicked?"

"Both but mainly wiki, a wikileak, in case something happens to me. Please promise me you´ll reveal it to the press and to wikileaks if I´m sent to the scrapyard."

"And if you´re not sent to the scrap yard?"

"Reveal it anyway, but I´m not sure you´ll be able to do so, don´t want to put any pressure on you." Clarity nodded and accepted to reveal the wikileak either way, and the blue melted wax of Evans widened, the supercomputer´s circuitry moved its eye above and past Clarity, to ensure no one was around.






Nook, Ipad, Tablet, Iphone, Android, Smartphone, Kobo Books, pdf, Kindle.


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