The Bellagio Wikileak - 14 - Sun on the Rocks

The stern face of Brayfield and Everglade replaced the newsfeed.

"You won´t be able to leave, we´ve got you covered," said Brayfield.

"They know where we are," said Flower.

"Don´t say anything, it´s always better not to talk, I know about this, this is prisoner´s dilemma," said Lanai.

"We´re running away, we´re not prisoners," said Flower.

Flower discussed with Lanai for several minutes on whether or not the situation matched the prisoner´s dilemma, which was whether to cooperate with authorities acknowledging being guilty, or to tell the authorities that one of the accomplices was the culprit. Finally, they reached a consensus, deciding the situation matched the dilemma. They pointed towards Clarity, speaking together and watching the camera inside the elevator.

"She did it." Brayfield looked at Clarity´s symbolic decryptor.

"Return the decryptor, we know Evans is inside, you´ve stolen U.S. property, delicate items of symbolic investigation which are highly confidential." Clarity glared at them.

"Ask Money Fact, she said I could have one of these in exchange for having performed useful duties for U.S. government interests. This is mine, I like it, I deserve it, it´s nice, I´ll take care of it, and I´m going to learn how to use it."

"Why did you send out the Wikileak?" Clarity saw the face of Afterflow between those of Brayfield and Everglade, who was asking the question.

"Because Afterflow is a useless spy working for Chinese Intelligence who has no clue about how to find Wikileaks. Besides, it´s not honest to hide information from two hundred million people, facebook is making one billion dollars through advertising, should be enough money without having to hide anything from users."

Brayfield looked at Everglade and she questioned Afterflow.

"Is this true?"

"It´s not true, I´m an elevator repairman," said Afterflow. He showed his large wrench always kept handy to serve as credential, to support his assertion.

"She has the same honesty problem as Evans," said Brayfield.

The elevator reached its final U turn and the door panels opened on the backside of elevator B. The three girls rushed out of the U-turn elevator and stepped inside the elevator which had brought them to the underground Center. Flower accidentally pulled on a lever which opened the front door panels of elevator B in front of a crowd of fifty people part of the punch-in bunch, waiting for the elevator to work in order to leave the Center. The man at the front of the queue, stepped forward, but Flower blocked his entrance. Behind the queue, Brayfield and Everglade were trying to make their way through.

"Elevator´s under repair, can´t come in, can´t come in," said Flower. She pushed away the facebook employee gently, smoothly leading him back out. Clarity pulled on the lever and the elevator doors closed.

"That´s showing presence of mind," said Clarity.

"My charm is my strength, it surfaces when I need it," said Flower.

"Good, we´re safe," said Lanai. The elevator moved up several inches and stopped after a loud noise of gearboxes churning against one another.

"We´re in an elevator that doesn´t work," said Flower.

"It just did," said Lanai, "before, I mean."

"We must have lifted two inches," said Clarity. She searched in the decryptor for any sign of Evans.

Through the elevator camera, they saw Afterflow press several buttons, stalling the elevator car when Clarity pressed on the ground floor of the Bellagio. Her decryptor flashed a message from Evans.

My logic, I need proper logic reference to work as processor of this decryptor, otherwise it won´t work or do any of the wonderful things it can do, I may die if I don´t have access to a formal logic reference.

"Where is it, where is your logic?"

"Look at the ceiling, should be there, where the glass eye was."

Clarity looked up and pulled on several steps along one of the elevator walls to reach the spot where Evans´ glass eye had been. There was only a bunch of wires grouped in meshes. Yellow cable, texted Evans, it´s the yellow I need, it´s not yellow number five. She connected the yellow cable USB connector to the decryptor, which started loading a file. It was an old book from nineteen hundred and eight, printed by Longman´s Green & Co. by a professor of logic teaching at St. Mary´s Hall, Stonyhurst, George Hayward Joyce, titled Principles of Logic.

Logic, as the theory of the mind´s rational processes, in regard of their validity, must necessarily be part of a larger philosophical system. Indeed, when this is not the case, it becomes a mere collection of technical rules, of little importance and of less interest. It was a long book over four hundred pages long. Clarity scrolled to the table of contents, and the backlit screen flashed a pleasant white light. She shared the content with Lanai.

"The logic of thought, the nature and aim of logic, definitions, scope, history, the fallacy, applied logic, it´s comprehensive. Never seen or heard of this book before," said Lanai.

Evans sent an additional message: Got Formal Logic, upload Material Logic as well, it´s the book they´ve been hiding from me at the Center. Clarity typed the words material logic and a second file uploaded, a book from nineteen sixteen titled The Truth of Thought, groundwork necessary for the consistent pursuit of knowledge. We´re all set, texted Evans. Clarity disconnected the yellow wire from the decryptor, and the elevator car moved up again, passing floor minus one, the security floor, and reaching the lounge floor of the Bellagio shortly after. The elevator doors opened on the private salon of the Bellagio, where a crowd of journalists was waiting for them.

"Where is Evans? Can you confirm the existence of this U.S. cryptographic Center below the premises of the Bellagio? What is an infosation?" Flower pushed away the microphone.

"No, we can´t confirm it, but it´s a very plausible idea, there is an area below which is not part of the Bellagio, and there is some personnel from the socialwall website down there as well. I´m afraid Evans is still down there, we´re just temporary interns in charge of elevator maintenance," said Flower.

Flower got out of the elevator, followed by Lanai and Clarity. Immediately, a flock of journalists entered the elevator and the door panels closed. The landing call station indicator flashed floor minus one and a half, showing that the elevator was headed for the Center´s reception area. Clarity looked ahead. She saw the woman known as Cigarette serving cigars make a sign to them, telling them to come towards her.







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