The Bellagio Wikileak - 11 - Sun on the Rocks

It took Afterflow most of the next day to figure out what was happening with the Center and understanding how Evans interacted with various electronic and computer modules, and seeing why communication with the outside world was becoming increasingly difficult. The elevator system, where part of the logic processor of Evans had stayed, was proving to be faulty and was interacting with other domotic modules, local temperature at the Center, the fountain patterns of the Bellagio, lighting, electricity voltage fed to computers, and security access signals and items, such as a set of turnstiles which separated the office area of the Center from the data infrastructure warehouse that was used to store information for customers of the Center for Symbolic Affairs, clients such as the National Security Agency. Sensing that Evans was up to something, Afterflow decreased the flow of electricity feeding into the glass eye and the Center in general, hoping to get some cooperation from the supercomputer, cooperation that would allow payment delivery of the monthly lease amount owed to the Bellagio every month for using its basement property below the casino and hotel premises. Right now, the payment wasn´t going through and the Bellagio wanted the monies.

Clarity took a rest from her fountain pattern surveillance job and walked to a corridor to get a drink. She pressed the vending machine number for a coke. She felt like getting naked again, because it was so hot inside. She actually felt like breathing some fresh air outside, and dipping into the Bellagio lake for a swim.

"Psst." It was Evans, who had figured out a way to find her inside the vending machine.
"I´ve just closed the turnstile leading to an area where we can speak, ask Afterflow whether there´s a manual panel to lower the temperature, he´ll go to the turnstile area, but won´t be able to get through, only you will be able to. We need to talk."
"We do actually, all right, why..." She turned around and stopped talking coming face to face with Afterflow, who used the vending machine to get a pack of doritos.
"Just thinking,", said Clarity, "have you thought of using your wrench to find a manual way to adjust temperature? Instead of everything being automatic, you might be able to set temperature easily." Afterflow rested his wrench on the floor to open the pack of doritos. Sometimes, he got tired of carrying it around on his shoulder.
"Yes, there´s a manual temperature panel in the warehouse area, it´s a restricted area, I hadn´t thought of it, we need the whole computer system to work, not just a part, but it´s getting pretty hot in here, it may be worth a try."

They walked through a long corridor leading to a no-access area, separated from the office and residential area of the Center by a turnstile. Afterflow tested the turnstile but received a slight electricity shock that sent him and his wrench, carried over his shoulder, three feet back out along the corridor. Brayfield and Afterglade came to check the incident and decided to follow Afterflow´s suggestion to send Clarity to the warehouse area, where the temperature control panel could be adjusted to lower the temperature at the Center.

"Evans must have found its way to the turnstile," said Afterflow, "there´s never any problems here."
"Why me?" asked Clarity.
"It´s part of the job here," said Brayfield.

Clarity approached the turnstile carefully with a security card belonging to Everglade, but couldn´t get through. She looked at the turnstile, and saw, to her surprise, three words flash in red in the area corresponding to the slot to place the access card: Pull sweater off. She pulled her sweater off and threw it on the other side of the turnstile. The turnstile bar moved slightly.

"It´s clothing-activated, I think," said Clarity. Everglade and Brayfield raised their eyebrows and Afterflow moved closer to Clarity.
"A bit of privacy, please," said Clarity.

One by one, the two bystanders left the area, after Brayfield convinced Afterflow to leave with him, to check a game of poker at the Bellagio that was taking unusually long to finish, where the pot was being raised to over one hundred seventy thousand dollars. That left Everglade with Clarity, who started taking off her clothes and throwing them over the turnstile. When she was getting ready to take off her thong, the security access pass card opened the turnstile and she was able to cross to the data warehouse part of the center, where no one had been allowed for days, since the elevator problem with Evans had begun. Everglade did the same, but the turnstile gave her an electric shock instead. Clarity tried returning the clothes but the floor below her, made of electricity conducting tiles, sent her a slight electric current she felt immediately.

"Can´t do that I´m afraid," said Clarity, "the floor´s slightly electrified."

Standing half naked, Everglade called Brayfield to send her some clothes. She spoke to Clarity briefly, as the teleoperator stepped back out of the electrified floor walking backwards.

"Go to the third room on the left, there´s a panel as you come in on the wall, to your right, just open it and adjust the temperature to seventy degrees farenheit to cool this place. Be quick."

Clarity reached the warehouse room and opened the door. Inside, stacks of computer servers using Hive open-source software processed large amounts of data collected from the web´s farthest reaching corners by the U.S. government´s cybermilitary division, a feature coveted by companies like facebook who wanted to use these applications to process social data and sell social traffic analysis, much like Google charged over one hundred fifty thousand dollars annually for a service analyzing web traffic. She found the temperature panel and adjusted temperature, which showed a whopping two hundred seventy five degrees temperature target, back to eighty degrees. The familiar voice of Evans came out of the temperature panel indicator.

"Howdy, we don´t have much time, Afterflow wants to alter my thinking with yellow number five, an artificial ingredient. My logic is getting blurrier because I´m not being fed enough electricity, Afterflow is also trying to cut my food intake, you need to find my email address, so we can get the wikileak out," said Evans.
"Then," added the supercomputer, "send me an email to that address, and I´ll send you the wikileak and the emails of several newspapers and the wikileak itself so you can release the wikileak. Then, we´ll worry about getting out of here together."
"Together, what do you mean, I can´t carry a large glass eye on the street with me all the time, or a vending machine, or a temperature control panel, or a computer screen."
The temperature indicator changed and showed the characters ok in bright red light indicating diode mode.
"I won´t be in the glass eye, I figured out a way to get out of the motherboard, to miniaturize my logic and my consciousness into a small item I like, a Pentatone symbolic decryptor." Clarity´s eyes flashed a look of surprise.
"There is one here?" she asked. The temperature indicator lowered to forty five degrees, matching the whisper that came out of the control panel. A cool breeze started sweeping the room from the ceiling air conditioning conducts.
"Everglade got a pink one, but she never became interested, it´s over there, behind those carton boxes."

Clarity ran to the far end of the data warehouse room and found a small package labelled Pentatone Learning Systems Decrypting Mobile Device, for National Security Agency Use. This is what she wanted and deserved for having carried out three missions on behalf of the U.S. government, Bahamas, Abu Dhabi and Bahrain. She opened the package and found a symbolic decryptor inside. In addition to the item, there was a book translating Thai characters into western alphabet characters, a Thai phrasebook booklet, and another book which seemingly held cryptographic codes. Using a USB port cable connected to the decryptor and one of the servers, Evans´ consciousness got inside the decryptor, owned by Clarity for the first time.






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