The Bellagio Wikileak - 10 - Sun on the Rocks

Clarity went through an additional security check before entering Brayfield´s bedroom with Everglade holding her hand. Closer to Everglade she was now as Evans had suggested, she just hadn´t planned on also being close to Brayfield.

"She likes you honey," said Everglade, flashing a smile, "I convinced her to come here with us."

"Oh!, that´s nice," said Brayfield, "well, make yourself comfortable, we have all night for you to let me know how much you like me." Brayfield was inside the bed in boxer shorts. Clarity took off her loafers and pants, leaving her top and underwear, noticing Brayfield´s eyes began to beam.

"I´ll let you two get acquainted, while I choose my clothing gear for tomorrow, I knew we hired the right person for this."

"I´ll get you a drink, how about a gin tonic with some ice?" asked Clarity.

"Yeah, thank you, I´d like that." Clarity walked towards a table filled with bottles of Glenlivet, single malt, scotch whisky, premium Zyr, Chopin and Ketel vodka, a bottle of Malibu, and a bottle of Tanqueray gin. She didn´t drink anymore because it made her drowsy. From the mirror, she saw Everglade get her hands inside the pants of Brayfield. Deftly, she took out his smartphone and saw her type in some code in her own smartphone, a code corresponding to Brayfield´s electronic wallet. Brayfield approached Clarity in his shorts, with the idea to share his bed with Clarity. Brayfield took the glass of gin tonic from the hand of Clarity, who put on some elevator music from elevator B.

"I still wonder how I got into this mess, these bonds I used to leave the Cayman Islands are giving me a lot of trouble," said Clarity. She took off her top and got into Brayfield´s bed, pulling the bedsheets to hide her breast line. Brayfield was looking at her, assessing what side of the bed he should use to get near Clarity.

"It´s because the bonds you used were stolen and used to pay for a very special transaction."

Brayfield moved towards the wall and pressed on a switch that lit a projector. On a screen in front of his bed, the image of the bearer bonds showed a smaller ingot of gold, bearing the name of Fortuna. Buddha Talk, the owner of Lofty Bank, a shady character sought for various illegal financial schemes and transactions, had received payment of a million dollars in bonds, coming from a client of the Bellagio, in exchange for a two hundred fifty gram gold ingot showing Lady Fortuna, roman goddess of prosperity, with the horn of plenty, precious coins and wheel of fortune. He zoomed in on the gold metal bar.

"We´re looking for that gold ingot, have you seen it?" asked Brayfield.

"No, never." Everglade got out of the dressing room.

"Something tells me Clarity knows a lot more than what she says about the Church of the Holy Flower." Brayfield nodded.

"Owning the Lady Fortuna ingot with the etched code B235336 is a way to know the secret teachings of that Church. We think that Buddha Talk is an adept of that Church, and that now, in exchange for the bonds you found in his home in Nelson Quay, he passed on the token of initiation to someone else, a client of the Bellagio who is after classified information from us here, who is the link to a much wider group of Organized Criminals, including Lady Scafarel and Buddha Talk. If you can find that Lady Fortuna ingot and the client who owns it, you´ll be set free from us and from U.S. government custody."

"Either that or you help us find the Boustrophedon, the National Archaeological Museum of Athens in Greece would like to safekeep it, and is willing to pay the U.S. government to find it because to them, it is a link with something that is used by the Church of the Holy Flower now, known as the Eleusinian Mysteries. I still wonder about all this energy meridian stuff, I can´t figure it out."

Everglade took out an oriental chart depicting meridians from Brayfield´s drawer and brought it to bed, lying beside Clarity. She wanted to know what Money Fact had taught her about the energy centers of the body, and Clarity explained that Money Fact hadn´t told her anything, she had just provided a nine hour massage. She felt the hand of Everglade pulling down her panties, feeling the area below her navel. Mandy´s hand was warm and the area she was examining was damp from a lack of attention which now added to several weeks.

A loud beeping noise interrupted their sensual choreography. Brayfield walked towards a desk and pressed a few buttons. Evans was not doing proper surveillance duties, duties of military nature associated with checking through satellite the territories of Cuba, Mexico, Egypt and some parts of Asia, to find the client of the Bellagio holding the key to Lady Fortuna, the pass to know about the Greater Mysteries. Money Fact had briefly mentioned and glossed over the Mysteries, without adding much detail about what they were or what they meant. It was the same idea, she thought, which had brought Shalia Owell and Jenny Owens, members of the chi omega sorority at University of Arizona, together in marriage through Scafarel´s Church. Brayfield stood behind his computer and selected some satellite pictures from Cuba. One of them showed a man in charge of a military group dressed in Cuban military gear, General Swarez da Silva.

"The photo is blurry, this is not normal, Evans is refusing to tell the satellite the resolution we need. He is the man we´re looking for, the current owner of Lady Fortuna."

"Why is Evans not performing correctly? Well, to me, it´s still pretty good, it does a lot more than any regular computer can do, but you´ve noticed some quirks. Why, what happened?"

"It happened after we placed a new computer logic chip inside Evans´ circuitry," said Brayfield, walking towards Clarity, "facebook wanted more computer power to perform big data analysis." The head of the military Center placed the glass of gin tonic, half empty, on the table, and slipped on the right side of the bed. Clarity hopped out of the bed between both government officials, donned her pants and left the room, leaving Everglade holding her panties.

Afterflow turned the lock inside his room, a studio conveniently located near elevator B. He looked at the disconnected glass eye of Evans and took out from his pocket a small device, provided by his Chinese spying counterpart, to be used if the supercomputer´s lift from U.S. soil became unnecessarily complex, complicated, or unfruitful. Yes, the situation was complex, extremely complex, so complex he was losing track of whether his mission was to fix elevators, a supercomputer, or a wikileak. He inserted the flaw-exposing symbolic logic connector provided by China into a slit of the glass eye and turned on Evans.

After a buzz inside Evans and the sound of a hickup, the supercomputer coughed a chip on Afterflow´s table. He took the integrated circuit in his hand and read the brand corresponding to the source of Evans´ problematic logic: An IApplaud chip, he thought, the chip that never concludes, the chip that witheld judgement. His China counterpart from Mitsubishi Elevator had told him that, never use that chip with elevators, it alters the motion to slow the elevator car in case it drops or malfunctions, and it keeps the slow motion feature in off. No wonder Evans´ sense of logic was confused. Elevators were becoming complex, he thought as a final afterthought to his victorious search.






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