The Bellagio Wikileak - 1 - Sun on the Rocks

Summary of the amusement

Teleoperator Clarity Nice is led to a Center of Surveillance under the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas, to face trial for the theft of Federal Bonds coming from the Cayman Islands. At the Center, there is a problem that requires the fixing of an all-seeing computer called Evans. To avoid trial, Clarity accepts work as assistant and discovers a ploy to reveal a wikileak sought by a foreign government, the government of China in fact.


Bellagio Hotel Entrance, Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.


Clarity Nice stepped out of the white Eco friendly Hummer Triple Axel H2 Jet Door Limousine, followed by Sensual Brigade agent Money Fact and her boss Al Donway. Clarity turned around to look at the magnificent tree-lined alley and large lake served by a freshwater well, which gave the Bellagio hotel conceived by business magnate Steve Wynn a grandiose appearance. She was still suffering from jetlag, after a nineteen hour flight from Manama in Bahrain, which had landed the Owens & Owell Air Fashion Jet at McCarran International Airport in Vegas.

Owens & Owell Board members had offered the limousine and a stay in Las Vegas at the Bellagio for Clarity and her friends, while the two daughters and also O&O Board of Director members, Shalia Owell and Jenny Owens, discussed their return to University of Arizona to continue their studies in human sexuality. The problem faced by the Board was that both women were married to each other in Bahrain in a flower-flavored half-naked ceremony led by the head of the Church of the Holy Flower, Cassandra Scafarel, a woman arrested for the sale of a rash-inducing beauty lotion without FDA approval, and still under investigation in general for having created a personal growth outfit known as the Church of the Holy Flower.

Clarity peeked at the limousine. Her friends Lanai and Flower were seated inside playing Cityville on Zynga through a giant television screen, Jenna, Taimi, and Cynthia were checking out the pastry and ice cream assortments of the Bellagio´s Café Gelato dining place, and Montana was speaking with her father on the phone to arrange an imminent leave from Sensual Brigade custody.

"You´re not leaving," said Clarity, glaring at Montana.

"I´m leaving, I have to leave, I have nothing to do with your Lofty Bank bond problems and working arrangements," said Montana.

"I´ll find you," said Clarity.

"I doubt it, you´re under U.S. government custody."

Clarity glanced imploringly at Money Fact, who pointed her towards the Bellagio´s lobby, decorated with an elegant Venetian glass chandelier created by one-eyed sculptor Dale Chihuly, allegedly worth six million dollars. They checked into room twenty five fifty three on the twenty fifth floor. Donway and Money Fact wanted to speak with her on her own, because, apparently she was asking too many questions, like why exactly did they have to go to the Bellagio and not somewhere else, and why the passports of herself and her friends were still not being returned. She spoke her mind.

"I´d like to negotiate and go freely, I live in Malibu with my friends, except for Jenna and Flower, they´re not from Malibu but they´d like to visit L.A., we have an ocean liner to catch there, the City of Wellington, where we´d like to work as poolside entertainers, after we go back to Malibu. And I want Montana to go through another mission, she´s one short of me, and she´s also involved in a scandal, like me, her father tried to distribute an adult channel in Abu Dhabi illegally."

Donway ignored her and looked out the window of room while Money Fact took out a three dollar snickers bar from the minibar. He turned to Clarity.

"Well, we´d like that, and you´ve done good work for us in the Bahamas and the Emirates, but there are some issues pending with the one million dollars in bonds from Lofty Bank, which you used to leave Cayman."

"What´s so special about those bonds, in any case, they´re not our bonds, Flower and I do not own those bonds, we don´t want those bonds, we don´t like them, we don´t even know how to cash them, they´re not real money, they´re debt." He turned to Money Fact.

"Tell her, she´s done good work."

"Those bonds were stolen, and we need a culprit for the theft of those bonds, until we find one, you and your friend Flower are it."

"Look for Buddha Talk, the bonds were in his home."

"We can´t reach him, there´s an anomaly in the ownership statutes of Lofty, we can´t speak with a dog and a dog named Lord Moorehead is the official owner of Lofty. Buddha Talk is under surveillance, in fact that´s why we´re here."

"Part of why we´re here," said Donway. Clarity reached for a peach juice bottle, but Money Fact´s arm got in the way, suggesting tap water.

"In fact, why are we here at the Bellagio?" asked Clarity. Money Fact tapped her watch.

"It´s time to meet them," said the attractive agent.

"All right," said Donway, "if you make one million dollars at the casino, we let you and your friends go free, otherwise, you´ll have to face trial with your friend and keep working for us until we solve the Lofty bond theft." Clarity sighed and deftly placed herself in front of the minibar open door. She picked up a bag of roasted almonds and followed the two representatives of the U.S. government.

"This is unbelievable, I´m baffled that my rights as a citizen are not being respected at all. We were tricked by Lofty Bank, they´re a fraud and a place offering illegal working arrangements of fifty year length, and we´re being held with my friends against our will, and this, after risking our lives to help the U.S. government and their interests in a foreign land, nearly hostile, if it weren´t for the fact there was a Hyatt hotel there."

Donway nodded and Money Fact nodded, but they kept her ahead of them in the corridor leading to one of the elevators. At the lobby, they headed for the casino´s black jack area. Clarity joined the Black Jack table with the most attractive croupier, a woman in her late twenties known as Kema who gave her a spot at the table.

"Government security, give her credit," said Money Fact, showing a Sensual Brigade money credit card, a plastic card with two fuschia flowers on the obverse.

Clarity read the name of the bank issuing the card: Salt Banking Cooperative. After fifteen minutes, Clarity was out five hundred dollars, after twenty five minutes, she had lost one thousand dollars. She decided to stop her gambling debt rescue and asked Donway why he kept looking at waitresses serving drinks at other tables.

"We´re waiting for a waitress with a witness under the U.S. government waitress-witness protection plan. That person may just testify in your favor and tell us who stole the bonds and how they were used illicitly before Buddha Talk. You´re out of credit by the way, you owe the U.S. government one million and one thousand dollars, you´re not leaving the Bellagio now, unless we tell you to leave." Money Fact pointed to a woman one hundred feet from them, holding a platter of cuban cigars.

"It´s her," said Money Fact, "Cigarette, the woman selling cigars."

As the sensual agent finished her sentence, the lights went out in the casino area, and they lost track of the waitress with the witness, a man walking beside her. The familiar bell indicating a jackpot rang and the sound of coins dropping inside a large box echoed in the dark area, which was filling with screams.

"We lost the witness again, the elevator, let´s go, he might go there," said Donway.

"Which one, which elevator?" asked Money Fact.

"You should know, you have the map of the place. Where was the meeting arranged?"

"I think it was elevator B, but that´s just intuition."

"Intuition?" asked Clarity.

"B for Bellagio," said Money Fact.

They walked several minutes guided by Money Fact´s flashlight, past the high limit slots, reaching a club privé, walking inside the hotel´s baccarat room, and making it to a salon privé, a place which looked like a VIP area. In the far corner, there was an elevator decorated with tapestry on its doors. Money Fact took out a quarter and inserted it into a slot near the hall indicator panel. The elevator opened and the lights at the lobby turned on again throughout the hotel.

"The hall indicator light doesn´t work, let´s hope the elevator works, get in, Clarity, please," said Money Fact.

"My friends, I want to be with my friends or to let my friends know where we´re going." Donway spoke leniently.

"They may be able to help her find the witness." After several minutes, Lanai and Flower appeared inisde the private salon, escorted by agents Bellamey and Jenkins. Lanai threw her arms in disarray.

"We were quietly watching the adult channel in our room, they told us you lost one thousand dollars at black jack, that Flower awaits trial with you, and that I´m supposed to find a link with some Cayman Bank, Cassandra Scafarel and the Boustrophedon of pleasure. What is this, why are we here, and why did you gamble?"

"I was trying to avoid trial for Flower and me."

"What trial?" asked Lanai, "we´re going to be late for the fountain show, there´s one at eleven forty five."

"Get in, please," said Money Fact.

The two girls got inside the elevator, joining Clarity, Donway and Money Fact, who pressed on a button showing one and a half diamonds, with a minus sign in front of it. Wherever they were going, they were going below the ground. She guessed correctly, as the elevator moved downwards.

"The trial is going to take place underground," said Money Fact.

Flower hushed a few words to Clarity, while Lanai admired a depiction of a painting one of the frescoes of the Sistine Chapel, showing Amminadab, allegedly Akhenaten, or the historical character of Moses, according to the book Bloodline of the Holy Grail, a book Lanai had read. In any case, it was a symbolic painting.

"Clarity, where are we going? The Bellagio is a five diamond hotel, it´s not one and half diamond resort." Clarity whispered back.

"I´m not sure, the Bellagio is a well known hotel, we can´t be going that far away from the Bellagio, the elevator is part of the Bellagio."




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