The Bahamas Lotion - 13 - Sun on the Rocks

Clarity squinted at the scorching Bahamas sun beaming its rays on the island of Eleuthera, in order to watch Lanai walking down a meadow towards the beach, with Flower, Cynthia and Jenna. She couldn´t even speak to either say good bye to the girls, who were being taken by Miela to a docking area near the sea, part of the Hexas Style pleasure seeking resort. According to a few brief orders given by Avalon, they were headed to the middle East for further training, exposure and distribution, including an appearance at an airport flashmob there. The only girl missing was Taimi, and Avalon wanted to ensure that she left the resort with Miela and the stone as well. Knocke walked towards them, speaking briefly on his cell phone with a representative from the Food and Drug Administration, in charge of the Elony case pending registration and approval.

"The Boustrophedon stone is at dock 2S, Scafarel and Maxini are there aboard the 'Naiad', I have the keys of the resort now, it´s ours. The FDA keeps refusing approval of the lotion for widespread distribution, Penelope, they claim that the modified dihydroxyacetone is causing side effects on the models testing the lotion, some kind of rash. The women have lost their appetite, a few are itching, the FDA doesn´t understand why, but they know it happened after rubbing them with lotion, so they don´t want to take risks by approving Elony."

"I told Scafarel to dismiss the idea of lowering costs too much. This is what happens when you put too much chemical in a beauty lotion. You can´t sell it. She should have made the lotion organic like I told her."

Clarity walked in front of Avalon and Knocke towards the beach area. They entered Scafarel´s quarters, a glass and steel aerie, built on a concrete set of eight pillars sustaining the twenty thousand square feet structure elevated in the air. They climbed a stair leading to the entrance and opened the door. Avalon led her to a baronial room, the chamber where Scafarel introduced Avene Maxini, her private maid and assistant, to the pleasures of extended, high sex.

The walls were painted with sentences meant to make you think, such as 'Joy is the staircase of hard work', or 'Wisdom is understanding how to treat a woman', or the less reassuring 'people are prisoners of their own thought forms', which she didn´t like or share. Below the window sill, a pink shade Mae West lip sofa fetched at auction house Christie´s for forty three thousand dollars, gave the place an uplifting, unserious, glamorous look. Sitting on a pedestal, Clarity noticed the Fabergé egg she´d seen on the painting, about ten inches high. Avalon lunged forward towards the intricate item.

"She left the egg, Lance, the egg is here."

"Miela told me there´s a clock somewhere in the egg, because she heard the clock ticking on the night when Scafarel performed the five hour naked massage on her. Making the clock work opens the egg."

Avalon checked the golden Pelican atop the egg, in particular its wings. She pulled a lever that turned the Pelican´s head to the right, spreading one of the wings. Carefully running her hand below the wing, she spotted an indenture. She pressed on it and held her breath. The neck of the pelican stretched, the clock started ticking and the egg opened sideways, revealing eight miniatures and a single item inside, known as the surprise, always kept secret, the ultimate item of pleasure for a woman, tested for centuries by health specialists working for emperors, kings, queens and high ranking officials of the power establishment.

Avalon grabbed the item and Clarity sneaked a peek inside the egg. A few instructions written in Thai language remained inside the egg, showing how to use the item. The item was a smaller egg, two inches in length, this one solid, made of green jade, attached to a string.

"What is that stone in the shape of an egg?" asked Clarity.

"I´m not sure, I´ve never seen this," said Avalon, "let me take a look at the instructions and scan them." Her eyes widened with each line that she translated to English, using the scan feature of her Pentatone Scale symbolic decriptor.

"We found it Lance, the eye of the Buddha protecting woman, protecting the woman´s pleasure, I found it, finally. With our findings of the Greek stone, it proves the existence of sexual ecstasy."

Clarity looked at the page Avalon was holding. In it, there was a diagram depicting a temple inside a two-walled compound, bissected by a road, showing a Buddhist monastery in the Southern complex and a marble platform surrounded by mythological lions in the gateways.

"Where does this come from?" asked Clarity. Avalon flipped the instructions to a page showing a plastified bill from Thailand, a five hundred baht note depicting a temple and a man sitting on a stone throne, as though implying a debt.

"She stole this egg, she stole it from the temple of Wat Phodaram, Wat Pho, the temple of the reclining, glistening, mother of pearl Buddha, in Thailand, where the statues watch and protect ecstasy, and the subtle channels open your wisdom to the quiet mind and show you how the body works. Scafarel taught me that, but she said that I wasn´t ready for the statues. Finally, I know what she meant, the statues in Bangkok, the statues of this temple, the channels, the real tools of a sex goddess."

Avalon became absorbed by the workings of the luminous jade egg, paying no attention to the Pelican Fabergé egg from Maria Feodorovna. The egg was part of an oriental tradition for women to maintain longevity and sexual virtuosity.

"I have to boil it, then it will be mine," said Avalon, "finally, heaven, real heaven for me, right here, on earth, before getting old."

"How does this work, exactly" asked Clarity.

"This goes inside your lower lips, you can pull the egg out using the strings, they´re used to exercise your vaginal muscles. When you feel horny, you use the egg to become less so, when you want more arousal, you keep the egg inside longer. It´s meant to be in the woman for hours, so that she understands how her inner muscles work and becomes used to grasping with them willfully. It´s a way to experience the multiple orgasm with near certainty, and consistently."

Knocke looked at his watch with a look of haste on his face.

"We don´t have that much time. Keep that jade egg and let´s go, Scafarel must be leaving now at dock. We need to go to the cove, to ensure the large shipment of Elony is returned so that the International Sensual Brigade doesn´t find anything when it gets here." Clarity raised her index finger tentatively, looking at Avalon.

"Can I pick up my clothes in your room?"

"You´re coming with us, there´s no leaving this place, Clarity, Hotel California is in Eleuthera Bahamas, it´s this place, this resort called Hexas Style, it took me years to figure that out, but this resort was much better than Vegas, where pleasure never lasts beyond a fleeting moment of superficial sex or disposable eyelash. Now, we´ve just found the gate out of Hotel California, it´s the temple of Wat Pho in Thailand. People will pay crazy sums for this. You´ll understand that we can´t leave witnesses, we´re doing you a favor by bringing you along. You work for a beautiful woman, Clarity, deep down you wanted pleasure, you seeked it by seeking wealth inside Lofty and by coming here instead of letting your body decide when pleasure should arise, as everyone does."

The song of the Eagles entered Clarity´s mind. Not bad, she´d finally figured out the song was wrong, and even better, she knew a way to check out of it. Still, she wanted her clothes back.






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Or Whether Corporate Nudity should be part of the Dress Code.


Or How a single Drink can turn Thirst into A Traction with the Law.


Or Going Where Your Money Goes to Keep an Eye on How it disappears.

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Comment by Workstudio on June 14, 2013 at 10:41am

Thank you Keiko, glad you´re having a good time with this. I enjoyed writing about Wat Pho, just love the topic and the place.


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