The Bahamas Lotion - 1 - Sun on the Rocks


Summary of the amusement

Teleoperator Clarity Nice and her friend Flower, fresh from their escape from Buddha Talk's mansion in Cayman, board a plane offering an infomercial on its inflight television system, which talks about a beauty lotion called Elony. After their landing in Nassau, Bahamas, Clarity and her friends attend a gala to present Elony, at a nightclub known as the Neria B. To avoid jail after a police raid, Clarity accepts to deliver the owner of the nightclub, Cassandra Scafarel, sought by the Sensual Brigade of Central Intelligence, and follows sex goddess Penelope Avalon with her friends to Scafarel´s hideaway, somewhere in the Bahamas.


Little Cayman Airport, Cayman Islands

Twenty five year old Malibu teleoperator Clarity Nice, wearing an open shouldered blue color blouse, washed pale blue jeans, short white socks and brown loafers borrowed from Somerset, an attractive assistant of Cayman Islands de facto bank owner Buddha Talk, boarded in a hurry the brand new seven four seven painted bay leaf, green blue, a plane owned by the Lofty Buddha Air Leasing Company. She pressed her friend, twenty three year old ethnographer Flower Parkwood, who was wearing a neck jersey viscose dress decorated with floral patterns, and sandals, to step in front of her without looking behind her at the taxi driver who had dropped them off at the small tropical airfield of Little Cayman, in the Cayman Islands, where the large jumbo jet made the airport look like a small shack.

An attractive hostess in mini skirt welcomed them at the top of the Stinar wide body jet staircase built on top of a Chevrolet pick up truck at the Edward Bodden Airfield.

"Mr. Buddha Talk guests, Beverly and Somerset?"

"That´s right," said Clarity, "I´m Beverly, she´s Somerset, that´s us."

"Step right in, seat twenty seven C and A, by the fire exit, window and aisle seat, you´re last in, we´re leaving right away, we thought you weren´t coming."

"That´s why I called, we figured you might be leaving," said Flower.

She was holding a cell phone borrowed from Lofty Bank agent Buddha Talk´s mansion in Nelson Quay, a wealthy area of Grand Cayman island that she was hoping, would be part of her estate at some point in her life. Clarity pushed her thumb on the back of Flower, urging her to move ahead inside the dimly lit plane.

Clarity knew that Buddha Talk was after them, looking for his money, one million dollars in Treasury bonds, that the girls had used to pay his private pilot in order to leave Grand Cayman, after passing on the option offered by Lofty Bank to sign a fifty year indenture that would tie their lives permanently to Lofty Bank, through their flagship product, the Crashworthy deposit, a working arrangement disguised as an investment product.

The plane was three quarters full, about three hundred passengers filled the passenger area. Mostly, they were dressed in beach or swimming gear, carrying out lively conversations, exchanging comments on their luck for not having to pay for their flight. This worried Clarity, for she was learning that nothing was given for free. The seven four seven took off the short runway of the airport and rose to a cruising altitude of twenty thousand feet. Clarity was tired but didn´t feel like sleeping. She knew that Buddha Talk would notice the disappearance of his cell phone, and that they were riding inside his plane, vulnerable to him or those working for him. Flower sat on the window seat and she sat beside her in the middle seat.

"Where are we going Clarity?" hushed Flower.

"I´m not sure, seems like a vacation flight," said Clarity. The hostess tapped her open shoulder smiling.

"This is for the infomercial, please put them on when the lights go out," said the hostess.

All lights turned off and Clarity donned the earphones. A large television screen with a pink frame color appeared before them, showing the fuselage of a Gulfstream G650 executive learjet, equipped with two Rolls Royce BR 725 engines. The learjet was labeled 'Pink Gogo', and was painted in deep pink, fuschia color. The camera, which was inside the learjet, focused on a four-place conference table, and an attractive woman with long, dirty blond hair came out of the lavatory smiling, walking towards the camera, dressed in a one piece pink suit showing her well exposed cleavage. Clarity immediately thought the woman was stunning, embodying a glamor she´d never seen before.

"Hi, I´m sex goddess Penelope Avalon, welcome live to Elony, the end of your beauty lotion seeking journey, and the stepping stone to your most intimate pleasures, pleasures of lasting time length, time-tested pleasures made with various types of plastic, and pleasures that will make you or you and your partner feel like the real goddess you are."

Clarity felt a hand pull her earphones.

"Do you notice the shade of the image onscreen?" asked Flower. Clarity turned her head towards her agitated friend.

"No, I was noticing the stewardess just got naked, what do you mean?"

"You know when you watch a film, the image has that glossy feeling?"

"Yes, I know what you mean," said Clarity, "what about it?"

Clarity placed her hand on the elbow rest, noticing a lump below it. She looked below the elbow seat and noticed the statue of Buddha Talk in robe, seated in lotus position. The head had a small lamp directed at the seat in front of them, lighting up the compartment used to store newspapers and magazines.

"This image doesn´t have that gloss, it´s shot on video, it´s not shot on film, it´s live Clarity. Look here out the window, below us."

Clarity looked through the window at the rising sun and focused her eyes where Flower was pointing. Flying about one hundred feet below, she saw the silhouette of 'Pink Gogo'. Onscreen, Penelope looked through the window of the learjet.

"We have acute observers on aisle twenty seven, the two good looking women seating in seats C and A," said Penelope.

Clarity looked directly at the pink plane below them through their plane´s window. It was rising in altitude, and she could see the silhouette of Avalon in the small learjet.

"This is live, somebody´s filming us, Clarity," said Flower, "there´s a camera in our plane".

Clarity stared at the television screen and saw Penelope waving at them. That didn´t bode well. First, the free flight for no reason, then an infomercial promising endless pleasure, framing them inside a flight that watched their passengers a tad too closely. She sensed the paw of Buddha Talk tapping her sense of integrity and leisure for a second time since her stay in Acapulco. She stared at the ceiling of the plane and found the small camera filming them, a round glass lens slowly changing angles. She decided to focus on the television screen. Penelope exposed all the beauty features of Elony, before pitching one last anouncement, at close-up view of her own camera.





The Bahamas Lotion is part one of the Holy Flower Trilogy

which includes The Abu Dhabi Channel (part two) and The Bahrain Broderie (part three).

To follow the trilogy plot and characters, you can read the backstories.


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Or How a single Drink can change your vacation.


Or Going Where Your Money Goes to Keep an Eye on How it disappears.

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