The amusement of the new presidency - Shabby Sheik - Sun on the Rocks

I did this after coming across the idea of an infographic, it has a bit more detail than the usual summary of an amusement, and it is visual, which is something I like. I like the way it came out, did this using Canva, it's software that you can use to create infographics, it is free to use, there are a few templates, and you can use the one that you like.

COMING in two or three amusements, next christmas or so, following year maybe


or how a golden cage can bring both gold and freedom, when properly used.



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Comment by Workstudio on November 26, 2016 at 7:34am

thought of the amusement, this idea of shabby sheik, then found there was an actual sheik that fit the character not too badly, someone who wears shabby clothes and attaches no importance to losing money or failure. then I thought, this guy is like the new president, the plane, the money, women around him, failure doesnt matter, what happens with whatever he does does not matter, same thing, different bottle. so this guy is out there in several shapes, not just one. what do you think of the analogy? Are these guys part of the same plutocracy, people who rule through money?

Comment by Workstudio on November 29, 2016 at 10:42am

Castro apparently amassed a fortune of about nine hundred million dollars during his life, he was part of the plutocracy, as well. you can read the article here,


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