The American Drama-Comedy: The Political Crisis (Hope Believe, Change, Forward)

Every time congress and the President has to make a “decision” (also known as: do their job) it is a media circus and the political script is already set, “the US is coming to an end”; jobs will be lost, seniors will lose healthcare, our military will not be paid, social security checks will not be sent on time, our airports will be crippled, the military and law will stop protecting us etc, etc, etc. Maybe this time, imagined crisis has had its moments of instilling fear into everyday Americans is finally over. Maybe this imagined crisis is finally coming to an end.

This last made for media drama, sponsored by US Politics…

The Villain: commonly known as sequestration


The Hero: Depending on your party affiliation either played by a democrat or a republican

With special guest appearances from
The Antagonist: played by the media (All sources)

…. I think has finally proved to those who live in fear that this is the new American shenanigans called politics.

What has happened in and to America in Politics? Certainly there was a time when words in politics actually meant something; Hope, Believe, Change, Forward… are used as political feel good words that have no meaning today. Yes, they sound good but in reality there is no change, just the same old political drama being played month to month, from one made for T.V. crisis to another.


Personally, I HOPE this has played its last time for T.V., but am not naive enough to actually BELIEVE that it will CHANGE. Take it however you want to, but I am not looking FORWARD to more of this.



Responsibility to me replaces all these fluff words used. Come to think of it, the next political year coming up, that should be someone’s motto. This past week I had contacted my two senator’s offices (1 x Democrat and 1 x Republican) and my Congresswoman’s (Republican) office in the House. All three of them voted for the bill the President signed into law that prompted sequestration. It was comical listening to their staff try to back pedal; well at least two out of three did.

I asked them point blank, if sequestration was so horrible, why did you vote in favor of it in 2011? Two out of three said they didn’t think it would come to this? I had to laugh. So I summarized it for them…


I said, “So, what you are telling me is… you pawned off your responsibility as my representative and the people of this state onto someone else. Furthermore, have you been part of, participated in, listened to or watched the last four years? Congress and the President are like two siblings that don’t get along and the same holds true to the House and the Senate… how did you have HOPE that the party of 12 (aka, the super-committee) would actual do something that you all couldn’t do”?


The silence on the other end of the line was laughable at best. I understand this is some staff intern that has their talking points, but this talking point was not on the list of things to discuss.



When you signed the bill into law, you are responsible; you could have vetoed it Mr. President. When you voted for something in the senate or the house as a representative of that state, you are responsible for it; you are saying it is good. If you didn’t like it, vote NO.

Responsibility, how about some individual responsibility for a CHANGE? Something one of my Senators, Richard Burr’s staff understood. Remember only two out of three tap-danced. Sen. Burr gave his staff, in my opinion, the right talking points that stated in summary this.

We (I) voted for it, the President signed it into law, the senate is not functioning… this was the forced compromise. Spending is our problem and this barely touches it.


Bravo Senator … Bravo! Finally some responsibility. As an independant, I truely do not care who takes the lead on responsibility but someone has to. This blame everyone else and everything is a crisis is getting old.

As always, thanks for reading.

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Comment by Beckola on March 5, 2013 at 9:17am

I am tired of the blame as well.  My peers, friends, acquaintances seem to say the same thing; we elected these representatives to do a decision-making job even if it means compromising.  I love NPR's take on this - perhaps, we have all become 'cliff-fatigued'.  

Comment by John Fleshman on March 5, 2013 at 6:47pm

Thank you for the comment Beckola, it is nice to see I am not alone.


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