The America We Thought We Knew Part I


Thanks to the whistle blowers we now have revelations about secrecy and truths that are hidden from the public by the federal government. With startling facts we are confronted with a reality that far contradicts our concept of a constitutional free society where our rights are guaranteed and privacy, to some degree, is still intact. Sadly, as we take a short trip through the writings and presentation from the following people we can see that America has taken on a transformation over the last 20 years that’s far from the society we once thought we knew.

The true motive

We will soon learn that government is not there to serve the people it was supposedly elected to represent. Rather, we will discover that those in high places of political power are not only shielded from the very laws they violate, but that they are free to unleash grievous acts of injustice that any normal citizen would be locked up for decades over! Yet, this goes on behind closed doors and in the halls of our intelligence organizations along with our most sacredly held beliefs that our government is there for us. This is a myth that endures thanks to the great deeds of our forefathers who enacted the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence who defined the future conduct of our republic. However, those fine concepts have been reduced to hollow promises by the traitors from within.

Refusal to act

Philip Haney in his book, “See Something Say Nothing” reveals during his tenure as a DHS official that disturbing acts of sabotage were underway when radical Islamic funding was being detected within organizations that were supposedly public relations firms. They were financing terrorist groups such as HAMAS. CAIR an unindicted co-conspirator, part of a money laundering and bundling operation was involved in raising 12 to 60 million dollars within the halls of Capitol Hill for militant Islamic activities while also building Mosques all over the US many felt were being used to enlist terrorist operatives. During the course of Department of Justice “Holy Land” case irrefutable evidence was presented that linked several Islamic public relations groups to funding and recruiting for such Muslim Brotherhood groups as HAMAS. Why were individuals involved in these illegal acts never prosecuted? Philip Haney asked these questions of his superiors and was rebuked.

Enemy from within

For some reason CAIR was allowed to continue and even incorporated into the Obama administration to help shape policy and public opinion. This occurred as Philip Haney confronted his bosses at DHS and asked why the indictments were not being handed down. One might also recall that the DHS was used to retrieve illegal immigrant children who were used to create a border crisis for public consumption as their buses were used to transport them to FEMA facilities and USAF bases for housing and care. This type of activity clearly violated their designated function as a department that was devoted to National Security however this mattered little to President Obama and his administrators. Haney’s demands for clarification went unanswered as he continued watching disturbing actions go unimpeded. His only alternative was to write a book and to make public appearances informing citizens about what their federal government was really up to!

Saga of Cody Snodgres

Cody Snodgres is a Texas man who has spent more of his life as a scientifically trained intelligence officer and military operative than as a civilian. From the time he was in high school having been chosen for a number of scholarships in the sciences he was approached by the CIA and offered a career. At first, Cody refused in order to carry on with his preference in studies until he was offered enough money for even better education in the more distinguished campuses that he did accept their offer. That decision launched him into a world of intrigue and “Black Operations” that had him in all parts of the world conducting sinister projects where life or death occurred on a bloody stage of clandestine missions.

Revealing conspiracies

At the young age of a second grader Cody was snooping around in the infamous Book Depository in Dallas from which JFK was supposedly shot from a window that overlooked the route that the President’s motorcade would take on that fateful day in 1963. Snodgrass had been taught by his father to hunt in the woods at an early age and knew the moment a security guard had showed him Lee Harvey Oswald’s perch where he had sat waiting with his Carcano Model 91/38 Infantry Rifle ready to fire the fatal rounds as President Kennedy’s vehicle passed beneath his range, that this had been an impossible shot! Cody knew that a lie had been purveyed by the powers that be upon the people for some diabolical reason!

Fatal epiphany

From that time on it seemed to him that the tone had been set for the rest of his life and the CIA would not only clearly reveal just how horrifyingly true his instincts were but that he himself would be involved in those kinds of chilling covert actions! For years he served the wishes of the CIA delivering money to operatives, working as a technician setting up ingenious methods of explosives for assassination and military missions for huge sums of money. He had been mentally conditioned as an agent to perform his orders with a precision that overrode his normal humanitarian concerns. Yes, there was the PTSD that occurred after his mission was completed, but the years wore on, locations, allegiances, jobs, and existence in a dark world of subterfuge began taking its toll upon him.

Offer you don't refuse

Then he was offered a highly demanding demolition job that involved a domestic target! Snodgres had always told his CIA bosses he would not be involved in any mission that impacted a large number of American citizens as casualties though he had been involved in a number of kill missions. For this job he was offered half a million dollars in cash to be delivered in a back pack and then to be undertaken ASAP. Cody was so worn down by the stress and eventual guilt that he had turned down the assignment. That assignment was to hit the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995. Cody Snodgres knew Timothy McVeigh who had served in Desert Storm just as he had and was angry with his US Army superiors after having been injected with an implanted device he later removed himself. McVeigh was to meet with his commander about that issue.

Domestic terrorism

When Snodgres refused the job it was McVeigh who took it, but Timothy, according to Snodgres didn’t know what was going on. He had only received a compartmental piece of the overall picture. All McVeigh knew was that he would drive a load of something into Oklahoma City to a certain location at a certain time and be met by another agent. One might recall that a prominent US Army General pronounced the Oklahoma bombing as a farce, that the fertilizer bomb supposedly detonated on the street could not have caused the degree of wreckage that had ravaged the building, damaged numerous structures in the immediate area and killed more than 160 US citizens and law enforcement personnel. The General was right, but didn’t know enough about the plan.

Incomplete job

There were numerous charges set to go off in order to completely cave in the Murrah Building that failed to detonate. According to Cody Snodgres the entities involved which were corrupt ATF and CIA operatives had to quickly remove the ordnance from the site that had not been exploded or the true identities of the perpetrators would be revealed! There was just once problem. Moments after the explosion a veteran Sheriff’s Deputy sprinted down the sidewalk to the site of the disaster and began helping the victims until the first responders arrived. He was a former Army officer who knew something about explosive operations and identified the unexploded bombs still there and still not stealthily removed by a team. He immediately informed his superiors that something wasn’t right, that there was a clandestine operation underway.

Cover up

That set off a reaction from the federal government who unleashed the DEA on the Oklahoma Police Department threatening and blackmailing the police force until no one would dare mention a word about the deadly blast and the true nature of the mission by an apparently government sanctioned operation! The deputy who maintained files on the entire sequence of events had entrusted a doctor friend with the files in case he was murdered. This way the truth would get out to the public even though the deputy was silenced. As it turned out the deputy was assassinated right off the interstate. His blood was found all over his squad care. He had been brutally beaten, cut up, and finally shot to death. On that same day the deputy’s doctor friend, his confidant, had decided to take the files in his possession to be relocated using his private plane. The doctor perished in a fatal crash that same day.

Double jeopardy

Cody Snodgres had a problem too. He knew the mission. His contact at the CIA, a trusted friend who he had worked with had revealed the details of the mission. Just like the Mafia when one is employed by the CIA and has forbidden knowledge they cannot be allowed to live. By this time Cody was burned out and ready to surrender his life. He was sick of running, of hiding the truth, and of committing acts that violated his faith and conscience. He was arrested and was convinced they’d find a way to kill him just as McVeigh became the scapegoat who would die by lethal injection. Cody was thrown in prison for 2 years in solitary confinement by a corrupt federal judge who specialized in sentencing political prisoners.

Staying alive

Amazingly Cody was released and he went back to his wife to figure out what he would do next. Still under surveillance by the CIA Snodgres decided to release what he knew about the Alfred P. Murrah building, the dirty operations of the CIA, NSA, and ATF and make the information public so that if he remained in high visibility he stood a better chance of living a normal life without being assassinated. The most horrid reason for the Oklahoma City bombing was a twisted and seemingly unrelated reason for this false flag operation that cost millions along with the lives of innocent civilians and public servants.

The deadly truth

During Operation Desert Storm the US Armed forces were dealing with new weapons technology and the unintended consequences of forces that had not been unleashed before. The depleted uranium used in shells, ordnance, and other military purposes was thought to be relatively harmless but for the unforeseen consequences. When fired as high velocity anti-tank, armor piercing, or bunker buster ordnance the incredible rate of speed and high temperature explosion created a plutonium vapor that was breathed by in US soldiers and anyone else in close proximity to the field of battle.

Mystery disease

Thousands of cases of this form of contamination were documented among wounded soldiers who were beginning to show signs of what was beginning to be termed, “Gulf War Syndrome”. The radiation, cancerous, contagious, and fatal would end up being spread from Husband to wife and then from wife to the unborn children! Thousands of men and women facing extensive care and medical procedures represented an insurmountable financial liability to the Pentagon and the Veteran’s Administration! The only way to keep this damaging data from the hands of attorneys and patients was to destroy it so that the records would no longer incriminate the armed services and the perpetrators of the Desert Storm operation.

Disposing of evidence

Those damning records had all been secretly relocated to the Andrew P. Murrah Building for supposedly safe keeping. The highly clandestine operation to bomb the building would never be revealed under such twisted circumstances, but even better the multi-demolition plan at devastating the structure of the building ensured that the records would never survive and would be disintegrated among the rest of the flaming rubble that would forever hide just what it was this act of domestic terrorism was really all about. The lives of thousands of soldiers and their families would supposedly have been afflicted by germ warfare released by the Iraqis under the orders of Saddam Hussein. “Gulf War Syndrome” would remain a mystery pointing to the negligence of no specific entity other than the enemy. This is one of many terrible secrets in the possession of Cody Snodgres and other whistleblowers!



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Comment by old new lefty on July 22, 2018 at 10:34am

RE: US interests funding ISIS. You're absolutely right. Unfortunately, the entity behind all of this is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which just goes to show you where American priorities really are -- regardless of which party is in power.

Comment by moki ikom on July 22, 2018 at 12:56pm

are you certain onl that other entities could not have at least at best been colluding with or otherwise enabling Saudi/UAE/Qatar sunni elitUStfunding and delivering war and terror on Shia and virtually anyone else not Sunni... the overall winner of all the warfare and terrorism in the Middle East, Southwest Asia and North Africa is none other than the entity "State of Israel" or since we're talking entities, perhaps USrael?

Comment by Maui Surfer on July 22, 2018 at 1:27pm

While everything you say is bullshit Vega, lets remember one person who let the truth slip, was absolutely believable and experienced, and was crucified for it, former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan (This is largely about OIL) ...

Comment by koshersalaami on July 22, 2018 at 1:46pm

Yeah. The Israelis are funding the Saudis. And they want to put their new capital in Marrakesh. 

Comment by moki ikom on July 22, 2018 at 2:00pm

In Kosh's world the House of Saud and Zionists can never be thought of as to actually share a hatred and fear of Iran, of Shia, so much that a beast like $audUSraeli could ever be built.

Comment by koshersalaami on July 22, 2018 at 3:07pm

In my world I acknowledge that Israel and Saudi Arabia (and Egypt and Jordan) all have a problem with Iran, though they have different problems. They should fear Iran. Iran supports movements that want to overthrow all of them. 

You have quite an affinity for mythical beasts. 

Comment by Ron Powell on July 22, 2018 at 3:29pm
Great job Doc!

Comment by Maui Surfer on July 22, 2018 at 5:17pm

Considering moki's true comments in some cases about the evil we (the USA, not Hawaii) have done, let us consider Persia ... Tehran was a model City, the Paris of the Middle East, until what? UNTIL THE US INSTALLED THE SHAH AND HAD HALF THE POPULATION TORTURED BY SAVAK!!! Great move for peace by our super smart leaders, many of whom at the time, and some still, who didn't know there was a difference between Sunni and Shia, despite the 1500 year long schism. Great job by the Neocons, btw, for HANDING formerly Sunni controlled (well, actually Nazi Baathists, but, whose counting, no one it seems) to Iran and the Shia, doubling their OIL resources if they can just get it out of the ground unexploded. So, now they, the Mullahs and the "terrorists" anyway, are our arch enemies, never mind Iran is a country full of young people who want to be friends with the USA. One of my best friends, a wonderful Shia gentleman, in the true and typical Muslim tradition, was conscripted off the street in Tehran and forced to the front to fight Saddam's Army in a war we supported Hussein in, until we didn't. Sheesh, Vega, you are so brainwashed and so off course I often don't know where to start or finish with you ... go Tejas!

Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on July 22, 2018 at 5:43pm

BTW, saying that the Saudis are Sunnis is incorrect AF.   That's kind of like saying the KKK is a Christian organization.

Saudi Arabia is full on Wahhabism, which not only hates both the mainstream Sunnis AND the Shias (gladly playing them against each other, while at the same time making "nice" with their fellow terrorists in Israel), but "owns" more than a fair share of US politicians in both duo-opoly parties (gladly playing them against each other, while at the same time making "nice" with their fellow terrorists in Israel).

Comment by Maui Surfer on July 22, 2018 at 6:36pm

The KKK is a Christian Organization, just ask them (I assume, possibly in error, that you directed this at me as your backwoods lifestyle contantly makes you so jealous of people who go places that you call them Fake, or F, or if their is an AF, my apologies to you AF that SBA is spewing her garbage your way). Cut the lectures, we all know about Wahhabism, this is not exactly a news flash, and it isn't Fake News either. We all know the Bush family flew the Saudis out right after 9/11 on hastily arranged flights, we all know all this TOTALLY COMMON KNOWLEDGE. Now, while it is hardly a secret to anyone with even a cursory interest, most Americans sadly couldn't tell you much about SAVAK, or how they were literally one of the most evil groups ever assembled on this planet, and that is truly saying a lot. Thanks for nothing.


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