That's too bad about Jaime Leeee, guess I was supposed to take a bullet at Pitt State anyway.

Waiting for me around the corner?   Because Ron Barfield said something about me?  Guess what he has to say has to do with his upbringing not mine. 

That's too bad Jaime Leeee can't be telling it how it was.  Guess the girls waiting for me outside of Sprouts aren't going to be telling it how it is either.

So since you lie to get what you want and you created an identity for me based on what  you would like to do to people and watch them suffer this is your online identity created by me. 

Nothing is good enough to refute a bunch of liars; so I won't bother trying to impress you. 

I will just insult you as you do me instead.

You want to surround me to lie to me and about me.  Then I create a blog to show how you tried to have me murdered as soon as I was out of high school.

None of you are needed around to correct the problem just like I wasn't needed around when you created the problem.

I have no sympathy for liars.  No need to be around them either.  There's no reward for wasting my time with you, there never was in the past and there isn't now either.  You are worthless people I don't want to waste my time with.

Fuck the American mass media and it's brainwashed boobs.  Follow like the fools you are.

Go tell your lies about what I think based on what you think.

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