I assume most of you have heard of the incident at the pool party in McKinney, TX and probably seen video footage. If not:


Jon Stewart covered it pretty extensively on tonight's Daily Show. 

A local teenager had a birthday party at a community pool. The guests were mostly Black teenagers and some of the local residents using the pool were not pleased. At some point a fight broke out, I'm not sure between whom and whom, though the Huffington Post piece indicates the first punch may actually have been thrown by someone objecting to the kids' presence. Whatever the case was, someone called the police. There was no fight in progress by the time they arrived. 

The police came after a lot of the teenagers, at which point someone started taking video with a phone. An officer threw a girl onto the ground, insisting loudly that she stay there, pulling her all the way down by her hair. A couple of boys came over to assist her and the officer chased them, drawing his gun in the process. He is now on administrative leave. 

The girl he went after was, this being a pool party, wearing a bathing suit. She is fourteen years old. 

She is a little younger than my daughter. Her size and build look sort of similar to my daughter's, from what I'm able to see. 

I'm trying to imagine what her parents must be going through, watching footage of this big rough cop taking down their crying little girl. Why? There's no fight in progress. It's kind of difficult to conceal a weapon in a two piece bathing suit. 

What exactly was the point? There's a question of how many of these kids had pool passes, but seriously, is this what the police do about pool pass violations? They ostensibly got a call about a fight, but there was no fight to break up. They couldn't just walk up and start talking to people like normal human beings?

I don't know what it will take for people to realize that we still have a serious race problem in this country. I watch people deny specific case after specific case, but it has to be getting more and more difficult to keep denying with a straight face. 

White fourteen year old girls in bathing suits don't get thrown to the ground by cops. Watch the video. If anything, I'm understating the brutality involved. 

This was so incredibly unnecessary. The scariest part, of course, is that anyone thinks this is OK. But we know why they think this is OK. 

I'm pretty sure isn't going to happen to my daughter (even though she's not White, she's Asian). I'm glad about that. 

But the thing is, it shouldn't happen to anyone's daughter. 

And no one should make excuses for the people who do this, because there aren't any.

Addendum 6/9. 9:07 PM

Two White teenagers on the scene speak out against racism
Including the kid who shot the video

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Comment by fred hallman on June 16, 2015 at 6:45pm

Hey I disliked Sterling a lot, I just find BB annoyingly pedantic and unnecessarily argumentative over nothing.  I think he's a troublemaker. 

Comment by koshersalaami on June 16, 2015 at 6:46pm
Yes please. I see no reason to allow this to go further, I don't want to delete because the parts of the thread on the actual subject were interesting to me, and I don't want to change my overall policy to screening comments. If I could do that on only this post, it would accomplish the same thing as closing comments.

To those of you whose comments I am likely to delete, I apologize to most of you, but I don't want to keep a post that so closely resembles the worst aspects of Open Salon. This is not personal. To Arthur: Because it bugs the crap out of you to be deleted, I will leave your comments up.

If anyone objects to my deleting large portions of this thread, please PM me, as I assume this post will be closed.

When I posted this, I didn't know it would take this much attention this far after the fact. I'm at a trade show, so I cam't devote the time to staying sufficiently on top of this to control the thread.

Thank you.
Comment by lorianne on June 16, 2015 at 8:51pm

kosh - it seems i cant close your comments on this post & you will have to do so.  sorry.

Comment by koshersalaami on June 16, 2015 at 8:54pm
AKA: Thanks for telling me how.

Lorianne: Thanks. It's OK, I think AKA's method will work.

If I've done this properly, no one will be able to comment except me. Meaning it's effectively closed.


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