I assume most of you have heard of the incident at the pool party in McKinney, TX and probably seen video footage. If not:


Jon Stewart covered it pretty extensively on tonight's Daily Show. 

A local teenager had a birthday party at a community pool. The guests were mostly Black teenagers and some of the local residents using the pool were not pleased. At some point a fight broke out, I'm not sure between whom and whom, though the Huffington Post piece indicates the first punch may actually have been thrown by someone objecting to the kids' presence. Whatever the case was, someone called the police. There was no fight in progress by the time they arrived. 

The police came after a lot of the teenagers, at which point someone started taking video with a phone. An officer threw a girl onto the ground, insisting loudly that she stay there, pulling her all the way down by her hair. A couple of boys came over to assist her and the officer chased them, drawing his gun in the process. He is now on administrative leave. 

The girl he went after was, this being a pool party, wearing a bathing suit. She is fourteen years old. 

She is a little younger than my daughter. Her size and build look sort of similar to my daughter's, from what I'm able to see. 

I'm trying to imagine what her parents must be going through, watching footage of this big rough cop taking down their crying little girl. Why? There's no fight in progress. It's kind of difficult to conceal a weapon in a two piece bathing suit. 

What exactly was the point? There's a question of how many of these kids had pool passes, but seriously, is this what the police do about pool pass violations? They ostensibly got a call about a fight, but there was no fight to break up. They couldn't just walk up and start talking to people like normal human beings?

I don't know what it will take for people to realize that we still have a serious race problem in this country. I watch people deny specific case after specific case, but it has to be getting more and more difficult to keep denying with a straight face. 

White fourteen year old girls in bathing suits don't get thrown to the ground by cops. Watch the video. If anything, I'm understating the brutality involved. 

This was so incredibly unnecessary. The scariest part, of course, is that anyone thinks this is OK. But we know why they think this is OK. 

I'm pretty sure isn't going to happen to my daughter (even though she's not White, she's Asian). I'm glad about that. 

But the thing is, it shouldn't happen to anyone's daughter. 

And no one should make excuses for the people who do this, because there aren't any.

Addendum 6/9. 9:07 PM

Two White teenagers on the scene speak out against racism
Including the kid who shot the video

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Comment by Carole Dixon on June 9, 2015 at 5:08am

Disgusting. Disgusting. My husband was telling me about it this morning after watching the video, saying how the white kids were totally ignored, just the black kids were attacked. It is hard to recognize this America. Maybe because I am white and have never experienced the atrocities minorities and poor people have always been exposed to, but I feel strongly there has been a change in police tactics in the last few years. My black activist from the sixties friend might disagree with me, having been hosed back in the day. The change, besides the cameras, seems directly related to the militarization of police. This travesty of justice should never have occurred and it threatens everyone.

Comment by koshersalaami on June 9, 2015 at 5:16am
I think there are two factors at once, and Nerd Cred hit on this earlier. One is that we're seeing it more because of cellphones - a lot used to happen that we didn't know about. The other is that the overall level of police violence has increased, and Blacks are bearing the brunt of that.
Comment by Julie Johnson on June 9, 2015 at 5:35am

okay, I just have to post this.  These are the white people Ron is talking about?  He wants their help?  Have at it.  

It was all the way down at least 20 comments before they started asking why didn't they break up the fight, the ones with the camaras.  They were just laughing and being entertained.  Makes me mad.  I've seen it.    


It's getting crazy out there, for everybody.  Charge your batteries !!!  

Comment by Julie Johnson on June 9, 2015 at 5:36am

...oh and they were waiting for the police.  That was their reason.  

Comment by alsoknownas on June 9, 2015 at 7:19am

One could say that police violence is increasing, but if one has been the target of this sort of violence it may not ring true.

It may be that reporting of it and the ability for wide spread dissemination of images has increased, but in fact business as usual is what we are seeing.

It is systemic indeed, but to assert that it is something that started a couple of years ago, misses by a mile.

Comment by JMac1949 Memories on June 9, 2015 at 7:51am

This is the comment I left on Ron Powell's post:  The scene in McKinney is some kind of weird. Different people saw it come down different ways: http://www.cnn.com/2015/06/09/us/mckinney-texas-pool-party-video/

In the mean time we've had four people killed over the last couple of months (so far three African American and one Hispanic male) by three different police agencies here in the paradise of SoCal and people are camping out on the sidewalk in front of LA Mayor Eric Garcetti's home in Hancock Park to protest the death of Ezell Ford in South LA last year.  So far nobody is organizing protests of the police murder of Brendon Glenn the unarmed homeless man in Venice on May 5th or the police shooting of Charly “Africa” Leundeu Keunang another unarmed homeless man on Skid Row.  Both of those black men were mentally ill and I guess they didn't have local family.  BTW: None of these police shootings in LALA Land have ever made it into the national media feed.

I suppose we should be grateful that no one was shot in McKinney.  When oh when indeed?

Comment by koshersalaami on June 9, 2015 at 8:57am

It is the rule, not the exception, and the failure to acknowledge that is frightening. We run into this in police departments, we run into it in court systems, we run into it in media coverage - for example, when Hurricane Katrina hit, television news reported that there was at least one homicide in the dark coliseum where many Black people went for shelter, and it turned out to be false, but the presence of a poor Black population made that rumor so credible to news outlets that they didn't bother to check it out - and we even saw it on OS, where there were people who would never admit that any given event had anything to do with racism. Hell, a denial conversation that actually took place on a blog here on Our Salon led Ron Powell to suggest that a few of us involved in that conversation get together and write a book, which we did. 

The biggest fights I've gotten involved in while blogging have been about various aspects of this question. 

Racism in the old days was blatant. Racism (and other forms of bigotry) is now considerably sneakier. People don't admit it any more. And, probably better than half the time, people don't admit it to themselves, making it all the more difficult to deal with. 

Comment by koshersalaami on June 9, 2015 at 9:35am
I'm reasonably sure it's developed a life of its own. Further, I don't think all the elites responsible for its continuation do so on a rational basis. You tend to have a higher opinion of the intelligence and rationality of elites than I do.
Comment by nerd cred on June 9, 2015 at 9:55am

I deleted and am reposting my original comment because I did it on the kindle and there's some weirdness from that, particularly auto-corrected "civilization" for "idolization."

I agree that police violence is escalating. There's increasing pressure for conformity and order, at least in part because our exaggerated response to the 9/11 attack and the ensuing "war on terror" convinced us as a society to be more and more fearful generally. Add to that the increasing idolization of the military and the general conflation of police with them as our great protectors against the frightening, threatening world around us.

(I'm not saying any of this makes any sense, just that it's how I see things.)

So there's all the need for conformity and order while cops are constantly hearing that even the worst of them are heroes who risk their lives every minute of every day and they do that for us who are so often ungrateful. (Never mind that, statistically, garbage collectors are more likely to die on the job than cops are, even including accidents.)

So fear, exaggerated danger and the big heroes are having to deal with a bunch of snot nosed rowdy kids who don't even have the decency to be white like normal people. Escalation is inevitable, it seems to me.

And there definitely was a racial element in McKinney. The cops went after black kids exclusively though some of them were pool members and had been for years. One white kid who videoed said he could have been invisible for all the attention the cops paid him.

Comment by Bob Burns on June 9, 2015 at 10:45am

Once again, the disgust and anguish sets in, while the sheet is again pulled off the corpse of racism and prejudice in America.  We are stuck with it. Racism is so much a part of our DNA it is likely we'll be dealing with it as long as this country exists. Worse yet, the entire system of justice is at fault here, from the cops who beat the crap out of 14 year old children in bathing suits in McKinney, TX to a trial system in which only those who can pay for it get an honest day in court, to the running of a prison system, the likes of which has never been seen in human history. 

All this created in the name of the citizens of the United States. We are getting exactly what we asked for and what we deserve.


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