You know we hear so much about how men talk shit about women and the truth is men do and they treat woman with no respect.  The men that don't follow these dirt bag principles are far and few between.  What I have learned though being a broke down crippled old fuck that is surrounded by women nurses and aides is that first, they have no qualms talking trash around me and two they are just as deviant as most men.

The war to be won is a woman's battle

The world has become self aware. Our image of ourselves has become more in tune with a love and acceptance of all body shapes and sizes.

I am a large man.

I watched dietland the other night which was a brilliant show about the struggle women go through, to always look beautiful be thin, what it is like being big. During the show I thought "is there something out there for big men?"

I am a large man who has always been attracted to big women.

This feels very strange to be writing about.  I have spent most of my life big.  It started when I lifted weights and put size to my frame.  During that time and the next ten years working in a fertilizer factory which was a lot of heavy lifting I kept in relatively good shape other than the boozin and druggin.  I know that my life would have been so different if I would have just smoked weed and stayed away from the speed.

When my first wife had finally had her fill of me the alcohol and compulsive eating became everything and I became a large man.

This is also when i became more interested in plump or big women and it was a plus if they were married wanting out of their current relationship.

Married women are safe or so so thought.  The most constant thing about the affairs is i always got caught.

i was-a fat man who got laid a lot.  i have always attributed it to smarts, kindness and dedication which worked in my favor until i found their fat asses in bed with another fat man and two fat men fighting over a fat woman is just sad.

The truth is I love large women.

The truth is I am a Large man.

The reality is that love has no shape.

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Comment by Foolish Monkey on June 9, 2018 at 5:03am

I love this. Your candid appraisal of your relationships is quite wonderful I'm spite of seeming hopeless. 

This is a country of big people. We do love to eat and theres plenty to consume.

I think if you sincerely want love you will find it. Or it will find you - love, like cream always rises. 

If you could keep pushing and thinking and find the honest humor in your quest for love, this could be a book. Not because fat is funny but because irony and circumstance is what living is about. To recognize it in ones own life, to see it clearly and write about it without feeling self pity while being compassionate - which you do - can possibly find success. 

I think you're a good writer. 

Comment by Phyllis on June 9, 2018 at 5:01pm

I agree with Monkey, this is a great post! I would buy the book.


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