The estuary of my youth was shared with the fort that had been a race track. Race tracks were more than race tracks during a time when horses were how people who could afford them got around. Horses were a commodity, and horsemen were too. Before magnetic telegraph riders carried messages...the railroads and telegraph changed this but not that much. 

        It’s obvious that between NYC and Philadelphia there was quite a horse trade, also lots of messages, messengers, horsemen...and horses. Long before Morse coded anything, getting messages between two cites was more than just a chore. 

         Networks...long before Marconi, networks existed. Long before any European arrived here  with horses...there were networks. I don’t know how they worked, but they existed. 

         Messages moved via diverse networks. A fair wind could half the time it took a river packet to get from NYC to my estuary, but after 1813 there was an optical telegraph system in place between NJ and wires required. 

         Faster, more, better...communications, Networks. Transatlantic cable...and then Telstar. But it was not just the was the message. Gaining control required communications...specialized signal operations...technique. 

          Application of technique necessitated a networked command structure in order to establish and maintain control. I do not know why, or if any one dared to ask. I was down river from the fort...the business there had evolved from command, control, communications, and computers before disappearing. 

           Each new technology...method, practice had to be tested or “proved”...what few of us knew was how. How does one “prove” control? Down river we never knew.         

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Comment by J.P. Hart on November 20, 2018 at 9:05am

4 squares ! chair, quantify round theater, Captain keeps the catch, an authoritative voice over, where's my childhood 4th of July sparkly spinner, fast forward he became a road guard, later baby, he kept the room warm with 501 para-normal-nailia, parents returned xmas outfits, over-the-counter-shades-those vacant coming of age lemonade stands-he hadn't the hazy wasp what heavy water really was salt seemed to know: Amaretto remains the beverage de jure of that space shuttle crew I know why I know who you're working for (4) thus far much earlier no fancy Daniel provided an aqua-fluffed Parisian bird cage with an UFB (wren genetic flow chart??) rather expansive tho delicate 'nuff for the ages, as you turn back pages; plausibly, like a Basilica private isle, the scarcity of sandalwood waife, reprieve just me and the Beave. I'll try and return, RB James muchas gracias

Comment by Robert B. James on November 20, 2018 at 3:54pm

Thanks JP, as in science beyond erosion is beyond me. I never peeled half as many onions as I chopped or diced...before we got the buffalo chopper anyway. Lots of post feed button fly Coffee drinks. Hangover after two...deadly. Bow tie stuff, and not enough of that even to kill me...or a horse. Who cares who leaks, as we getting off the boat anyway. chips please! 


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