Systems Analysis II- The Program, Our Constitution

STATHI, Skypixie0, and Kosher

The thing about writing code is that it can be most readily judged on whether the written code does what it is written to do. Beyond that, the judgment is of the efficiency and elegance ( Quality?) that the program displays in accomplishing its task ( A Program which performs its task in 5 lines is more efficient than one that takes 150 lines, but the more efficient may not be as precise, etc. - “Elegance” or “Quality” is the perception of the “Best” way for the task to be accomplished.

One must note that “Best” does not remain “Best” for all purposes. A program that pays your bills by letting anyone who claims a debt “write” himself a “check” from your bank account, would certainly ease your need to worry about forgetting to pay bills. In the real world, it lacks a certain “security”-- yet this is what owners of joint checking accounts “grant” to each other. (and you grant to anyone to whom you give your credit card number)

The “Constitution” is not so much a “program” as a “Meta” program” it is a program that aids in the writing of “laws” that will both endure, and be respected by persons of “Free Will”. That it doesn't grant “Free Will” choices to persons of limited “Free Will” ( Women, Slaves) is an artifact of the times, not a deficiency in the program. It works for those who now, admittedly “late”, are granted access to the program- I would point out that those who grant access are like unto the money changers and priests of the temple, How they perform their functions is not an “evil” of the program itself. The document governs the behavior of persons of “Free Will” who nevertheless are aware of their standing and relationship to the rest of their community and to Being itself. (God). In the circumstances that applied when the program was written, it was and is tremendously “Elegant” and of the utmost Quality.

Any program may be thwarted in its operation by the people who are operating the machine on which the program runs. I remotely troubleshot county government computers in the '90's over the phone lines via 28.8 modem. The biggest problem was always getting someone in the clerks office to hook up the modem, since most of our clients didn't at that time give the computer its own dedicated phone line, it most often shared ta line with a fax machine, and had to be manually reconnected.

That was bad enough without factoring in the paranoid County Clerks who kept the modem locked in a drawer, lest anyone get on their machine and “steal” “Their data” I always wondered just what part of the public records they kept they were most worried about people seeing..... Obviously some of the court cases made interesting reading..

I digress

Our problem at present is whether we wish to note that the program ( The Constitution) still functions rather elegantly, once unencrusted from all the crap with which the Lawyers in congress and bureaucracy have seen fit to encrust it , or whether we fall into the mini micro management of “social justice” and parceling out the “Swag” looted from the dead carcass of our republic.

Our decision is to either clean off the Constitution and carry on as a nation of “Free Will” individuals governed both by an elegantly tailored set of restrictions on the power to tyrannize, and an innate sense of the wholeness of our community and of all things, or whether we fall to the current practice of letting large and small gangs of lawyers chew the program to rags. Once the rats have chewed out the wiring of the machine, it will be hard to run ANY program.


Herr,I wanted to know your favourite song..You did not tell me..You know,your thoughts are far more better than mine...believe me..

I have read for ρersonal reasons many court decisions.And I know that justice is not justice at all..There are of course exceρtions but our rights and freedom can not be a matter of chance or exceρtion.Here in Greece Constitution is here,exists without existing in so many cases.And if the system itself hasn't got the feeling for justice than all we are left with is words.I do not want to be a wish ρerson concerning Justice..Even if I wanted circumstances involve me with justice.

I think a common sense is needed..A "ρut your self in his/her ρosition"..How one can live with him/her self when he/she has derived a human being from his/her rights.Simρle as this...

You are right and that is sad...on saying that "Any program may be thwarted in its operation by the people who are operating the machine on which the program runs.".So what can we ask for...what is there to be done..

I think that we must ask for Constitution to it is..."and carry on as a nation of “Free Will” individuals governed.."by justice.I always blame myself or at least I try...So as not to be in the situation of having to deal with the rats...

As you know I am Greek,but I am a historian also and I have studied American History.I know that my ορinion is the last to matter,I am not a native..but justice and Constitution are issues here in Greece too..and a ρart of my life..That is why I was interested in your writing and story..

Thank you,sorry for my mistakes...I am still waiting to learn your favourite song.Rated with thanks for noticing my comment and best regards.
[r] favorite passage the last one. the pretense of legal technicality to gut out human and ethical law. the slimy attempt to make retroactive permission for profound crimes done at first in secret, now in your face, America. Whadda ya gonna do about? Oh, I see, champion the parties and the President who are doing it or the candidates who promise to do it if only they can get in power. It doesn't make sense, STAND BY EVIL (lesser evil some defend as their choice? curious), but it is the path of least resistance. The softer way. Short term comfort over dooming our descendants. "so it goes" as Vonnegut wrote. best, libby

Sorry i neglected to tell you- my favorite song is Lili Marleen, Sometimes in English by Vera Lynn, sometimes auf Deutsch von Marlene Dietrich.

I believe that Greece was not only the original Democracy, but also the "birthplace" of the modern "Consciousness" - ( See Jaynes "The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind" and Hofstadter's "I am a Strange Loop" )

I am, at least by Paternal ancestry, Swiss German, and fairly proud of the Particular "brand" of "Free Will" and "Liberty" and Social responsibility displayed by the Swiss Republic, (Also by the Amish- fellow Schweitzer Deutsch) which the Founding fathers of the United States are said to also have admired.

I will , as part of the Chautauqua, probably find myself getting into my understanding of how the United states Constitution relates to those concepts of "Free Will" and "responsibility" that allow the communion and community of "Reason" you are most cordially invited to participate.

yep- Let's keep the Rat Hockey going, shall we?

That the machinery of our self government is being gnawed away by Rats, is why we who see this, need to quit fighting with each other and go on a Rat hunt. ( Just watched two episodes of "Good Wife" on demand from CBS- still the best "Rat Hockey" "how to" available. )
Herr Rudy,
One must keep in mind that "the rats" need not chew much of the wiring at all in order to destroy the ability of "the machine" to function properly.

One should also examine the materials out of which the machine is made and, of course, its design. If one uses parts from an old machine that do not fit exactly correctly in the new, one can expect that the new will fail just at the time it is under most stress and is most needed.

Those who framed the US constitution retained some parts that properly belong in a feudalist system, not in a capitalist one. This has acted as an "open door" to "rats" that have gnawed away at the innards of the machine.

It is my opinion that only in a truly democratic society can capitalism work properly. Whenever capitalism is not used as a tool by a democratic society, it becomes, in time, the master of that society. The harm in that is that it then forces upon society rules of economics that work well for financial aggression but are deadly to democracy.

We see the results of this in the present day US and other countries where the economic "big boys" are forcing economic rules - Laws - upon various societies to the detriment of those societies.

It is clear that capitalism is a very dangerous tool, although it is also a very effective one, when controlled and regulated properly. But society and its rules MUST ALWAYS be in control of the economic system, not the other way around. People ALWAYS should come first, not money. When money comes first, as is our present situation, the society no longer is an association of willing participants acting in their own best interests but becomes merely a tool of the economic system and people are relegated to the position of "servants of the wealth."

You and Stathi might also like this version of Lily Marlene......


my dad spent some time in Germany during the Korean War (?) iirc and he used to sing Lily Marlene lustily and joyfully. it was nice to see him carried away like that. I think he also played it on his harmonica.

quit fighting with each other, easier said than done. sigh. but thanks for the reminder. best, libby
my dad spent some time in Germany during the Korean War (?) iirc and he used to sing Lily Marlene lustily and joyfully. it was nice to see him carried away like that. I think he also played it on his harmonica.

quit fighting with each other, easier said than done. sigh. but thanks for the reminder. best, libby
That was a really great explanation concerning the program itself vs. access to the program. Well done.

I agree with Skypixeo concerning capitalism and have actually written a lot about that. Capitalism only works properly when it's regulated, both from a social standpoint and, oddly enough, from an economic standpoint.

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