Supervolcano Found Brewing Under Three New England States

Supervolcano Found Brewing Under Three New England States:  Geologists say they were surprised to find that a new supervolcano is brewing under Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire and that the huge mass of molten rock is slowly creeping upwards beneath the nation’s northeastern states.  Trump officials say they’re not at all surprised, given all three of these are all blue states and blue states have always resisted passing tough volcano legislation.

LaCroix CEO Sued For Groping 2 Male Pilots:  Nick Caporella, the billionaire CEO of the company that owns LaCroix sparkling water, has been sued by two male pilots for unwanted touching on dozens of occasions.  In response to the suit, a LaCroix spokesperson defended Caporella, pointing out that - if pilots don’t wish to be groped, why the hell take a job in a “cockpit?”  Its almost like asking for trouble.

Vampire Skeletons Unearthed By Archeologists in Bulgaria:  Archeologists in Bulgaria say they have unearthed skeletal remains of two medieval persons with iron rods through their chests—a practice used to keep people from turning into vampires.  Meanwhile, local Bulgarians complain archeologists are always seem to be digging up trouble.

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