Sunrise Through My Eyes


 Someone recently asked of me,

“Could you provide a fitting soliloquy

Of something that I’d like to see:

The sunrise through your eyes?”


            I said, “I don’t know, but I will try,

            Because there is not a day that goes by

            Where I fail to breathe out a contented sigh,

            I wish the sunrise through my eyes you could see.


                        The day begins before the dawning light

                        As mist pearls through the trees in the night

                        With rosy-petaled beams amid an indigo bright

                        Announcing the sun’s coming approach.


            First, inky blue-black night ignores this brash encroach

            Of orange luminosity limning the horizon of the nascent broach

            By it’s Power and Glory on Man as well as cockroach,

            The sun crests that line in wondrous glowing sight.




‘Ere now you mistake me for having a thin, narrow mind:

That this is the only miracle of a sunrise defined;

I promise, there is much more to any sunrise you will find

In the sunrise through my eyes.


            I do not claim a higher or somehow holy view

            Though I would always offer such is likely true

            Such that I wish to share with All of You,

            The sunrise through my eyes.


                        The sounds of Nature in pitch and tempo change

                        From night to dawn the pristine symphony rearranged

                        ‘Twixt cricket and nightingale to robin and crow call exchanged

                        Is also a part of that awesome, amazingly natural act.


            Foggy mists, driving rain or flurries of dark, snowy cloud

            As well as the winds that laugh, moan, roar and howl so loud –

            Each one in it’s infinitely intricate dance of nature’s crowd –

            Makes it’s starring role at some point in time.




 From the hooting of the owl on it’s silent winged flight

To the cry of the wolves on the starry expanse of a moonless night;

The hurtling dive of the hawk and the rabbit startled in fright.

This, too, is the sunrise through my eyes.


            The midday fluttering of a variety of butterflies

            Amidst the cacophony of cicada-washed skies

            Or the slow slither of snakes as they work to surprise

            The unwary frog sunning in the drench of light


                        Even in death there is renewal and relief of some plight

                        Where still there is harmony and nothing to set right.

                        In the heat some gain respite from the glaring sunlight

                        By resting, unmoving in the depth of their darkened shade.


            The scream of the eagle at the top of the cerulean sky

            Or the creamy tawny flash as coyote passes by;

            These, too, accompanied by the papery sound of dragonfly

            Are part of the Sunrise Through My Eyes.




 Looking at our world – our home – with these eyes

The idea of living in balance should come as no surprise

With bountiful seas, wild lands and clear blue skies

With food and room for All of Humanity.


            Where everyone everywhere lives in equality

            And nowhere is there a starving mouth to see

            Where everyone helps this world a better place to be

            Are You Seeing the Sunrise Through My Eyes?


                        Safe, healthy and wise is my desired sunrise for all my kin

                        Helping each of us, lifting up each other so that we may all win

                        Where no-one harms their home or people ever again.

                        This is yet another Sunrise Through My Eyes.


            For now, though I simply wish for this to be

            That what I say, I can somehow make you see

            As provided, in answer to thee,

            The Sunrise Through My Eyes.








                                                                                                                        06 March 2013

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Comment by JMac1949 Memories on March 7, 2013 at 10:19am

Pretty damn solid vision... the sunrise through your eyes.  R&L

Comment by Christopher S. Dunn on March 7, 2013 at 10:41am
Thanks JMac. The Photo Essay will be coming soon.
Comment by Ron Powell on March 8, 2013 at 11:43am


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