Sun on the Rocks - Summary of each Amusement


Summary of the amusement

Teleoperator Clarity Nice establishes a state wide referendum in California on public and workplace nudity, outsmarting Malibu city police Officer Packwood, despite the visits of the marauding officer to the premises of Stevenson Garden Products, the clothing optional company where Clarity works as teleoperator.


Summary of the amusement

Clarity Nice and her friend, librarian Lanai Thomson, escape from a jail in Acapulco after being wrongly accused of stealing a cocktail formula of great value. With the derelict Acapulco police officer Juarez on their tail, Clarity uncovers the perpetrators of the theft and the missing ingredient of the formula needed to create the Acapulco Cocktail.


Summary of the amusement

Lying on a beach in Acapulco, Clarity Nice and new 'Sun on the Rocks' member, ethnographer Flower Parkwood, witness the flight of a crop-duster advertising a high yield deposit offered by a shady Cayman Islands bank, Lofty Bank, represented by a secretive agent known as Buddha Talk. Intrigued, they hide inside the crop-duster and fly to Grand Cayman, to learn about the reasons for the high yield of the deposit, ending inside the mansion of Buddha talk, and uncovering confidential documents which explain the bank´s link with Organized Crime. Read Cayman amusement here


Summary of the amusement

Teleoperator Clarity Nice and her friend Flower, fresh from their escape from Buddha Talk's mansion in Cayman, board a plane offering an infomercial on its inflight television system, which talks about a beauty lotion called Elony. After their landing in Nassau, Bahamas, Clarity and her friends attend a gala to present Elony, at a nightclub known as the Neria B. To avoid jail after a police raid, Clarity accepts to deliver the owner of the nightclub, Cassandra Scafarel, sought by the Sensual Brigade of Central Intelligence, and follows sex goddess Penelope Avalon with her friends to Scafarel´s hideaway, somewhere in the Bahamas. Read Bahamas Lotion amusement.


Summary of the amusement

Sensual Brigade agent Money Fact sends teleoperator Clarity Nice inside a large Thai champagne shipping container to the Park Hyatt hotel in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, where Clarity seeks her friends, abducted by beauty lotion scam perpetrator Cassandra Scafarel. At the luxurious hotel, Clarity finds out her friends have been rented to a local power broker, Hamir Bakal, who wants to distribute the first Adult channel in the region. Read Abu Dhabi Channel here.


Summary of the amusement

Standing on a window-cleaning platform carrying a squeegee, Stevenson Garden Products teleoperator Clarity Nice and Colorado heiress Montana Sterley, investigate two wealthy women lured to join the All-Women Church of spiritual development headed by British expatriate Cassandra Scafarel in the kingdom of Bahrain, the Church of the Holy Flower. Both women investigated by Sensual Intelligence, Jenny Owens and Shalia Owell, have paid the steep Church membership access price of fifty thousand dollars. Scafarel wants the two lovely single Board Members of conglomerate Owens & Owell, to get married to each other, one of them naked, the other wearing an intricate broderie mini dress, to vow their faith and fidelity to the Church´s symbol of affluence and beauty, the Rose of Levity.

In exchange for becoming members of the Church and gaining access to the Rose of Levity´s practical spiritual knowledge, the two bridal neophytes must sign a power of attorney to Scafarel, granting their Board of Director seats to the shrewd business woman after their wedding. Clarity´s mission is to prevent the marriage of both women, and return them, clothed or unclothed, to their human sexuality studies at University of Arizona, as per the indications of the Board of Directors of Owens & Owell, the business group where both of the women have their Board seats. Read Bahrain Broderie here.


Summary of the amusement

Teleoperator Clarity Nice is led inside an unreliable, malfunctioning elevator to a Center of Surveillance under the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas, to face trial for the theft of Federal Bonds coming from the Cayman Islands. At the Center, there is a problem with the center's surveillance data engine that requires the fixing of an all-seeing symbolic computer called Evans. To avoid trial, Clarity accepts work as assistant to Calton Brayfield, the military officer heading the center, and discovers a ploy by betraying elevator repairman Morgan Afterflow to reveal a wikileak sought by the government of China. Read Bellagio Wikileak here in our salon.


Summary of the amusement

When precious metals agent Cubandor and teleoperator Clarity Nice reach the northern island of Cayo Coco in Cuba, a group of revolutionary Cuban security guards working for colonel Swarez da Silva, men known as Marrulleros, arrest them as counter-revolutionary elements. Unmoved by Cubandor's prominent contacts in the island, the guards send Clarity and Cubandor to a high profile prison, in the name of a new revolution which the colonel hopes, will lead him to power in Cuba, with the assistance of a money changer from the British Virgin Islands, Mista Jack. Read Cuban Renegade here in our salon.


Summary of the amusement

Sitting under the shade of a Martini Bianco terrace, Bacardi rum executive Sam Bartleby receives notice that he is fired; discontent with his paltry severance, he discusses a business strategy with his uncle to stay in the British Virgin Islands without a job. His surreptitious plan involves recruiting a sugar baby. Over drinks, Bartleby finds the perfect candidate: Ethnographer Flower Parkwood, the clueless friend of teleoperator Clarity Nice. Read Sugar Baby here.


Summary of the amusement

Teleoperator Clarity Nice and her friend ethnographer Flower Parkwood, reach the picturesque village of Miradorcito in the state of Campeche in Mexico. Brought to Campeche in a colorful guagua, Clarity works alongside Flower in an archaeological site to make some pocket money, using Flower's 'permiso de arqueologia', an observation and archaeological dig permit granted by Flower's boss, Egyptologist Akhris Zephairi. Zephairi's Alabastriah Foundation, funded by the Museum of Cairo, is looking for new areas to dig in Miradorcito, hoping to find authentic Mayan archaeological ruins which will stand along a gambling resort also sponsoring Zephairi's work. Read Marble Toucan here.


Summary of the amusement

Stevenson Garden Products teleoperator Clarity Nice elicits assistance from her friend Cynthia Stevenson during the company's clothing optional day on a Friday, in order to build an outdoor shower on company lawn that will provide a clothing optional amenity for company workers. Infringing human resources policy, clashing against Malibu police Officer Packwood, who prohibits use of the shower, and dodging Packwood's nephew, the clueless Contra Costa County Sheriff police academy recent graduate Avery Packwood, Clarity insists on showing her value as a Stevenson employee, in particular to Cynthia's dad, the owner of the company, Bill Stevenson. Bypassing a dubious lawsuit from the mayor's son, the good-for-nothing Atkins Rubens, getting the support she needs from Cynthia's stepmom Jill Stevenson, Clarity purchases a shower patent for Stevenson from potential competitor Bormbayle, using unauthorized company funds, in order to lift poor company sales, involving Cynthia as lawyer. Read Outdoor Shower here in our salon.


Summary of the amusement

Clarity visits the headquarters of Herbaline in Orange County, a herbal, diet and weight prevention company, known for its aggressive marketing methods. Seeing on a corporate chart that the president of the company, Lyle Matchett, has never been seen and is not shown anywhere in the annual report of the company, she decides to explore the company's premises afterhours, and stumbles upon an area inside the company building labeled emotician office. Emotician Coley Manglove finds Clarity in her office and reveals to her the secretive project that she has been told to carry out by the head of human studies at Herbaline: A chart of emotion that can be used to describe the personality of employees and to elicit sales from a customer, even those reticent to buy Herbaline products.

all characters in the amusements are over 21 years of age

The follow on, to the Emotion Scale

Meridian 57, or How the merchant of longevity

can sell a claim o longer, by monetizing wisdom


Comments for each Amusement

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