I made it through the flu okay, I've had a lingering cough that seems to disappear on the weekends. Go figure, at least I don't have to worry about choking while gardening.

I finally bought a new phone today, the Samsung S9+. It's pretty spiffy, and learning all of the bells and whistles could take me a few years. There's something in it called Bixby that may drive me a bit nuts, it's some kind of virtual assistant but you need a Samsung account to actually use it. They even put a button for it on the side of the phone right below the volume adjustment. I will have to do some research and find out what Bixby is.

I bought it at Best Buy and a really fun Samsung guy helped me to set it up. Since the Moto has a bad habit of turning off at random they had to do the data transfer through wifi, and since the Moto isn't a top of the line phone it took a few hours. This guy, RJ, was just fascinating. He is OCD and ADHD, among others that he didn't list but did allude to, and we had a rollicking conversation about pretty much everything. It has been so long since I've talked to someone who gets me and was interested in what I had to offer to the visit. Before you ask he is happily married. I think he found it refreshing to be accepted by me, I got the feeling that people have told him he's weird a few too many times. He is absolutely brilliant with tech stuff and had interests in a lot of stuff. This was the best day I've had in ages.

I have a new lawn guy and he's pretty awesome, too. He shows up every Tuesday and cuts the grass at a height I've approved and trims inside of the fence and around everything. I don't have to call, or wonder when he's going to show up,  we agreed on Tuesday and he sticks to it. This, in return, gives me the time and energy to garden! No veggies this year but I have spruced up the new bed in the front yard, pulled the thistles out of the day lilies, and cleaned out the garden next to the fence in the back that has been neglected for about three years. I have dill and parsley inside waiting to be planted in it with the milkweed and I scattered some flower seeds but I don't know how well they will grow. It's supposed to rain tonight so I will plant the herbs tomorrow and see what's what out there.

I'm feeling better even though I'm still having the panic attacks, which oddly only happen at work, and my astrologer thinks it's a physical manifestation of a metaphysical change that's trying to happen.

And for everyone who's interested, our Lunchlady posted on Medium.

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Comment by Anna Herrington on June 10, 2018 at 8:48am

One doctor I went to once told me:  "How lucky your ADHD helps you forget your OCD tendencies."  HA!!!

I decided to try to live without the labels.

You sound happy in this post - Yay!!!  a good experience among humans really helps, doesn't it? And it doesn't always happen, that's for sure. This week while sick I'm at a cashier stand while the cashier had moved on to the person behind me but I didn't have my change or receipt yet. Head spinning, feeling nauseous, I hear myself saying likely way too loud:  I'm still here! Help me get out of here!! 

I walk out muttering 'Boneheads.' No doubt the small town mumblings and rumors: 'She's whack' followed me out the door...

If you're only having panic attacks at work, maybe sit and meditate on your own knowledge of yourself : Why?

I have a job that I am not sure it's really one for me for various reasons, even though there is much I do like (like paychecks ; )) and it is challenging and difficult which I really like... but my body is loudly protesting in certain ways.... I'm doing the same.

Enjoy the garden!!

Comment by Phyllis on June 10, 2018 at 4:03pm

Hi Anna! Thank you for reminding me about labels, I had decided that about my work back in the early 2000s and have totally not applied it to my mental health. Labels are so confining, aren't they.

I'm sorry you got a bad cashier when you were sick, hopefully the cashier was too embarrassed to be calling you names. 

I'm going back to looking for a new job this week, something with fewer hours. I have got to get some time back! I think it's the fibro, too, wearing me out with the constant pain. I guess I need to schedule my chores better in those three hours so I can have my weekends. Paychecks are always nice, aren't they. :/ 

Take care out there. :)


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