Study Says Americans Like Their Bodies Most at Age 65

Study Says Americans Like Their Bodies Most at Age 65:  A recent poll of 80,000 adults of all ages by polling giant Gallup reveals that most Americans feel most satisfied with their bodies after age 65.  No kidding!  By 65, most everyone’s eyesight is pretty much completely shot.

Soccer Ball Putin Gave Trump May Have a Transmitter Chip:  Russian President Vladimir Putin gave President Donald Trump an Adidas soccer ball during a news conference last week in Helsinki, Finland - and a closer examination indicates that the ball may have also contained a transmitter chip.  Of course, to someone like a Donald Trump - there’s nothing wrong with a little chip, just as long as its accompanied by a delicious dip.

Underground Lake of Liquid Water Detected on Mars:  For the first time, scientists have found a large, underground, watery lake beneath an ice cap on Mars, which offers an “exciting new place” to search for life forms beyond Earth.  Scientists say this may indicate there’s life on Mars.  OK, sure - but what the hell kind of life is it if their lakes are underground?  I mean, who wants to spend the weekend underground?

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Comment by Ron Powell on July 26, 2018 at 8:42am

The soccer ball doesn't contain a transmitter. It IS a transmitter.


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