Study Explores Whether Eating Alone is Bad for You

Study Explores Whether Eating Alone is Bad for You:  While many people enjoy eating alone, recent headlines have linked it to everything from depression to heart disease, but a recent study by Oxford Economics suggested that eating alone has a stronger link to being unhappy than any other factor.  Now whenever I don’t feel like eating alone, one of my favorite things to do is grab my food and eat it in the park.  There always seems to be plenty of eager flies around who are more than willing to keep you company.

TN School Board Candidate Blames Teaching Evolution for School Shootings:  Republican Tennessee School Board Candidate Mike Cochran thinks he has a pretty good idea what is to blame for the school shootings that have been plaguing our nation - the teaching of evolution in our schools.  He makes a good point, obviously no violent acts were ever committed until Charles Darwin published the Origin of the Species.  But why stop there?  Teaching chemistry leads to suicide bombers and the Theory of Gravity doesn’t carry much weight.  Thank goodness people like Mike Cochran have their crystal meth to help them sort through all this crazy sciencey stuff.

Elon Musk Proposes Unusual Solution to Thai Cave Rescue:  In addition to offering staff and battery packs to the rescue effort, Elon Musk is suggesting an unusual way of getting the boys out of the cave in which they’ve been trapped - proposing feeding a small tube into the cave that could be inflated with air, thereby allowing the kids to simply walk out on their own.  While some are calling the idea crazy, it still sounds more logical than the Trump proposal of sending Jerry Sandusky in to rescue the kids.

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