SPOTTED BRAIN (better than spotted dick?)

The neurologist had good news about my MRIs, but I'd already heard it from my NP: My brain is unremarkable.

However, he did add a new wrinkle: My brain has spots.


Spots of what, I didn't think to ask. I will next time I talk to him. (He's going to phone me in a few weeks – a kind offer, to save me driving an hour each way to his office for a 10-min. consult.) What he said was (good enough news) there were no bleeds or tumors. Just a few spots – "which people get as they age, just like spots on the skin". At which I glanced down at my blotched hands...

The bad news was he, like everyone else, has no explanation for the dbl vision. I've been tested twice for myasthenia gravis, but he thinks perhaps I have a case too mild to detect. Gave me some medication to try.

Sigh. Meantime, I await my 80th birthday, upon which my biggest 'gift' will be cancellation of my driver's license due to not being able to get a med certifica

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