Several times previously, I've mentioned an intelligent evangelical friend, who proudly announced he voted for Trump because he thought he might be the Anti-Christ. Naturally, I was appalled by that announcement; but upon further review, I'm not so sure my friend wasn't right. In any event, that possibility inspired me to write this:

Song of Satan

Got a minute? Let me tell you 'bout this really creepy guy

Got a nasty reputation … he deserves it – tell you why

Got away with all but murder tryin' to fill a hole with holes

Got everything that glitters, but he doesn't have a soul

Got a mouth that's always open, and a foot stuck in his mouth

Got a tongue that's always waggin', so they love him in the South

Got a sandpaper complexion, and his skin is sickly fair

Got a spray-on tan like Cheeto's, and to top it off – that hair!

Got a badly bloated body, and a butt big as a barn

Got hands that like to wander … they fill ladies with alarm

Got a belly so protruding, he can't even see his feet

Got tiny hands and fingers … makes it easier to tweet

Got nothing that's worth sayin' … when he speaks, it's all hot air

Got an emptiness inside him, and a soulless vacant stare

Got a mind that tends to wander, so he's always gettin' lost

Got no sense of direction, and we all will pay the cost

Got a super massive ego … thinks his turds are precious pearls

Got an unrestrained libido, and a lust for little girls

Got a heart without emotion, and a rovin', wandrin' eye

Got no manners and no conscience … kisses girls and makes 'em cry

Got veins filled with Viagra, and a bennie-addled brain

Got a deviated septum, from snorting crack cocaine (sniff bigly)

Got too old to cut the mustard, but he likes to sit and watch

Got a thing for pretty women... likes to grab 'em by the crotch

Got a head-start thanks to daddy … built some castles in the sky

Got banks to loan him money, then he left 'em high and dry

Got heavy into gambling … built a garish Taj Mahal

Got way above his raisin', and he took a bigly fall

Got a job on The Apprentice – on make believe TV

Got to fire folks in public, while fools looked-on gleefully

Got an audience of millions, for what little they were worth

Got undeserved attention, when he questioned Barack's birth

Got in bed with Comrade Putin, and some girls that like to pee

Got himself a new position, in Washington, D. C.

Got a starring role as Satan – now that's our reality

Got more than half the nation suffering from PTSD

©2017 Tom Cordle

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Comment by koshersalaami on November 25, 2017 at 12:24pm


Comment by Arthur James on November 26, 2017 at 5:00am


Tom Cordle...

I just said  bye to my

Elest Son. He'll Be Back

in the afternoon after a DC

Farmer Market. He reads OS

and is Wise to No Comment?

He Loved This Poem. I read

several Times... It's a Keeper.



You gave Insight

To My  Son...




Comment by alsoknownas on November 26, 2017 at 7:53am

You're a tough old bird Mr. Cordle.

I couldn't bring myself to think or write about this man for such time as it would take to pen this ode to mania. 

Comment by Jonathan Wolfman on November 26, 2017 at 9:39am



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