Son Sues Cryonics Firm for $1 Million Over Decapitating Father’s Head

Son Sues Cryonics Firm for $1 Million Over Decapitating Father’s Head:  A son is suing the cryonics firm Alcor for one million dollars for not respecting his late father’s wishes (and contract) to have his “entire body” cryogenically preserved.  Instead, the firm severed and stored only the man’s head, mailing the rest of his cremated remains to his son.  

Wow, that really sucks!  By the time they finally get around to reviving him, the poor guy won’t even be tall enough to go on any rides at Disneyland.  On a positive note, if Disney ever decides to do another remake of the “Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” he’d of course be a shoe-in for the part.  Now Sleepy Hollow has always been a rather “chilling” tale, but adding cryonics takes that to a whole new level.   

Meanwhile, an Alcor spokesperson tried to justify severing the head by pointing out that the man was a renowned scientist and already had a large “body” of work he left behind - so where’s the problem?  Alcor further taunted the grieving son by suggesting “go ahead and take us to court kiddo, your old man won’t have a leg to stand on!”  I see their point, its hard to get a conviction without a large body of evidence.  

As you can see, fighting a huge corporation like Alcor will be stressful, his son had better have his head screwed on right.  Anyway, no matter which side of this controversy you’re on, I’m sure you will agree - the most important thing here is for everyone to keep a “cool head.”

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